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2020 Toyota Prius Prime Limited Can Maximize MPG Greatly


The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime Limited is the great hypermiler. It goes back to 2000 when Toyota published and delivered the Prius in the US.  It’s ignited a flame of competition amongst various diverse names to compete against hybrid settings known as the Prius.




As times have changed, the hybrid setup has found its way into other models within Toyota’s lineup. We have full EV vehicles that people want to park in their garage.

Prius Prime is the only Prius that is a hybrid plug-in.

So it’s an electric hybrid plug-in combination for that storied name, the Toyota Prius.

Now, we’re going to dive into Prius Prime limited and see if it is the ultimate hybrid sedan. So, let’s find out here.

Toyota Prius Prime Body Design

You’re never going to confuse a Prius with any other vehicle. It does have an experimental look to it.

On the Limited trim, you got full LED headlights. Toyota’s shape the housing slimmed it up.

Even around the corner, you’re going to have more LED lighting flowing down like a charming waterfall impression.



What’s great is that there are no fake vents. The whole purpose of the Prius design is to cheat the air and cut through. Prius have an excellent shape to the front fascia on the corners with all the lighting.

On the center grill, it’s all about aerodynamic efficiency. Instead of just having gloss black, it’s like almost a dark gray with a clear coat over it.

You do have the blue signifying a hybrid vehicle. Even a flat black front lip extends down gives it almost an aggressive look to the center area.

On the hood, everything kind of flows unique indentation on the top portion to help channel air across and over the windshield.

Around the bend on Prius Prime Limited trim, you have wheels and tire setup.

There’s a steel wheel behind that’s the same shape as the cover over it.

So Toyota put covers to make it more decorative. But there’s a wheel behind, which is excellent. It has the same design, 15-inches, which is very small.


Toyota Prius Prime Limited is trying to cut down on the rolling resistance by using hypermiling style tires from Dunlop.

The body lines are real simple. On the fenders, you have plug-in hybrid badging. We think it’s a perfect placement and a great size to let people know that this is the Prime and not a standard Prius.

You have color mesh on the mirror caps. Then you get a small part of shiny chrome trim and flat black across the top and bottom.

There’s also a little bit of gloss in the center.

You can see the unique body lines that kind of flow up towards the passenger door fade away. Then another one is going to come into the rear fender area.

You’ll love the floating roof design.

You have a hatchback design, but then you have the gloss black, which gives it a nice floating roof.

If you love unique styling, the Prius give what you want. On the back hatch area, there’s a concave dip.




So air is flowing across the roof down against the hatch glass window.

It’s going effortlessly and flow right off.

You have an exciting design with the red from the LED lighting.

When you’re looking in your rearview mirror, you can look through the top and bottom portions.

You do have a Prius Prime badge, and you’re going to get very simplistic. Just a flat black and a Limited badge.

Toyota took the lighting sort of like what they did up front and brought it to the rear.

It is just an intricate design and sparks your curiosity.

Toyota Prius Prime Limited Engine

Under the hood, you do have a prop rod. 

The good news is it’s over the passenger side.

What’s tasteful on the engine cover is the bright silver. It works well with everything else being flat black and a hybrid Toyota badge.

You have a 1.8 liter naturally aspirated inline-four that’s paired to two electric motors.



It’s going to produce 121 horsepower, 105 lb-ft of torque. All mated to a CVT transmission.

The Prius Prime is front-wheel drive with lithium-ion batteries, and the vehicle weighs 3,406 pounds.

The acceleration is 0-60 in 10 seconds, and the top speed is governed to 101 mph.

The reason why people buy Priuses is because of fuel consumption. You get 55 mpg (city), 53 mpg (highway), and 133 mpg es.

Besides, you can get a 25-mile range on pure electric power.

When you are charging a lithium-ion battery using your household 120-volt system, you need 5.5 hours of charging.

If you’re going to use the 240, then it will take two hours to charge.

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Toyota Prius Prime does have regenerative braking.

Overall, we are very impressed with the excellent mpg.

Prius Prime Price

We think you have a sweet spot in your heart for the Prius Prime Limited electric plug-in hybrid. So, you’re looking at an MSRP of $33,800.

Toyota Prius Prime Interior

You’re going to get unique styling on the door panels, just like the exterior up top.

It’s all soft, and you have like a ceramic white center section.

The padded armrests are nice. Everything else is flat black and relatively small in the door panels.

The dashboard has a very futuristic styling. You got the softer material.



It’s interesting how the lower portion has like a tray.

But it kind of slides down. So you might be able to put some stuff there.

The glove box is not the largest because the manual takes up most of the room in Prius Prime.

What we do like is that the gloss black is out of your way and looks tasteful.

Also, the silver trim flows to the infotainment system, which is cool.

The AC vents are nicely shaped. You got an 11.6-inch infotainment system screen with gloss black around it but nothing too special.

What’s nice is is most of your features can be accessed just from the screen. You don’t have to touch other buttons.

Also, Prius Prime does have the optional JBL sound system.

The bad news is no Apple Carplay or Android Auto. But you do have your navigation.

For the most part, it’s reasonably quick to access features and information in Toyota Prius Prime.

However, the backup camera is tiny, and we wish that it was like half the screen, at least. Also, you don’t have any trajectory on a Limited trim.

But the screen is nicely set up and not going to have glare.



There’s a tiny nub, and let is explain this to you. Since you got reverse neutral and drive, it will control your regenerator braking.

