2021 Lexus GX 460 Price, Review, and Images

The 2021 Lexus GX 460 Luxury is a premium brand, and LS has been around since 1989. However, one might say that this vehicle has appeared relatively at the same time and has not changed.

That’s exaggerating a bit, even though the GX 460 has been the same for the last ten years.

In 2021 there are some subtle changes. But Lexus is sticking to the concept for people who want a real luxury off-road SUV.

In the end, the GX460 will face off against well-known vehicles such as the Audi Q7 and BMW X5.

But they can’t even hold back the capability when it comes to the off-road terrain of this particular Lexus SUV.

Now, do you have to jump on any of these, or do you have to wait for a redesign? Is it worth buying a Lexus GX 460 today? Let’s find the answer here!

2021 Lexus GX 460 Body Design

At the front, Lexus does a great job with unique signature led lighting. You’re going to have a multi-LED beam. There’s a little bit of silver splashed, but the LED daytime running lamp is specific to the brand.

You could get optional headlight washers for as little as $ 100. We recommend it, especially if you’re going to use the GX 460 for a fancy off-road driving style that some love.

Lexus GX 460. Credit: Lexus

You’ll have an LED fog light, and we love the way Lexus puts it so well. They don’t make it look like a vent, it’s smooth, and we had no problem with that.

Even though the design hasn’t changed much, GX 460 still has solid body lines. There’s a lot of muscle strength in the Lexus GX 460 luxury, especially on the front.

You can get Premium and Sport packages on the grille and other exterior designs.

The spindle-style grille with the mouth wide open is a topic of debate about whether this is good for the Lexus GX 460. But we think it fits and looks substantial.


You have a lot more gunmetal gray to match the bottom, and the aluminum brushed around the entire grill looks terrific.

The lower area is all working, and also a nice little lower lip that is slightly extended. We say with certainty that pure muscle is on the front of the GX 460.

The Lexus GX 460 hood shines like their sister brand Toyota.

The fit and finish are exquisite on the GX 460. You’ll have some simple lines going up nicely as you head towards the windshield. Besides that, the design looks super clean.

Around the bend, you’ve got 19-inch wheels and a dark metallic gray.


We are glad the Lexus GX 460 luxury has metallic multi-spoke wheels with 265 widths.

You get large calipers, fat Series 55 sidewalls, and massive 13.3-inch rotors.

You can see the amount of space you have from the top of the tire inside the fender. That’s an excellent off-road capability with 8.1 inches of ground clearance.

Even the Audi Q7 won’t be able to go where the Lexus GX 460 can go.

The side muscular body lines and how the Lexus flares out the fenders are fascinating. Even though it’s a 10-year-old design, but it still has spots like color matched on the mirror caps.

You also have big LED turn lights and some nice glossy chrome.

You have integrated running boards, and that is what you will not find on a BMW X5. Chrome on the door handles, bright silver low roof rails, and some shiny metalwork on the bottom look good.

We love it because it doesn’t look too heavy from the side with all that bling stuff. The body lines that appeared out of nowhere look solid and muscular at the passenger door, leading to rear fenders.

The large rear window is enormous, and you can see how the bottom trim stops correctly.

On the tail, you have a nice low roof spoiler.


Also, the design of the third brake light is clean and friendly.

Also, the rear windshield wipers are tucked in and ready to clean things up on the GX 460. You can open up the massive taillights glass and also have some excellent shiny metal chrome work.

With the Premium and Sport packages, there is another touch beside the wheels.

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You get a round-cut exhaust tip that blends in nicely. But it would be nice to have another on the driver’s side to balance it out due to this vehicle’s size.

The Engine of the GX 460 Lexus

Under the hood, you do have massive hydraulic hood struts underneath, and it looks pretty cool. You’ll like the way Hyundai has a lot of it covered up with black plastic.

If you look at the interior underneath the hood, many luxury vehicles try to encase the whole thing and clean everything up.

But what we’re glad that Hyundai went with a bright metallic silver engine cover. It’s got the Lexus badge and the overall design into it.

The great news is you’re still going to get a unique power engine. It’s a 4.6 liter naturally aspirated V8, 301 horsepower, and 329 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

0-60 in 7.2 seconds may not seem quick, but for 5,266 pounds, that’s definitely on the short side.

Mpg are 15 in the city and 19 on the highway. Towing capability is 6,500 pounds by using a kinetic suspension system.

2021 Lexus GX 460 Price

So you want a Lexus and doing some off-roading with this luxury off-road SUV. Well, the MSRP’s are:

  • GX 460: $53,250
  • GX460 Premium: $53,250
  • GX 460 Luxury: $64,515

New Lexus GX 460 Interior 2021

The door panels have the same design as the previous years, but fortunately, this material has soft touch. The dark silver metallic finish and the rest of the trim are very tasteful.

Red with silver atoms is the perfect color combo. You even have wood trim styles that go around the gear switch. It does have the veneer finish, and the design that Lexus puts on the wood trim makes it almost look like a wood floor excellently.


You have a small door pocket, but we think that’s fine.

