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McLaren Artura Hybrid Supercar: Stunning Powertrain and Maximum Driving Satisfaction


In November, McLaren officially introduced an outstanding McLaren Artura hybrid supercar in the series lineup. What caught us earlier was that the twin-turbo V6 plus electric support delivered over 600 hp.

McLaren has once again satisfied your curiosity, including the lure of a great performance hybrid model trailer.


Well, it looks like all tournaments have ended since McLaren introduced Artura. McLaren seems to have planned this long in advance as the advancement of Artura’s technological magic was shocking.

Engine and Performance Of McLaren Artura Hybrid Supercar

What this car contains are excellent characteristics of future supercars, even for the current generation. McLaren hopes that Artura will become the first best-performing hybrid produced.

It is now possible to verify that the powerful twin-turbo 3.0L V6 engine will significantly enhance the performance of the Artura.

The excellent powertrain delivers 671 hp and 531 pound-ft of torque, along with the e-motor’s impressive axial flux. Furthermore, the V6 offers 577 horsepower and 431 pound-ft of torque separately, producing nearly 200 hp / l.

The excellent e-motor rapidly delivers equivalent to 166 pounds-ft and 94 horsepower. McLaren states that such a configuration enables the RWD of Artura and McLaren’s strongest throttle reaction.

Artura can reach a speed of 0-62 mph in 3 secs, takes 8.3 secs to get 0-124, and 0-186 miles per hour in 21.5 secs. But in 205 miles per hour, the max speed limiter will kill your joy.

Battery and Weight

The Artura battery capacity is 7.4 kWh and extremely fast. It’s the latest and top-pick efficient vehicle from McLarens too. Artura will achieve a 50 mpg consumption and e-power mileage of 19 miles (European WLTP).

The impressive McLaren Artura is a total plug-in hybrid model. Users can utilize the EVSE type of cable to charge the battery, don’t worry, it’s already available.

If you need to charge the battery, it takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to reach 80%. Now the V6 update makes it more efficient.

Even older McLaren V8 setup is heavier than V6 Artura.

With a weight of 110 lbs, it’s lighter compared to V8. Artura can reach 8,500 RPM as an excellent supercar power source.

Users will experience a lightweight 8-speed and dual-clutch drive, and that setup fits well by today’s shorter gear ratios.

It’s 1.6″ shorter compared to any McLaren gearbox and without reverse gear in the trans.

The sophisticated e-motor is now responsible for reversing by turning in the other direction. The latest 8-speeds use the initial electronic differential of McLaren.

At Artura, measures to save weight go passing the powertrain. The Artura is 3.075 pounds dry and 3.303 pounds curbed, and the hybrid portion is only 287 lbs from the entire weight.

As the earliest type to employ the MCLA or McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture, this car is quite remarkable.

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McLaren Artura hybrid supercar highlights a sophisticated dedicated battery slot, electric ethernet structure, electric power heating, including excellent ventilation arrangements.

The robust monocoque carbon fiber material covers light aluminum in the frontend, strong chassis in the rear, plus an excellent body structure.

McLaren Artura Hybrid supercar Suspension 

The excellent front suspension is light aluminum double wishbone, which is attractive. You’ll get a solid upper Wishbone and an excellent lower Multilink on the back, which is a magnificent setup.

McLaren is now removing the older single wishbone lower to cut unsprung mass and replacing it with a new multilink lower section for max grip.

Artura has many road-reading accelerometers that will support exceptional PDC or Proactive Damping Control.

The system will process essential data such as lateral acceleration, vehicle speed up, yaw speed in no more than two milliseconds, and these data are the basis for optimizing Artura.

Rather than a mechanical locking differential (MLD) system, Artura has an impressive E-differential, obviously tinier and lighter.


You got P Zero Corsa (Pirelli) equal to P Zero R600LT grip around the bend.


Maybe you are wondering what the E-diff function is? So it will regulate the rear-axle torque quickly, increasing traction and handling the driver’s understeer or oversteer.

Via the excellent HD display screen, you can make quick and straightforward adjustments to the traction handling intervention amount, thanks to Variable Drift Control (VDC).

You can pick from three driving opt, namely Comfort, Sport, and Track. If you want, disable the entire ESC system is also possible.

The powertrain now has four modes. Fans will be pleased because the steering still has excellent hydraulic assistance.

Now McLaren is determined to create impressive supercars by applying the latest tech and best-in-class dynamics. With an abundance of tech, McLaren still has to compete with other cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini on the stage.

McLaren Artura Hybrid Supercar Design and Body Material

At 179″ long and 47 ” high, it is comparable to the 720S. Artura is a bit narrower with a shorter wheelbase.

The Artura headlamps layout is quite recessed and gives a pretty aggressive look with a hammerhead line protruding upfront.

The Artura side intakes are large, and the 19-/20-inch wheels look good combined with super-short rear overhang. McLaren assures us that each ventilation, duct, and fold-in design is for aerodynamic purposes.

On the rear-end, you got the slim LED taillights, and guess what? After all, each light blade keeps 50% more weight than the items installed on the 720S.

The excellent dual-level diffuser looks solid by installing a lovely higher center exhaust outlet leaving for maximum width. Apart from the MSO Carbon Fiber Pack, you can pick from 15 colors available.

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The upgrade result is evident on the Artura’sbody, rearview mirror casing, rear bumper, and front splitter—overall feature attractive shining carbon fiber.

McLaren Artura Interior and Features

Besides, the dihedral doors are sure to be something unusual. McLaren creates its interior in a technical and up-to-date atmosphere according to the driver’s needs.

As a supercar, Artura still has comfortable space for a 6ft 4-inch driver.

McLaren has installed the latest digital gauges on the steering column and moves with the wheel so that the driver will focus only on the Artura steering wheel.

The HD display screen is in the center of the dash. It is 8 inches in size, allowing easy access to various nav, audio, and media highlights.

Climate control adjustments are also ready, and you can locate them quickly. You’ll be happy because the system is integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to support connectivity.

Soon, sustainable technology development will allow upgrades over the air, which is excellent.

If you want something else, you can opt for the ClubSport single shell seat. But if you’re not interested, you still get a 10-way heated sports seat as standard.

McLaren seems to be very focused on the car’s weight as selecting the type of recliner can help reduce the weight by up to 40 lbs.

Silent Cabin

As a modern supercar, the McLaren Artura doesn’t only focus on agility and speed, but the interior is also quite like other electric-powered cars.

An innovation that can dampen the sound is because the powertrain has a liquid-filled holder to prevent specific frequencies from escaping to the carbon monocoque.

Simultaneously, the powerful Pirelli Noise Canceling System can reduce the noise from outside when driving, so the cabin atmosphere will remain quiet.

Inside the cabin, the combination of quality Nappa leather and aluminum gives a touch of elegant style and covers almost all of the cabin space.

Meanwhile, you do have five-speaker reliable audio, front and rear parking sensors, dual climate control, soft close doors, and folding mirrors as standard.

Don’t forget that Artura comes with advanced features for driving comfort and safety, such as adaptive cruise control, excellent road sign alerts, and lane departure assistance, useful as a modern supercar.

Don’t worry about limited ground clearance as its sophisticated lift system can account for obstacles on the road such as bumps.

McLaren Artura Price

With all the advantages and sophistication of features and a stunning hybrid powertrain, and maximum driving satisfaction, it feels like the price of the McLaren Artura hybrid supercar, starting at $ 225,000 with four specification levels, is quite reasonable.

Buyers will also get a car warranty for five years. What’s more, there’s also a 10-year body warranty and a 6-year battery warranty. Artura expected delivery in the period Q3 2021.


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