2017 Ram 1500 Oil Type for 3.6L, 5.7L and 6.4L Engines

The viscosity of engine oil is critical to maintaining good engine performance. That’s why I am sharing with you the information regarding the 2017 Ram 1500 oil type for all engines, including 3.6L, 5.7L, and 6.4L.


Engine Oil for Ram 1500 3.6L and 5.7L

Neither the 2017 Ram 1500 3.6L or 5.7L engines can use the Mopar SAE 5W-20. The advantages are higher fuel efficiency and starting the vehicle at a lower temperature.

Also, you can choose Shell Helix or Pennzoil with viscosity specifications that meet the requirements. Don’t forget that the oil you choose must meet the FCA MS-6395 as a material standard for your vehicle’s good.

If you are unsure about the engine’s viscosity level required, you must look behind the filler cover.

If you need instructions on where the oil filler cap is located, you can read the engine compartment’s service manual in the vehicle maintenance section.

Lubricants that do not have both the engine oil certification status and the required SAE viscosity grade value should not be used.

I don’t recommend using oil that is not officially certified even though the price is lower. Besides the quality is not guaranteed, the oils are also at risk of seriously damaging the engine.

Then what if you don’t have SAE 5W-20 oil? In this case, you can use SAE 0W-40 oil even though this is not a priority.

Oil for 2017 Ram 1500 6.4L

Especially for a 6.4L engine, you can use a Mopar with SAE 0W-40 specifications. To keep the car’s performance at its maximum at every temperature, you can also choose an equivalent oil such as Pennzoil Ultra.

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The most important thing is that the oil must be certified MS-12633.

Can I Use Synthetic Oil?

The use of synthetic oils is also allowed as long as the specifications are following engine requirements. Of course, they are officially certified.

In addition to regular engine oil replacement, you also have to replace the oil filter. You will find it easier to find out the oil and vehicle performance condition with scheduled vehicle maintenance.

Do not use synthetic oil if the SAE viscosity grade is unknown or unsuitable.

Do not be fooled by the cheap 2017 Ram 1500 oil type that is not officially certified that is sold in the market because it is the product that can easily damage your engine.

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