Dodge Ram 1500 No Electrical Power (How To Fix It)

Do you have a problem with the Dodge Ram 1500 no electrical power, no crank, and the keys stuck in the ignition? Alright, this seems like a common problem facing many Dodge Ram owners today.

So if you are in that situation, I will show you what you need to do so that your truck can get back on the road.

A key stuck in the ignition may sound silly, but it can happen. You could turn it forward and even try to start the truck, but it obviously wouldn’t work since there was no power.

Now, the critical question is, why did the battery die?

Or maybe the gear selector isn’t in the park completely?

Or just because the car has no power and you can’t get the keys out?

The first way you can do is take the Booster package and connect it to the battery and see what happens after that.

Usually, you will be successful in pulling the truck keys out. But if still no power, you can take the battery out, charge it fully, clean the terminals, and put it back in the truck. Also, make sure you get rid of corrosion at every point of contact and get a good, clean connection.

What if after you clean all the terminals and the battery doesn’t charge? Then it would be best if you replaced it with a new and fresh one. 

After that, check the power and ground to ensure there are no damaged cables or anything like that.

Check These Parts If You Have a Problem With Dodge Ram 1500 No Electrical Power

The following are parts of a Dodge truck that you need to check carefully.

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You need to check all the fuses, but the fuses won’t work when the truck doesn’t have much power.

Therefore, you need power before you can turn it on. So don’t let it give you such a false negative.

Also, the ignition will not give the truck the power to turn on the fuse.

Therefore, it is essential to get power to IPDM. You can do this by plugging the test lamp into the negative terminal and touching the contacts to ensure that you are getting power from the battery going straight to IPDM.

After that, some fuses will work again due to heat all the time.

Fusible Link

Next, you have to check the fusible link. It’s 20 amps; you need to make sure it’s still in good condition.

You have to do the basics, like making sure all the connections are plug-in correctly.

One more thing, maybe if you are in this situation and you can’t get the truck to be neutral so you have a hard time towing it or at least pushing it.

There is actually a neutral which many people refer to as “release”. If you notice there is a plastic cover on the driver’s side just below the light switch, there is a small plastic tab or cover.

Just remove it and you will see an orange handle. Then you can pull it towards you to make the truck neutral.

Plugs that are Connected to the Ignition Node

Did when you put the key in the ignition, do you see that the Park reverse neutral drive is on, and that’s nothing else? All right now, you can check the plug connected to the ignition node to make sure it doesn’t accidentally pull out or have broken wires.

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The way to do this is relatively easy. The first time you can use two screws at the bottom of the bolster. Then you can pull the cover straight away, and that will expose the ignition node.

But if you don’t want to do it, you can get underneath to access these cables easily, and there are two plugs for this.

Ignition Node

To take the ignition node switch module out, you need to remove four T20 bolts.

Then you need to open it and clean it from dirt and debris inside. To do it, you need to release two T15 bolts on the back of the ignition node case.

After that, you will notice two tabs, and once you unlock it, the cover will come right off, and you will get the ignition unit.

If the condition isn’t good, you need to replace it. You can call. I called the dealer to get the part for this for just under $200.

But the problem is that the part you order sometimes takes a long time to come and you don’t want to wait that long.

So maybe you can take it apart to see what’s going on and see if there’s something like a broken solder wire or just dirt that could be causing electrical problems and corrosion. You can use some electrical cleaner and clean the crap out and reinstall it.

Check and Fix If There are Loose Connections

Make sure that you don’t have a loose connection somewhere.

If you see something out of place and has gone wrong, you should fix it. All of that can be a source of trouble for your Dodge truck and the way to solve it is relatively easy.

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Sometimes an accidental shock or impact will unscrew the tabs or push the plug out, and that’s enough to make no electrical contact.

What You Have to do After the Repair

Make sure your truck is operating and gets the power to the dash. You can hear the fuel pump priming and all the lights on. After that, you also need to do a test drive to ensure that your Dodge Ram truck doesn’t have any problems.

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