2021 Toyota Camry LE Is Affordable and Reliable

Today we are behind the wheel of a brand new and refreshed 2021 Toyota Camry. For your information, this generation Camry debuted back in 2018.

So it’s been about three years, and Toyota’s making a bit changes to keep it exciting and in line with the tough competition. 

Now we talk about the newest LE base trim.
Image credit: Toyota

So, if you’re in the market for a car that is affordable, practical, spacious, fuel-efficient, and, most importantly, reliable, then you should be looking at Camry LE.

This review will tell you everything about the brand new 2021 Toyota Camry. After all, you can decide if this is the right sedan for you.


2021 Toyota Camry Body Design

At first glance, the outside of the 2021 Camry looks almost identical to 2020. 

But with the LE and XLE, the lower bumper has been redesigned to showcase the lower grille even more.

The nose below the emblem is gone, and there is now a thin gray accent trim around both sides.

However, LED headlights and LED daytime running lamps are still standard.


With the sportier XE and XSE, the front fascia is also redesigned to be bolder.

One thing to note is none of the Camry trims come with fog lights.

The side profile and the camera are still the same sleek and low for 2021.

You do have 17-inch wheels on the LE, and 18-inch wheels on the XLE gets a new design.

The back doesn’t change. However, on LE, the LED combination taillights are now semi-smoked on top. It’s a very subtle change.



Toyota Camry Engine 2021

The powertrain for this Camry stays the same for this 2021 refresh. 

The LE is powered by a 2.5 L 4 cylinder generating 203 hp and pretty good 184 lb-ft of torque.

But if you want more power, you can upgrade to a Camry with a V6 engine that produces 301 horsepower.

Hybrid Camrys uses a hybrid motor that produces a total of 176 horsepower.

What’s surprising is the base engine. We tested acceleration about 15 to about 60 mph, and that was so powerful.

Under full acceleration, we admit that the engine is quite loud. It doesn’t scream in the right way. It’s not a throaty V8. But around town, pretty muted, you don’t hear much.

What’s also great about this engine and transmission combo is you get 32 mpg combined, and that’s not bad at all for a mid-size sedan.


Toyota Camry Interior and Cargo Space

The trunk space inside is adequate but not the biggest in this class, and you get a spare tire underneath.

The second-row seats do fold down, which is nice. Then second-row space is also decent in Camry but again not the most prominent in the group.

If you are around 5 ft 10, you may have about 3-4 inches of legroom left behind your driving position and about 2-3 inches in headroom.

However, there are no amenities, vents, or ports of any kind like that in this LE trim.

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The dash gets redesigned for 2021.



The infotainment screen, either a 7 inch or 9 inch, is a floating design.

Functionality and interface are similar to the previous version, except a black background is now replaced with a white. If you see, it’s like Night has been changed to Day mode.

Apple Carplay or Android auto wi-fi are all standards.

So how about the brand new camera is and how it drives? We’ve already mentioned the looks and how it was slightly revised.

But we want to dig it a little more because we think the new 2021 Toyota Camry looks better than 2020, 2019, and 2018.

The changes on the front are subtle, and it took us to notice the differences.

However, those little differences make a big difference when approaching the 2021 Camry for the first time.

Now, the nose part has been removed, and the bottom grille is still just as wide. But there are little accent trims on either side that makes it more pronounced.

Anyway, slight changes make a big difference, and that’s across all Camrys, not just the LE or XLE but also the sporty XE and XSE.

We are a big fan of the refreshed look Toyota. We know at first glance maybe you don’t notice it.

But if you walk up to it and pay attention to the new Camry, it does look different and looks better, in our opinion.

Another significant change inside this 2021 Camry is this revised dashboard and the new infotainment screens. You either get a 7-inch or a 9-inch.



We think this looks better because many Camrys in the past and how the dash flowed were a little cheesy, but it was okay.

It was kind of like a driver-centric look, but you know some people weren’t a fan of it that much.

Now, the pop-out or floating screen, according to Toyota, does look better.

It gives it a more elegant appearance and is in line with the Rav4, Avalon, or other Toyotas. We think you’ll like this change.

However, don’t expect the 2021 Toyota Camry infotainment screen to be any different. It still works the same way.

The new Camry interface isn’t the most responsive or best looking or works the best either. But it just gets the job done.

Even though there’s no navigation but still plug in your phone on LE base trim, utilize Apple Carplay or Android Auto that still works well.

Also, you get wi-fi and a backup camera. It means you get all the essentials and the volume knob that has never been removed, which is very useful.

Below the infotainment screen, the climate control area didn’t change. It’s kind of like a funky area because it’s like a triangle shape.

You have no automatic climate control in the Toyota Camry LE trim. So you need to fumble around with the fan speed and the knob to guess the right temperature.

