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99 Dodge Ram Transmission Shifting Problems [How To Fix It]


99 Dodge Ram transmission shifting problems can occur anytime. So, do you have to take your truck to the garage at a high cost to fix it? Not necessarily. Through this guide, we will provide tips on how to fix transmission problems on your favourite 1999 Dodge Ram.

Let say you now have a transmission that gives you problems when shifting between 45-50 mph. What makes you crazy is when it’s trying to get in and out of overdrive.


Then you decided to take your truck to the workshop for repairs. So what do the repairmen say about the cause of your Dodge 99 transmission? At most, they say that the problem lies in the lock torque converter not locking up, or PCM, TCM, transmission, or few other things. Usually, that’s all.

Now, what if the cause is just trivial. What can make you happy is that you can fix it yourself at no cost.

How To Fix 99 Dodge Ram Transmission Shifting Problems

The following is the easiest way you can do to solve transmission problems on the 1999 Dodge Ram.

You have to clean the ground terminal on the battery and then add a wire to the negative terminal and run it to the firewall. If you notice, that’s where the ground wire leading to the TCM is installed in the firewall. It’s a little hard to see. But it is behind the air cleaner anyway. Guess what? When you add the ground wire, it solves all the problems.

Before you add the ground wire, you might get between 14-15 mpg of consumption. But now that you’ve added the ground wire and the computer is working correctly, your truck’s mileage can go up to 18.5 mpg, which is incredible.

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Just running back and forth to the city, which is 30 km round trip, is probably the best mileage you’ve gotten since you bought this truck.

Remember, add a simple ground wire from the battery’s negative side to the firewall where the TCM ground wire is.

Besides that, why don’t you clean the other terminals on the battery? Thus, it means that you have done a little maintenance too.

People say that you can also solve this transmission shifting problem by taking a wire out of the loom which goes to the alternator and reroute it from the alternator over to the battery. But we’ve tried, and it doesn’t work. Maybe that method could work for you too, but we don’t think it will last long.

The best way that works and lasts a long time is to add a ground wire.

Hopefully, this way of fixing 99 Dodge Ram Transmission Shifting problems can help solve the nightmare with your truck.


  1. Transmission vacuum hose broke and then I’ve had the problem ever since then I’m just trying to find out the right places to put the vacuum lines back on


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