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2020 Toyota Yaris Sedan Is a Cheap But Reliable Car


Do you want to buy a cheap but reliable car? You can consider the 2020 Toyota Yaris sedan or a hatchback. Now, we will cover the pros and cons of this vehicle. 

Maybe you just saw a bit of the exterior footage of the Yaris sedan.


So we are going to expand on that a bit, which we don’t typically do when we first saw this vehicle physically when it was the Sequoia.



However, they do have a hatchback version, which looks far more natural. So you do have those two excellent options.



2020 Toyota Yaris Sedan Price

So, how much is a 2020 Yaris? As you know, the sedan is one of the cheapest cars in the US today. Its MSRP starts around $15,650. With the 2020 Toyota Yaris sedan LE trim, it’s pushing $16,650, and XLE is $18,750.

But the 2020 Yaris hatchback is a little bit more.

The lower trims of the sedan Yaris get a manual trans, and the upper trim you only get an automatic.

However, all the hatchbacks are automatic only. So that might be a big letdown for some people.

The last note about the exterior is we feel like this was an experiment. It’s courtesy to have an affordable car in the market because these don’t exist.

I feel like they could put just a little bit more energy and character into the exterior styling, and it would make a huge difference.

Toyota Yaris Interior

Interior space is where you’re going to live.


Do you spend a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of luxury cars, but you couldn’t figure out how to operate basic features like changing a song’s track? Here, Toyota Yaris is one of the most exciting parts of a simple modern car design.



The Yaris is trying to be completely simple, and its interior is one of the best designs. Everything inside always has easy and will continue to work.

If you notice the heating and air conditioning dials or the rotary knobs, you can feel the setting.

You can know where it is just by feeling, not even having to look at it.

You do have a manual parking brake, and the infotainment is dated. There’s no graphics or animations. But when you look at the screen, you know what it is, where you’re at, and you can quickly turn it off if you need to.


You do have Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and that’s what most people will use and never really interact with that.

We think the Toyota Yaris interior has a super comfortable space. The seats are also a highlight because it’s very pleasing.



Now the drawback is a tiny cabin in terms of the hip and shoulder room. There’s not a lot of space to grow.

So, if you’re a bigger person, you’re going to feel squeezed, and it is a problem.



Also, a higher trim level does not have an armrest. Toyota has done some of the cost-cutting by taking out simple things like that.

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Anyway, the 2020 Toyota Yaris is a small car. It is designed to be smaller, and it’s not going to be for everyone.

The backseats are tiny, but they have the same plushy and comfortable seats as in the front.

The trunk space is adequate, and the hatch makes this a lot more usable.




Whether you choose the Yaris sedan or the hatchback, both are made by Mazda in their Salamanca Mexico plant

Now Toyota has cooperated with Mazda on a big project to bring a cheaper car to North America without importing one as an important relationship.

Toyota initially oversaw a lot of the quality to make sure that this was up to their standards.

When you look at the underneath, at least, it’s straightforward and pretty clean.

You get a lot of plastic paneling to smooth out airflow for NVH.

But the good thing is you see a lot of the underbody sealers and coatings on it. It’s not just raw metal exposed to the elements like you saw in the Chevy Equinox, which is a lot more expensive than Toyota Yaris.

Even though it’s cheap, Toyota Yaris is not horrible looking in some spots.

But needless to say, as a small, lightweight vehicle, Yaris don’t need a lot to keep things under control. It also helps to reduce costs for the buyer.




Everything else looks like what you saw in some of the previous generation Mazdas.

That’s because this is a Mazda 2 underneath.

Automakers don’t do it in the United States because Toyota and Mazda have an agreement that this will become the Mazda2.

So this is the main reason why Toyota and Mazda have entered into a joint venture to build a factory in the United States to co-build new vehicles.

So Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car that has been outsourced to be made at a low cost. It is built on a previous generation architecture and feels like it is a Mazda 2.

So you’re going to ask yourself if Toyota Yaris feels so old, why would you even consider it? For some people, this is a crucial car need to exist, much like the Kia Rio or the Hyundai Accent.

Yaris serves as one of the lowest-cost options in the United States to get into a new car.

If you just went off some of the luxury cars, you know that is so over-complicated since having so many things on them. But not with Toyota Yaris because it is effortless.

You don’t have a ton of sound insulation, so there is a lot of wind and 1.5 L engine rev noise.


Besides, the steering wheel has subtle vibrations to let you know you’re still driving the car. We think that’s why it’s refreshing. 



However, most customers think that this is a bad thing. But if you’re looking for something a little bit more affordable, then Yaris is an excellent choice.

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You will not confuse with a ton of gimmicks electronics or hear a million beeps and warnings about every time you start to let go of the steering wheel.

Toyota Yaris is as simple as it gets in the modern era of driving. We know that’s not by design. It’s entirely by cost-cutting.

The seats are one of the excellent parts because super comfortable and soft although they’re narrow.



The transmission performance is pretty good. It’s quick; if you turn off traction control and go into the manual mode, it holds Rev matches downshifts. So you still have that aspect.

The last thing is the ride quality is pretty good despite it being a bit noisier. It kind of surprises you because its nimbleness and lightweight helps a lot.

There’s enough body roll but not a ton. You could have a little bit more fun driving Toyota Camry.

Camry is not a sporty car. But because of its smaller dimensions, it makes you feel like you can get away with a lot more.

2020 Toyota Yaris Sedan Pros and Cons

Now we talk about the final thoughts on the Toyota Yaris. 

The cons are the exterior like Toyota-Mazda got together.

It’s like they said we have some money to work, what do we do with the front? In the back? Well, we can’t do much. So let’s slap a new bumper on.

You know, it’s not a cohesive car or fun looking.


The other part is the paint quality. We don’t want to re-tune to have a smooth paint job and get the paint finish smooth.

It’s not part you typically notice in a modern car. But again, Toyota has to cut costs somewhere, and the quality suffers there. 

However, the cons are exterior.

The biggest pro is the remarkable interior space.

It’s so simple. Everything functions while the seats are comfortable.

It puts certain cars like twice the price to shame because they didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

But the negative part of being a subcompacts car is it’s tight. It’s just a side effect of this architecture.

If you’re a bigger person, you’re not going to be happy on the inside.

You get the hatch if you need a little bit more usability.

But the drivability is strong. You have an automatic and manual transmission but no CVT.

The automatic works well, and you can manually control it nicely.

The manual trans feels nice if you get the lower trim level, and the drivability is good without putting you to sleep. 

However, it is a noisier ride. There’s more vibration through this vehicle than what you would get from something like Toyota Corolla

But again, you can consider the 2020 Toyota Yaris sedan if you want an affordable car with a warranty and a lower interest rate.


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