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The 2021 Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid is Comfortable and Reliable


The 2021 Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid is the fourth-generation model.

As a comfortable and safe alternative, the Toyota minivan giving a matchless combination of practicality, convenience, and trustable credit for reliability and endurance.
The Sienna Toyota XSE is currently available as a hybrid type and features Toyota’s latest TNGA architecture.
Toyota Sienna AWD is the most advanced and most luxurious minivan Toyota has offered to date.
So, is this car is the perfect family vehicle you’re looking for? Let’s find out Toyota Sienna reviews here!

2021 Toyota Sienna XSE Body Design 

If you remember the earlier generation of Sienna, Toyota used a selling tagline in their commercials calling this Toyota Sienna van a swagger wagon. 
This new generation of Toyota Sienna models is more suitable because it’s created from scratch to make it more stylish and more like a crossover.
Remember, people think minivans are uncool, so they want SUVs. 
While the Sienna is quite similar to a minivan, the XSE trim is a sports-oriented model, after all. 
You have several trim levels opt such as the base LE, Toyota Sienna XLE, sporty XSE, Limited, and luxurious Platinum. 
XSE has a unique front fascia. Now the grille is much more prominent and more charming with a layer of black mesh. 
You will see a blue Toyota hybrid badge to show that this is indeed a hybrid, and the front fascia flows quite well. The design of the full LED headlamps is also quite attractive. 
However, the Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid trim does give you some sort of LED strip for day time running lights. If you opt for the platinum model, Toyota improves even further with the LED beam projector. 
But if you and upgrade XLE, you will get LED fog lights and turn signals. Amazingly, these are not something you get in a refreshed Honda Odyssey.
We are happy to see that Toyota is upping the premium factory. 
You know, the previous generation Sienna didn’t offer LED headlights. Instead, in top trim, before you even get halogen projectors, which was a bit odd.
Now in another part of the profile, Toyota is trying to convince us to think this is an SUV. 
No matter how hard they try, but from a certain angle, you will immediately know that Sienna is a minivan because it has a sliding back door. 
The TNGA architecture from Toyota can stretch a wheelbase of approx 1.2 inches and a total length of around 3 inches. 
Toyota Sienna colors are also excellent.
Toyota Sienna length is 204 inches, this minivan is about 3 inches longer than the last generation. Incredible, now that Toyota sienna dimensions are the size of most of its competitors. 
In our opinion, there is nothing mini about this new minivan Toyota Sienna. 
Now the dimensions are much bigger than the first generation minivan, Sienna 1999. 

Toyota Sienna Tires Size

The wheels of the XSE front-drive model look good and come in 20 inches with 235 tires. If you choose the AWD version, you will have smaller 18-inch wheels. 
Toyota did not do without a reason. The AWD can’t handle how big the wheels are. 
Toyota also claims that they provide an excellent sport-tuned suspension on the trim XSE for better performance. 
But the great information we need to know is that the latest generation of Toyota has removed the old twist-beam semi-independent and substituted it with an excellent multi-link rear suspension design. 
The changes are expected to improve the quality and handling of the ride. If you notice, on the side profile, there are lots of angles and curves to make Sienna look more aggressive.
Toyota has always positioned the sliding track under the rear window. A design that was finally followed by the Honda Odyssey 2021. 
After looking at the rear exterior design, you might think that Sienna’s front seems a little better. It seems like Toyota is trying too hard to put a touch on the back of the Sienna. 
You will see LED taillights and brake lights, but the turn signal and rear tag lights are an incandescent design. What’s interesting is that XSE has given a unique style with a blackened emblem. 
You also have a gorgeous blacked-out trim with fake vents for the lower rear valve. There is no exhaust tip in hybrid models of Toyota Sienna. 
All Siena will also have trim levels at different prices. An excellent hybrid badge will show everyone that you drive a hybrid. On the rear, you also do have a sturdy back door. 

