2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Mid-Range Pickup Truck

Over the years, Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road has consistently improved mid-range pickup trucks for customer satisfaction. Toyota continues to fine-tune the unique formula in 2021. They combine the Toyota QDR (Quality, Durability, and Reliability) characteristics with outstanding practicality, reliable overall performance, and excellent capability.

Credit: Toyota

All of them are of excellent quality that has been going on for over 50 years. So, let’s catch up as the Tacoma TRD off-road begins the adventure today.

2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Models and Options

Now we’re going to highlight some of Tacoma’s best features so far. Tacoma 3rd generation is available in six classes. All of that includes SR’s favorite jobs, the once-popular SR5 and Limited.

Then three models carry the designation of performance-oriented TRD. They are the sport TRD, the off-road TRD, and the enthusiast’s dream truck, the TRD Pro.


You can further customize the models with other exciting options such as cabin size, bed length, and drivetrain.

So with dozens of useful configurations, it’s easier than ever to find the right Tacoma for anyone.

A few critical exterior touches also highlight Tacoma’s well-known, action-ready look. All Tacoma models have a very aggressive design, which is evident in the front grille and taillights.


For specific desires, unique options such as available LED lighting and stylish wheel design help you to differentiate this truck more from others on the road.


Even the Tacoma color palette emphasizes the whole army green color case offered on the TRD Pro model. So with an appearance like that, we’re sure Tacoma would have no trouble making his presence known, whether it’s in a suburb or far from the network.

Technology and Features

The surprise comes in Tacoma with its stylish and fully equipped cabin. The days of utilitarian truck interiors are long gone, and the Tacoma insists on that loud and clear.


A great example of Tacoma’s perfect blend of technology and comfort is that all V6 powered models except the SR are equipped with a power-adjustable 10-way driver seat with two-way power lumbar support.

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Likewise, the double-cabin Tacoma model has excellent sliding rear windows when you need access to a comfortable bed or when you and your traveling companions want it.


Toyota Tacoma TRD ensures that you will always look forward to your next adventure. After all, when it comes to the great and latest technology, Tacoma is still focused.

We think nothing is better than its powerful multimedia audio system available in 7 and 8 inches.

The touchscreen platform’s premium audio configuration does cover all the great entertainment options one would expect to find in today’s modern vehicle.


After all, it includes standard compatibility for Apple Carplay, Android Auto, and the convenient Toyota plus Alexa app.

They all work together with connected services that include safety, remote, service, and wi-fi connectivity.

Remarkably, Tacoma’s emphasis on technology has far outstripped its excellent multimedia offering.

For example, convenient features such as a smart lock system are available and work on driver and passenger doors.

Also, a mobile-compatible wireless charging tray is a great help.


If you can believe it, in 2018, Tacoma has already taken an industry-wide surprise by becoming one of the first pickups on the market to introduce a complete range of active safety systems.

The sophisticated suite called the Toyota safety sense P is standard equipment across all lines, including:

  • pre-collision system with pedestrian detection
  • dynamic radar cruise control
  • automatic high beams
  • lane departure alert

Tacoma completes its safety story with eight airbags.


You do have Toyota’s signature stellar safety system and other equipment like parking sonar and blind-spot monitors with rear traffic alerts.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Performance and Engine

Additionally, a Tacoma V6 tow package comes standard, including a sway control trailer and additional coolant for power steering and engine oil.

We think that is enough to say that Tacoma pickup takes driver and passenger safety very seriously.

Tacoma has done a great job. So, it doesn’t just have a payload to hold work material.

They also have standard tow capabilities that are more than adequate for almost any active lifestyle, like hauling equipment for big adventure trips.

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There are also significant offroad parts like a powerful direct-injection V6 engine to pull you up the hill. The advanced part-time four-wheel-drive system and rear lock-up differential will let you escape challenging mud traps.

Besides, the ride height approach and departure angle will ensure you pass over rocks and obstacles.

As a side note, specific Tacoma models are equipped with panoramic and multi-terrain monitors. It is built on the panoramic monitor’s 360-degree bird’s eye view.

Another additional feature is under view slippage recognition for each wheel tiltmeter with tire guidelines and image leveling combined with a six-speed manual transmission, which is rare nowadays.

The high-strength steel body-on-frame structure and advanced terrain management systems such as crawl control will get you out of really tough situations by braking and auto low-speed acceleration.

That way, you can focus on the steering wheel.

Now, multi-terrain option to adjust wheel spin and traction based on five preset fields. In the TRD model, upgraded suspension components like the Bilstein and fox shock have taken this pick up to the next level.

So, it’s no wonder that legendary racer Ivan Iron Man Stewart chose the Toyota truck to carry out his incredible career spanning decades.


It’s no surprise that Tacoma is considered the best mid-size pickup when it comes to handling everything.

If you want a hassle-free truck that can meet everyday life demands, the whole work week, or support almost any active lifestyle on weekends, then the Toyota Tacoma is the best.

The mid-size Tacoma pickup has been the bestseller in America for the past 14 years. Now they account for 47% of sales in this segment.

The price points will also meet anyone’s budget with a high resale value and a long-term cost estimate.

Not to mention several ownership perks such as free maintenance from Toyota and roadside assistance plans. The Toyota Tacoma story does not end there.

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