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The center console design is excellent. We think it’s pleasant and practical, and you could put your phone or items down there.

You got two nice big cupholders, and inside the armrest, you do get two USB ports.

But there are no USBs for rear passengers. We don’t know why car manufacturers don’t do that. We have seen that there are no USB ports back there all the time on the lower or base trims.

But for everything else pretty much the same as before. That’s not a bad thing. The Camry is one of the best sedans that you can buy today.

There’s a good reason for that besides the fact that it’s a Toyota and it’s super dependable, reliable, comfortable, spacious and does everything well.



Even though the Camry LE seats, it’s not leather, but they’re covered in nice cloth. It’s not harsh, it’s like a soft cloth, and it feels good both upfront.



The second row and the cushion are about as perfect as you can get. It’s very comfortable on your back and your butt.

The bolsters are fitted nicely. It’s not too aggressive, but it’s still holding you nicely. You are not sliding around, very comfortable seats.

In terms of space, this is not the biggest mid-size sedan ever. But you do have plenty of significant fair amount of headroom, shoulder room, or legroom.



You get a massive amount of cargo room in the back. You can fold down the 2nd row to reveal more space to put in more oversized items in the trunk.

The only downside is the seats don’t fall flat. You can see there’s like a hump, so it takes up some of the passage space.

Besides the seats, the new Toyota Camry suspension is also beautiful. It’s well-tuned, comfortable, and soaking up all the bumps. We think you don’t have any problems going over local roads.

The 2021 Toyota Camry steering is pretty good. The old feel has gone away because the sloppy and light steering is no longer exists in Toyotas.

These days, Toyota provides excellent steering and feedback. Overall you’ll like it.

You’ll quite surprised how well the camera accelerated. That’s a good thing.

The brakes are excellent, predictable, and you get a linear feel. The pedal feels good doesn’t feel too stiff or mushy.

The cabin noise it’s pretty good. But it could be better, not much from the wind or road. The engine is muted unless you put your foot down.


Camry’s Tires


On Toyota Camry LE trim, you’re getting 17-inch wheels with tires and very thick sidewalls. We know the trend is to go bigger like 18, 19, or 20-inch wheels.



But 17-inch wheels they have been redesigned for 2021, at least on Camry LE, helps make the drive quite comfortable. So overall, pretty good.


New Camry With Toyota Safety Sense 2.5


Another significant change to the 2021 Toyota Camry is the addition of Toyota safety sense 2.5, which is better than the 2.0 version.

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You still get all the essentials of emergency braking with pedestrian detection. But now, it does a better job of detecting pedestrians and bicyclists.

The way you take intersections, it can just predict things a little bit better. You do have dynamic radar cruise control, and it can come to a full stop for you. So that’s nice.

You still get assistance for lane tracking, steering, and road sign. Besides, you get an auto-high beam.

Another thing that you get across all 2021 cameras is the rear seat reminder system. So if you leave something back in the rear seats, the camera will remind you inside the gauge cluster.

Unfortunately, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are still optional. But on the base Toyota Camry LE you can get it, and they aren’t part of a costly package. However, it is not standard.

You wish Toyota upgrades LE in terms of the non-auto climate control and the key because of no push-button start.


Camry Trims

As for the 2021 Toyota Camry trim levels, there are 12 in total. 

There are three available with the V6 engine and five with a four-cylinder. All five can be equipped with an all-wheel-drive or front-wheel drive.

Lastly, there are four hybrid trim levels, including a brand new XSE hybrid for 2021.


Toyota Camry Prices


Below are the MSRPs of the new Camry.

  • LE $24,970
  • LE Hybrid $27,270
  • SE $26,485
  • Camry SE Hybrid $28,785
  • SE Nightshade $27,185
  • XLE $29,870
  • XLE Hybrid $32,170
  • XSE $30,420
  • XSE Hybrid $32,720
  • TRD $32,185
  • XLE V6 $34,995
  • XSE V6 $35,545

Conclusion of Toyota Camry LE 2021 Review

Like all other Camrys, it’s practical, comfortable, dependable, fuel-efficient, and reliable. However, some insignificant tweaks and changes do keep the camera refreshed for 2021. 

The front end is cleaned up a bit and seems sounder, in our opinion, but the rest of the body and interior has aged well.

However, the new dash and the infotainment screen are perfect.

The 2021 Camry’s four-cylinder engine has more grunt than expected and provides an incredible fuel economy.

The ride is also comfortable, quiet, and the Toyota Camry LE is pleasant to drive.

The downside of the Toyota Camry LE trim is non-auto climate control, no push-button start, no USB ports in the rear, or vents. Besides, the engine is noisy under full acceleration.

Based on the overall factor, we are giving the 2021 Toyota Camry LE a score of 90.




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