Toyota Sienna Cargo Space

The good thing is that the sliding door now offers a foot-activated as the first in the industry in its segment. Besides, the 3rd-row space is now easier to fold. 
You just have to pull the back button tab and the small mechanism to lower the seats. Unfortunately, the current cargo capacity is 34.5 cubic feet. 
So that’s down about five cubic feet compared to the previous generation. Toyota also doesn’t offer an electric folding feature. 
But luckily, they make the seats much more comfortable to fold, and you’ll get about 75 cubic feet of space. 
The 2nd row for the current generation is no longer being moved; instead, Toyota now offers you a cargo mode that pushes the seat all the way forward-facing the front seat. 
As a result, with the seats in that position, you will have about 100 cubic feet of space. But, still, it’s 50 cubic feet smaller than the previous generation. 
Besides, you also cannot remove the second-row seat. 
In comparison, Chrysler offers you the ability to fold the seats onto the floor. 
But Toyota only allows us to push the second-row seats, forward-facing the front seats. So you do get less cargo capacity. 
Fortunately, a durable nickel-metal hydride battery sits under the front of the second-row seat. So it doesn’t take up much space for any cargo area. 
Toyota also does offer a vacuum cleaner for this Sienna. You can also have a handy power inverter on the back and get two household power plugs with up to 1500 watts of power. 
Thus, Toyota can connect other electrical plugs easily. The latest Sienna does look different on the outside for the all-new fourth generation.

Toyota Sienna Interior

Inside, Toyota Sienna has significant improvements to the current generation, especially if you choose the XSE trim as a sport-oriented model.

Front Seats

If you notice, the interior of the Toyota Sienna is similar to most modern Toyota vehicles. 
But Toyota took the steering wheel from the new Highlander. 
The contrasting orange stitching on the XSE trim is eye-catching. 
The Toyota Sienna seat covers are a soft leatherette with a combination of darker gray and orange stitching. 
The seats look quite beautiful, and the materials on the door panels are very light. 
There are covers with a lovely soft touch and some attractive silver-painted plastic too. 
You do have more storage in the lower pocket. 
For information, the Sienna minivan also has a TNGA platform, which now supports the Toyota Camry and Corolla. 
Inside, you have an excellent 9-inch infotainment system with the latest Toyota technology. Sienna’s key fob also looks unique with a blue hybrid badge. 
There are buttons for opening the power sliding door, back door, and turning everything on the key fob. 
Since the Sienna hybrid is here, you won’t hear the sound of a traditional engine starter anymore. 
Instead, you now have a ready button or indicator. 
On the sporty XSE trim, there’s a smaller but useful 3.5-inch helper LCD screen. 
However, on the Toyota Sienna Limited or Platinum trim, they are equipped with a larger 7-inch screen. 
We hope Toyota will put it in the XSE because it has enough room for it. You also have soft-touch injection molded plastic on the door panels. 
Now, we wonder why Toyota doesn’t use faux stitches? We don’t know, but for sure, this design is still impressive. 
Soft materials, aluminum-look trim, and one-touch auto for the front and rear windows look great. There are a few more buttons to turn off stability control, auto high beam, and more on the side. 
The new Toyota Sienna’s steering wheel is power, tilt manual, and telescopic features. So you do have a fair amount of adjustment. 
The steering style looks fantastic, but you don’t have that head-up look on the XSE trim. This feature will only be available if you choose the Platinum trim. 
The responsive 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system looks great. Toyota doesn’t call it Entune, but its technology includes Apple Carplay, Amazon Alexa, and Android Auto. 
But it’s not wireless, and we wonder why Toyota doesn’t offer a 12-inch screen even though you have plenty of room for that size. 
It may lower costs because Toyota can get rid of some of the hard buttons if you don’t need the massive 12-inch display. 
If you want it, then you can choose Venza or Highlander. 
Now, the Toyota Sienna dashboard has a dense plastic matter over the hood of the instrument panel. You also get soft text material with a few faux stitches. 
You also have tons of storage, a wireless phone charging pad, USB, and four-zone automatic temperature control. 
However, you will only get 3-zone when choosing the base LE trim. Apart from that, you do have comfortable three-tier heated seats. 
But the reverse vehicle is just a backup camera with no trajectory, which is a shame. You even need a higher trim for a full 360 camera system. 
Even so, you still have a handy distance marker. The gear lever that controls the CVT transmission looks very good. 
Manual mode is available, but there is no pedal on the wheel. We don’t think that’s a problem. 
You get several driving modes that you can choose from. They are Eco, Normal, Sport, and EV if there is enough battery power. 
The electronic parking brake and center console storage look great with the two USBs inside. Also, you get more USB next to the armrest. 
You also get more cup holders, and seats are also comfortable and supportive. 
The XSE trim has specific seats with slightly more aggressive support. The glove compartment is a standard size, which is also great.
Great sound from the JBL premium audio system offers you 12 speakers with 1200 watts of power. 
Does it look fantastic? Sure, you’ll be happy to choose that over the audio on the latest Odyssey Touring or Elite, although it’s still no better than the Harman Kardon stereo system at Pacifica.
You do have a standard sunroof, and also Toyota doesn’t offer a panoramic roof.
We don’t believe we couldn’t find it in the options spec sheet. 
Overall the cabin has all the standard storage cubbies, and it feels spacious. You got a perfect road view with suitable materials.
You should probably go for the Platinum trim to get all you want, such as the more luxury-oriented feel and wood trim.
But the XSE trim with its sport-oriented theme is acceptable. In our opinion, the cabin is better than the Odyssey.
Toyota infotainment system is better, and the screen is also much more extensive.
Besides, foot-activated power tailgates are cool. Not only that, Toyota now offers a foot-activated power sliding door.
Just kick your foot underneath the little area on the driver’s side, and you can see it opens the door right up.