The dashboard design is the same as before, but the good news is that it is soft-touch with the wood trim. You will love the lines that Lexus includes that look so classy. Also, the red stitch work on the leather looks great.

But the infotainment system seems like the saddest place of the whole package. You do have an eight-inch infotainment system, but it’s very dated.


Imagine a touch screen with navigation, but it’s a shame there’s no Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Even so, for 2021, you get Amazon Alexa.

If you want to get into almost anything in the infotainment system, you have to use the buttons.

The spare camera fills a full eight inches, and it’s great to have it in the Lexus GX 460 Luxury unit. Too bad there is no trajectory.

What you see is what you get on the Lexus GX 460 Luxury. You have some air conditioning controls and circulate air for the rear. You can adjust the temperature and, of course, dual climate.

What’s interesting is you get double readouts. There is a digital readout like a Casio watch and a readout at the top.

So you don’t have to spend a fortune on a Bentley Braga and two digital temperature readings because you have those on the Lexus GX 460.

You have a good cd player and radio control. You will love the Lexus switchgear with its excellent tactile quality. Besides, you have the reasonable control of the heated and ventilated seats.

To support connectivity, you get two USBs, an AUX jack, and 12 volts. You’ll also have a control that many SUVs don’t have – four-wheel drive. Hill descent control and automatic six-speed control are excellent.

Good upholstery material with perforated colors and is supportive for all body types. You also get full electrical assistance for passengers and drivers. Don’t forget about the soft, microfiber suede too.

Then you have a standard size sunroof, but you wish the passengers in the back could have some sunshine. It would be nice to have a panoramic sunroof on a $ 60,000 vehicle.

But at least you have it on the Lexus GX 460, so you are in luck.

Behind the Wheel of Lexus GX 460

You have two memory seats and an excellent aluminum sill panel at the bottom, very classy. The 10-way easy-to-adjust seat controls are also beneficial.

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On top of that, you get a nice lower lumbar. You wish you had massage seats because it’s fun, but you’ll love the mix of materials on the steering wheel.

You have a dark black wood finish with leather. The thickness is ideal, and even with the old horn button, it still has a nice steering wheel.

There’s no need to worry about fingerprints because of the flat black buttons. There are no paddles, and it’s excellent electric tilting and telescoping. Then the gauges are straightforward and clean.

However, it would be nice to have a slightly larger digital screen. You do have a 4.2-inch digital screen in the middle and lots of information you can scroll through.

You also have analog gauges that are easy to read, very classy, and high quality.

Mid-row of GX 460

There are three rows in Lexus GX 460 Luxury. In the mid-row, there’s some adequate space. You can see how GX 460 has superior soft materials all the way around. The seat pockets don’t have nets, and you have rear AC in the center stack.


You do have heated seats but are not ventilated. The great news is Lexus have electronic devices two USBs.

You got plenty of headroom up front, plenty of headroom, and a nice grab handle.  You got excellent sliding and reclining seats.  But the captain’s chair armrests are just a little weak. However, you can flip them right out of the way.


In the third row, you have a nice little landing area for your feet so that you’re not ripping up the carpet.

Even six feet tall person still got plenty of headroom. Legroom is not too bad. It’s pretty comfortable, and you do have great cupholders.

Cargo Space 

You have 11 cubic feet of space with the third row up. But if you put those seats down, then you have 46.7 cubic feet of space. Not only that that’s, but you’ll also get 64.7 cubic feet of space if you put mid-row down.

If we compare it with the Q7 or the BMW X5, there’s not as much room for the cargo area’s interior as the competitor. However, you’ll love the height.

Drive The Lexus GX 460

Behind the wheel, you have a commanding view of the road. Wide a-pillars give you good visibility, and if you’ve been in a GX 460, this is going to be a very familiar place.

The seats are supportive without being too firm, and you’re going to get the rugged off-road capability that the competition does not have.

You’re not getting upgraded technology. So infotainment system it is easy to get to. You do have navigation and all good stuff, but it’s just very dated. It will be nice if Lexus took the Toyota 4runner updated setup in their infotainment and brought it into GX 460.


At least you got  Apple Carplay, Amazon Alexa, and driving down the road very rock stable and quiet. The thickness of the glass is suitable, and this massive SUV finishes everywhere you touch.

The leather on the steering wheel is high quality. You have naturally aspirated V8 power and 4×4 all-wheel drive getting the power to the ground.

Honestly, for such a large, heavy vehicle naturally aspirated V8 engine gets you up to speed reasonably quickly.  We’re not talking about 400 hp but a little over 300 hp. Lexus GX 460 going down the road very smooth to soak up all the bumps, dips, or utility hole covers well.

If you’re not used to a larger SUV, you’re going to like the way it feels. Behind the wheel, linear power delivery is excellent. You’re not waiting for a turbo boost, and there’s no hybrid technology. It’s just good old-fashioned V8 power in Lexus GX 460, which is terrific.

If you are looking for something that’s going to be more capable than anything else in its class when it comes to off-road, Lexus GX 460 luxury checks off so many boxes.

We know some people do not love the direction of some of the newer technology. Guess what you have the little older technology, and we think that’s going to be the sore spot in these GX 460 SUVs.

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