You do have different drive modes, a park button, and wireless charging.

There is more gloss black, but the nice thing is it balances with the whole center section.

You do have heated seats but no ventilated seats.

You got two cup holders, and the keyfob spruced it up with the Prime badge and a little bit of silver.

The cool thing is you could turn on the AC remotely, which is a nice feature.

You got a 12-volt USB, an aux jack, and a nice high armrest. We like the padding on, and the good thing is you got a small party tray for some items.

Seats are off-white and very soft—the leatherette material with the gray very tasteful.

Now you have manual control for the passenger. But on the driver’s side, you have full electricity but no sunroof.

You’ll notice that all the gauge instrumentation is up top as the unique identity of the Prius.

To the far left, you have your fuel gauge and speedometer and telling your average mpg, which we have been averaging about 50 mpg.

You’re going to have the ability to scroll through different information next to the speedometer real easy to do.

On top of that, you have different drive modes. They are Power, ECO, and Normal.

When you go into power mode, you’re going to notice the regenerator braking a lot more next to the right.

It tells you what gear you’re in, so you got reverse your drive.

We could go over to the regenerator braking area and then go back to the park.

Besides, you have an old-school Casio digital clock, which is fascinating.

To the far right, it tells you about safety features such as turning on blind-spot monitoring and parking assist.

Prius Prime Limited does have systems that will go through once you come to the business end.

All are quite exciting setup on the Prius.

Behind The Wheel

On the driver’s side, you do get the power-assisted seat with the lower lumbar.



You’re also going to get a head-up display and some great features.

You have the adapter cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and all that good stuff.

The steering wheel is fundamental.

You do have a heated steering wheel and buttons that have a metallic black finish to them.

The horn button is very simplistic, and there’s a lot of plastic down below.

It’s pretty weird sitting on the driver seat without having the instrumentation.

You can notice how far that instrumentation is from where you’re sitting.

Anyway, it does clean up your sightline out the front.

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We like the touches even to the AC vent. Also, how everything has a lovely oval flow to it and has the Prius name.


What’s great is even with the lithium battery, you’re still getting plenty of headroom.

Toyota shaped the headliner perfectly, and somebody around six feet tall has the room nicely.

You do have excellent material all the way around, a little tight on the pocket area.

But you still have some room and two USBs.

Of course, you’re going to get a nice armrest and two cupholders.




The back seats are comfy, which is excellent.

Cargo Space

We know a lot of you are a car enthusiast.

A lot of times, when you think of performance cars, you think about carbon fiber.

Guess what, Toyota Prius Prime Limited has carbon fiber, and it will blow your mind.

The rear is the first hatch made and constructed from carbon fiber composite.

Just hit the button, but there’s no electric assist.

So you’re going to have to use your muscles, but it goes up very nicely.

Toyota left it exposed. The full carbon fiber composite rear hatch is unique. Obviously, to help shed weight on this Prius Prime.

The rear area is pretty tight because of the lithium-ion battery located at the vehicle’s rear.

But you still got plenty of widths, and the seats are going to fold down.

Underneath the lid, you have your whole charging system.

Remember, it takes a little over five hours to charge that on your 120V home power source.

You do have emergency storage, and on the other side, you’re going to find an air compressor since there is no spare tire with your Prius Prime.

To put the seats down, it’s relatively simple.

You’re just going to push the button and then press the seat down.

After that, you can recognize that a more extended, more massive object could slide into the back of the Prius Prime with no problem.

Drive the 2020 Toyota Prius Prime

You have excellent visibility, and the seats are comfy, especially for the driver’s side.

We wish the passenger seat got some electric assist.

The nice thing is you do have an electric assist on the driver’s side of this Limited trim.

Having the dash where it’s located with all the instrumentation took a couple of seconds to get used to it for most people.

But after driving it for a couple of days, it’s okay. You can see the speed and everything.

The visibility out the front is excellent. Out the back, it takes an extra focus to get used to because you have a significant divide in the center.

We do like how Toyota put a dip, and you do not have to stop to get fuel.

Prius Prime is going to allow you to have a maximum range.

Other vehicles, even hybrids, are going to fall to the wayside and have to tap out.

But you can keep going because you are in a Prius Prime.

We think Toyota does a great job when it comes to the location of their controls.

The only thing missing to make the interior stand out is Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

We think it should have on the Limited. Still, the two-tone interior makes everything open, airy, and futuristic.

You’ll be happy that everything is not on the 11.6-inch infotainment system screen. Prius Prime has the other instrumentation across the gauge pod on the top of the dash.

The brakes feel great and super smooth.

The Toyota Prius Prime Limited cabin is quiet, which is nice. You only hear a little bit of the wind going around the vehicle.

It is not a big deal when you change lanes because the side mirrors are fantastic.

Even with the lithium-ion battery, the passengers are going to have plenty of headroom.

The steering wheel has a nice thickness to it.

There’s pretty decent feedback coming to the steering wheel from the nice front end.

As a comfy car, it’s got wireless charging to make long-distance travel enjoyable.

You’ll also like the lower center console area.

You do have an interesting shift that is easy to figure out.

The passengers have their USBs in the back of the center console to charge whatever they need.

Hopefully, this review gives you a nice overall feel of what the 2020 Prius Prime is all about.

Sit down for a second and appreciate the capability to maximizing MPG. It does do such a super fantastic job.

It makes sense to celebrate its 20th anniversary, especially with the Toyota Prius Prime Limited, which has the plug-in hybrid capability.


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