Second Row

On the second row, you get the captain’s chairs. 
Toyota offers a super long recline function. So, you can slide the seat up to 25 inches back.
Just pull the lever, and you’ll understand how far the seat slides back. You can stretch your legs out entirely. 
If you want something else like the Ottoman feature, you won’t have it in the XSE trim because it’s only available in the Limited or Platinum class.
You get around 39 inches of legroom in the normal position, which matches what you get in the seat’s front.
The second-row minivans have always been fantastic. You can have a rear-seat entertainment system that would give passengers something to watch in the back.
You have sunshades and plenty of USB ports. 
Overall, you have seven USBs and 18 lovely cupholders in the 2021 Sienna.

Third Row

To reach the third row, Toyota gives you different options.
You can go through the cross between the second and middle row, or you can pull a lever.
You do have a pretty good amount of space. Besides, you have about 38 inches of legroom, much more than what you get on a crossover. 
If you are 5 ft 7, you can easily sit down and be in full comfort. But too bad you don’t have an LED light.
As expected, there are two USB ports and side cup holders in a hard-touch material. 
We know, with large storage space, a minivan is the best choice when you have to bring people and goods or both together because SUVs don’t offer much space.

Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid Engine and Horsepower

Under the hood, you only have one engine choice. 
Sadly, the V6 engine is no longer here. Previously, it made the Sienna one of the most potent minivans in the class with almost 300 hp.
Now it’s replaced with the powertrain that’s in the Highlander hybrid. A 2.5 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder that runs on the Atkinson cycle as Toyota Sienna specs.
It’s based on a dynamic force engine. 
The engine makes 186 horsepower, which is not a lot of power, considering this van weighs over 4,600 pounds.
Two electric motors augment it, but you get three if you choose the AWD system. 
In case you factor in the electric motors, you’ll get a combined output of 245 hp, which is OK. 
After all, the older Sienna model did have almost 50 hp more than the current model. But, Toyota provides the best answer for this.

MPG Toyota Sienna

The improvement is in the gas mileage Toyota Sienna (mpg) as the most fuel-efficient hybrid minivan. 
It’s the only minivan today with an AWD and the electrified option.
Indeed, the Pacifica offers AWD. However, it cannot be available with a plug-in hybrid because you can only choose the gas powertrain option.
Fuel savings for the FWD model are rated at 36 mpg (city), 36 mpg (road), and 35 mpg combined. 
When you go to AWD, the combined rating only drops to 35. So, the fuel consumption rating is still excellent.
It is all mated with an eCVT.
Toyota has maintained the towing capacity at around 3,500 pounds and weighs approximately 4,600 pounds.
However, AWD also adds 100 pounds in weight. 
So the latest Sienna is heavier. 
We know SUVs are trendy now. But we were also excited when we saw many new minivans being introduced.
In our opinion, minivans are still the best way to transport people and all their stuff. 
Imagine, people have been waiting for the Sienna for ten years since Toyota redesigned it. As we know, the Odyssey and the Pacific have always been at the top.

