2020 Toyota 86 GT Has Responsive and Sporty Handling

Now we’ll talk about the 2020 Toyota 86 GT, six-speed manual. 

Body Design

You can get other trim levels, 86, and the Hakone special edition is the bright green color metallic, and it’s quite rare.
Besides, you can get each trim level in automatic transmission.
Toyota 86 GT has ventilated front and rear disc brakes. Like a high-performance car, it’s got 205 horsepower.
86 GT is the only trim level that has 18-inch wheels. The other ones have 17-inch.
We thought it would be nice to have a blind spot monitor and excellent rear traffic alert, especially in a sports car for sufficient visibility, which a Camry, Corolla, or Rav4 might have in handy.
It drives more like a sports car shifter. 
It’s not like smooth where it just naturally goes up like some of the sedans you might drive. You got very sporty and responsive handling.
Toyota 86 definitely has some noise associated with a sporty vehicle.
You may start to notice prominent features like a wing pedestal spoiler on the back. The Toyota 86 is one of the very few Toyota cars with a fuel door in the passenger section.
The fuel mileage is 21 in the city, 28 on the highway, and 24 combined.  
You got the LED lights for shining brighter, farther, taller, and broader around the front part. The headlights also last a lot longer, so you have a lower cost of maintenance over time.
Credit: Toyota
Toyota 86 GT also has LED fog lights and a multi-light pattern.
The ground clearance is 4.9 inches, so it’s relatively low. 
If you notice the emblem, it doesn’t have a flat glossy symbol that must mean it does not have Toyota’s Safety Sense.

The Engine of the Toyota 86

Under the hood, you could tell that is not your typical. So, we’ll call it a Toyota engine because you usually have a closed system, but Toyota 86 is exposed.
You got a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder boxer dual overhead cam with 16 valves.
It’s dual independent variable valve timing with intelligence. As a result, it breathes optimally and matches how your driving style. So you get the best efficiency and fuel mileage.
But we are just amazed by a stiff ride comfort. 
You got stable handling because it wants to handle your track driving, and it’s also matched with the 6-speed manual transmission.
Now, this has sport-tuned McPherson struts in front and then sport-tuned multi-link rear suspension in the back. 
Okay, we all like the oceanic blue color, you would absolutely choose for yourself.

2020 Toyota 86 GT Interior

Inside, you have a combination of soft tech seating with almost like a call it like a velvet type interior.
The seat’s design is black with white contrast stitching, which breaks things up slightly. 
You do have metallic accents as well.
The rear seats are not really designed to be a four-seater. Although certainly, you can have backseat passengers. 
When you’ve got a tall driver or passenger in terms of comfort level, you may be limited with your rear-seat legroom. 
But you can adjust it a little bit. You would probably move it forward to open up a little bit of legroom.
So what do the vehicles look like when the dealer gets them straight from the factory? Well, they have door sill protectors, plastic wrap to preserve the seats, and floor protection. It’s also got protected sport pedals.
2020 Toyota 86 GT has six different airbags in it. Also, you got a leather wrap steering wheel, but cruise control is in a weird place. That’s what we remember for Toyota’s. 
We usually have it on the steering wheel with the newer model.
Anyway, you have your 7-inch multimedia display, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, dual temperature controls, and that’s interesting. 
You got your dual temperature controls, recirculated air conditioning, rear defroster, and it’s got a USB port hidden behind the shift knob.
Also, the 7-inch touchscreen with no options added at the factory.
You do have the traction control, and the track mode turns off the vehicle stability control. 
It turns off the traction control so you can slide around or do track driving.
You got heated seats, and underneath the center armrest, you’ve got two different cupholders and a 12-volt circular port as well. 
You can slide the center armrest all the way forward and backward.
Besides, you do have an auto-dimming rearview mirror. 
You can tell when it’s safe to back up with the reverse camera when it’s not. When you should stop, you have the red zone.
The fuel mileage combines 24 with up to 28 on the highway.

2020 Toyota 86 GT Price

The 86 GT 6-speed manual will be available at Toyota dealerships at around $31,000, taking the factory MSRP. 
You add in destination costs and options such as floor mats or something else so that you get the price.
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