2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE Is Aggressive With Excellent MPG

The 2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE is a reliable vehicle in the US. The company wants to invest more with a refreshed styling,  new technology, and an all-new trim for the hybrid. So you’ll get an aggressive style with excellent MPG.

Toyota is doubling down on sedans where other manufacturers have lost confidence in the segment and only do crossovers and SUVs. Toyota knows that there is still a great demand for the Camry, and the Corolla has become a hot-selling vehicle.

Credit: Toyota

The carmaker wants to dominate with the Camry and the Corolla. They want to have trims that suit every type of personality and lifestyle.

Camry Hybrid Prices

Below is the MSRP’s of all hybrid models.

Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE Design

Toyota customers want a slightly sportier look and feel added to the end of the Camry Hybrid.

However, by going XSE on the hybrid, you’re getting that style.

Across the whole lineup, there is some light refresh with beautiful LED daytime running lamps. Also, you get an interior that’s been refreshed as well.

On the front end, the most significant talking point for 2021 is you’ll notice the very aggressive styling. What you’ll love about hybrids today is they no longer look like science experiments or weird.

You’re getting a vehicle that looks like a Camry. You have sportiness brought to the hybrid, especially with all different grille shapes.

How they have the front end of the vehicle shaped even when Toyota came out with this generation back in 2017 is very aggressive.

The LED headlights, daytime running lamps, the silver, and how Toyota kept its color matched the lower splitter area are very aggressive.

But, on the XLE trim interior, there is a new herringbone treatment if you want something a little extra fancy.

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While on XSE trim of a hybrid, you have the two-tone roof that fits it to a tee, the gloss black on mirror caps and wheels. We think you agree that’s a very aggressive-looking hybrid.

Now, you are probably going to have the best-looking 19 inches wheels on a hybrid you have ever seen. Don’t forget you also get an excellent sport-tuned suspension.


The hybrid badge looks nice, and the split-spoke design of wheels cloth black works exceptional with the silver.

Moreover, on the front side, there is a bit of gloss black. After all, it balanced nicely, especially if you go the silver route. It has a lovely color contrast to it.

Not only that, but you’re going to get maximum MPGs (51 City and  53 Highway) out of this hybrid setup with the restyled front. You’re also going to get some touches to the interior.

We wish the Camry badge should be blacked out as it would be a nice extra touch. But what Toyota is doing with style, especially the front end, is pretty clean.

You’ll love the rear of the vehicle, especially that simulated rear diffuser. Maybe you aren’t a fan of gloss black sections because they’re not functional. But overall, the way Toyota did the taillights super spot on.


The full LED on the tail lights is tasteful, and you do have an excellent automatic large opening trunk. You not only get great driving dynamics, but you still have a capacity for cargo space, which is fantastic.

Our favorite part on the front end is the daytime lights. The style and the way they shape the top portion grill and put the Toyota logo on it make things look incredible.

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When you compare this Camry hybrid to some of the other car brands out there, we think some of the other brands are boring in styling.

2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid Interior

In the all-new Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE, you do have a floating infotainment system.

In contrast to everything being integrated, you’re going to have a floating system with a seven or nine-inch screen display.

You do have Apple Carplay. Furthermore, you get Android Auto and Amazon Alexa no matter what system you’re using on the hybrid.



Another critical point is when it comes to safety, Toyota didn’t forget you. So you’re going to get the new updated Toyotas Safety Sense 2.5, which is excellent.

When you go hybrid, you still have excellent interior space. The trunk and the gloss black spoiler make everything very cohesive from front to back.

XSE fact, this is the first time in Camry history that the camera wins over the Accord and Mazda6. Don’t forget the excellent reliability and super-efficient MPG when you are using a hybrid.

Inside, you’re also going to get a revised center console trim, and it’s going to clean up everything. Some people would say that the floating infotainment system screen is an iPad style. That’s not entirely true because we think that Toyota’s focus is helping with driving visibility.

However, the silver trim that separates the driver from the passenger looks out of place, and it makes the interior look a little busy—also, solid black plastic on the steering wheel. We hope Toyota will pull that out or put on a hybrid badge or something.

We admit the 9-inch infotainment system screen is a welcome addition, especially with the Android Auto integration.

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The new Camry XSE Hybrid 2021 has all the optional wireless charging connectivity and USBs. We love how this car has cupholders with heated silver trim.

The ventilated seats are always a nice touch, and it allows you to enjoy the action of driving no matter what the temperature outside.

Even in the hybrid, you still get tons of space at the backseats, which is excellent. You do have the additional use of the battery, but you even got plenty of room.

The seat trim has a lovely design, especially the stitch work and the bolstering looks. It’s a great size, and you have power seat controls with the lower lumbar, which is a lovely touch.

Engine and Transmission

I know many people have been waiting that there is a beautiful setup arrangement. An 8-speed automatic is still available, and that’s naturally aspirated.

You use an ECVT, FWD, and will have different drive modes. Another great thing is that you have the flexibility to use the form 2.5L 4-Cyl engine or with the V6.

So Toyota truly believed that they made the Camry for everyone.


Although not a total redesign but the Toyota Camry Hybrid XSE 2021 has just got better. You now have a great camera and Android Auto.

Apart from that, you have an aggressive look, and the taillights are very beautiful with full LED.

We think this car deserves your place on the list when you want a hybrid sedan with impressive style as well as excellent fuel efficiency.

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