2021 Toyota Avalon Limited AWD Is Spacious and Comfortable

Now we will discuss the latest 2021 Toyota Avalon AWD variant which is spacious and comfortable. Also, we want to review the Avalon all-wheel drive to show you the pros and cons. 

So, we give you an article review if you’re in the auto market for a midsize or a full-size sedan. 

Toyota Avalon Limited AWD Body Design

The current 5th gen Avalon looks nothing like the Avalon of the old. 

The grille has gotten larger every generation as if Toyota’s engineers’ lives depended on it. 

The grille to bumper proportion upfront has to be the most extensive of any production vehicle out there. With the small room, you do have sleek-looking LED headlights. 

Image credit: Toyota

Similar to the Toyota Camry, you have no fog lights upfront. 

From the side view, the Avalon seems long and pretty low to the ground. The pattern design resembles a real sports sedan on Limited trim. 

The chrome window surrounds, and you do have unique 18-inch alloy wheels.


The Avalon’s back design has a sleek look with LED smoked tail lights with an excellent form and stretches from one side to the other. An Avalon badge is also spread across in the middle.



Also, the dual exhaust tips on the bottom add a nice touch to the rear. 

Cargo Space

Inside the trunk, you do have about 16 cubic feet of space, which is decent. It’s about one cubic-feet larger than a Camry. 
The backseats also fold down for bigger things.

Toyota Avalon Interior

Inside the Avalon, two comfortable seats in the cab are wrapped with smooth leather. 
Besides, the rear passengers will glad since they have about 40 inches of legroom, slightly more than the Camry.

However, surprisingly is somewhat less than the second-row legroom of a Honda Accord. The back passengers will also get a pair of excellent heated vent seats and useful two USB ports. 

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In the front, the steering wheel has a two-tone leather look. On the right, you have the radar nav, cruise control feature, and scrolling for radio. 
You got the info screen in the gauge cluster on the left control along with volume phone and voice control. 
The gauge cluster has an excellent sizeable 7-inch info display that gives you a huge of information about the Toyota Avalon, such as a trip computer, TPMS range, and setups for your safety feature. 
So among other things, to the left of the steering wheel is for automatic high-beam, traction, heated steering, trunk/fuel door release, and bird’s-eye camera view arrangement. 
You have two-member seat settings and auto up/down functions for all four windows on the door panel. 
The infotainment screen in the Avalon limited includes a 9-inch excellent touch screen display and navigation and a JBL audio system with 14 incredible speakers and a 1200 watt amplifier. 
Also, you got Apple Carplay, Alexa, and Wi-Fi, which are standard. However, Android Auto is missing. Underneath, you do have climate control with three levels of heated/ventilated seats.

Besides, you do have buttons for temperature, fan control, and defroster options even more. 

Underneath, you have a standard shifter along with three driving modes: Eco, Normal, or Sport. Also, you have brake hold and release. 

You also got two kinds of cup holders, and underneath the armrest, you do have a nice tray for items along with three different USB ports. 

backseats and front seats of toyota avalon 2021 awd limited trim

On top, you got home link buttons, SOS, and interior light controls. 

It also controls a standard size sunroof. 

Anyway, underneath the info screen, you have shelf space for stuff in an extra 12 Volts outlet.

Toyota Avalon Horsepower

For the engine, the Toyota Avalon Limited AWD is based on a system used in a gas version Rav4. It is a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder, 205 hp, 85 lb-ft of torque. 
Now, this engine has made it to the 8-speed auto trans. The Avalon AWD is the only trim level for Avalon that utilizes a four-cylinder engine. 
All their album lines are either equipped with a V6 engine or hybrid setup. There’s no word right now if a hybrid AWD or a V6 all-wheel-drive system will be coming.
The estimated consumption is 25 mpg (city) and 34 mpg (highway). 

Drive the Toyota Avalon Limited AWD 2021

First of all, with the all-wheel-drive system here, you’re not going to get that same kind of celebration or grunt. 
However, most people that are buying Avalon AWD most likely care more. If you’re living in some area that gets snow, the benefits of all-wheel drive outweigh the speed. 
Now because this is the limited edition inside, it’s what you expect, full leather. It’s quiet, and you’ll like the seating position. 
The seats are pretty good. The bolsters on the bottom cushion are wide enough. 
You have no paddle shifter. However, if you forget to shift, it will do automatically for you. 
The acceleration to 60 took quite a long time, so a celebration is not intense like we said. But the visibility is excellent and a little bit better than in the rear of the Camry.
The steering feels like a Camry. It’s a little bit light, but it has it’s a good feel. It’s pretty precise. There’s not a lot of sway in the steering wheel. So it’s very comfortable and a nice drive.
Because this is a Limited edition, you do get excellent features such as a heads-up display, the same one used in the Highlander, and the Camry.
You can see your speed limit sign, miles per hour, or compass. It’s nice to see a whole lot of useful stuff.
Overall, the sound level it’s comparable to a Camry. 
The road and wind noise is minimal, but you can hear the cars pass. 
We think it’s not the quietest, but it’s okay.
Under substantial acceleration, you will hear the engine quite a bit. not so much exhaust. It’s a good sound, especially for cylinders. 
You’ll like the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. So pre-collision, emergency braking, lane warning, blind-spot information, rear cross-traffic warning, and a high beam sign recognition are standard.
2021 Toyota Avalon is handling roads nicely. 
The brakes feel okay as you expect. It doesn’t feel mushy or anything like that.

Pros and Cons of 2021 Toyota Avalon Limited AWD

The pros are as a sleek sports car exterior; there are a spacious cabin and trunk. The features and standard safety are plentiful. 
The Avalon AWD provides a quiet ride with good visibility. You do have comfortable seats, and the engine makes a good sound. Of course, the all-wheel-drive option is now available.
However, you have a few things to consider. You only get a four-cylinder option for AWD. Also, Android Auto is not standard. 
There’s no panoramic sunroof option. 
Besides, the cabin space and cargo room are only slightly bigger than a Camry.


The new 2021 Toyota Avalon AWD is another option for those of you looking for a sedan that has a little bit bigger than the Camry’s cargo room and legroom.
However, the cabin quality’s about on par, but some of the Camry features are not available on the Avalon. 
Hopefully, we’ll see a hybrid or V6 all-wheel-drive opt in the future.

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