2017 Dodge Ram Wont Start [How To Fix It]

2017 Dodge Ram wont start, only clicks, but everything in your truck works well. The radio, blow-motor, light, dashboard, brake light, and battery light are fine, but it doesn’t work to turn the car. So let’s try to find out what causes it by checking these parts.

2017 Dodge Ram Won't Start

2017 Dodge Ram Wont Start: Check the Battery and Clean The Terminals

If you think the problem isn’t the battery, you should keep checking it. Open the hood of your Dodge and take a close look at the battery terminals.

Loosen it first and fix it if there is corrosion and wipe it with a cloth. Then tighten the battery connections again. Now try to start your truck. If this doesn’t work, let’s take the next step.

Use Power Pack

After you are sure the battery and terminals are fine, you can try using a power pack.

First, make sure that the pack is fully charged because it might not be enough to start your truck.

But if this doesn’t work either, let’s try another step.

Check The Alternator and Ground Wire

Okay, the bigger problem when the car can’t run is most likely not the alternator. Usually, the alternator dies when the vehicle is running.

Anyway, you can put the cables to the car to jump it.

The alternator would have jumped started it, and it will turn off as soon as you remove the cables.

If that happens, either the alternator or the battery is in good condition.

Also, make sure the ground wire has no problem.

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Fuses and Relays

You can open the fuse cover and check to see where the starter relay is.

To check it, you can swap it with another good relay and give it a try. When you hear the click, you know there is no problem with the relay.

You can test the fuse using a fuse tester; there is no harm in checking it. But if the main fuse that connects the battery to the fuse box has a problem, it will cause the truck not to start.

There wouldn’t even be any lights or electricity going through the car. But your truck has a lot of electricity; it’s not the cause of the fuse.

So is the fuse broken that went through to the fuel pump or the ECM? But even so, usually, the truck can crank. Meanwhile, now your vehicle can’t crank at all; it’s just making a clicking noise.

Replace the Starter When Your Dodge Ram Wont Start

You have tried all of the checks above, but it doesn’t work.

Then most likely what causes your 2017 Dodge Ram wont start is the starter.  How did it happen? Because there is no problem with electricity in your Dodge truck.

You can buy this part online on Amazon or eBay and install it on your truck to replace the old one. Don’t forget, make sure you also get a warranty for it.


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