Drive The 2021 Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid

Our first impressions of Sienna 2021 have been quite positive and extraordinary.
Toyota did move this vehicle to the TNGA architecture. As such, the platform is much stiffer but relatively sportier than before. 
The independent rear suspension is quite good, and indeed the Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid has never used it before. 
Also, Toyota continues to improve the quality of driving and vehicle handling. In total, a minivan is a vehicle not made to focus on excellent driving dynamics. 
However, the fact is that the new Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid is driving incredibly well despite the noticeably firmer ride quality due to the 20-inch wheels and suspension adjustments. 
So, the Limited or Platinum trim is the right choice if you want a softer ride quality.
Since the V6 engine is now gone, technically, the Toyota Sienna has less power by a perfect margin.
The previous Sienna was one of the most potent minivans. 
Still, the latest model is one of the most fuel-efficient minivans you can buy today. 
With 245 hp on top, you’ll get a similar performance. It has that typical that you expect with a CVT and the hybridized powertrain.
Toyota Sienna is very responsive, but it feels slower than before. 
We think now this is one of the slowest accelerating minivans in the class. 
We know, even if using numbers, it feels slower.
However, the new Sienna feels more responsive. Before, you didn’t have the electric motors that helped it.
When your feet hit the floor, you notice that Sienna is much quicker to get out of the line.
However, we appreciate the Toyota is not doing some kind of fake shifting with the CVT.  
The brakes are a bit hybridized, a little like regen braking but good enough.
The driving dynamics have not changed, but you’ll hear the new CVT sound.
It’s relatively not as fast in terms of numbers. 
But in terms of nuance, it doesn’t disappoint at all.
The performance feels adequate and pretty responsive.
However, if you’re going to be carrying heavy loads in this car all the time, you might be missing the six-cylinder.  
So, we wish Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid would consider putting in the RAV4 primes powertrain in this car. It would do wonders. 
We mean, they already offer Toyota Sienna All wheel drive and it makes sense that Toyota could make it a plug-in hybrid.
We would love to see this van have over 300 horsepower from that powertrain. 
Remember, this is a heavy van. It weighs 4,700 pounds, about 800 or 500 pounds more than a Rav4 prime.
You do notice; it is slightly slower.
But we understand why Toyota went with the hybrid route. 
This van got 29, just under 30, 10 mpg better than the previous generation in the actual test.
You got a lovely driving van, and honestly, we think we prefer Toyota Sienna over the Odyssey.
The Toyota Sienna is the only AWD minivan currently available. We think Toyota is already doing a fantastic job with their awesome new Sienna. 
You’ll be impressed, and Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 is the standard when it comes to advanced driver-assist technology.
Blind-spot monitoring is an option.
You get an excellent cross-traffic alert, auto emergency braking, and fantastic adaptive cruise control with low spin. 
Besides, the Sienna 2021 is one of the safest cars. 
Now you have all the tech and convenience features. It’s a good idea to ask them to consider the price of the new Sienna.

Toyota Sienna Price 2021

The starting price is slightly higher.
Toyota Sienna’s cost in the dealership is just starting to be around $ 2,700 higher and just under $ 35,000. So, this minivan is a bit more expensive than most of the competitors out there.
We think that with its hybrid powertrain, fuel economy, and all the technology adequately upgraded, the Toyota Sienna XSE is the right choice for you. 
It starts at around $42,0000 with the plus package. If you go for a couple of options, the estimate is about $45,000. 
So, for the price of Toyota Sienna Platinum, which is full of all the items mentioned, it costs more than $ 50,000, more expensive than the latest Odyssey Elite.

Conclusion of Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid

We know everybody in America wants a crossover SUV. But, you cannot deny just how practical a minivan is. 
The Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid is one of the current trend vehicles. Although we have to admit this isn’t faster than the past generation. 
But we don’t think it matters for a minivan as long as you have enough power to drive the vehicle.
It feels responsive, and the new system suspension has improved.
The ride quality, handling, and interior are more technology-focused.
Not only that, but you can also bring home the Toyota Sienna 2021 with more premium touches that are not available at Honda. 
Although you can get it at Chrysler, we are sure you will pay a little more.
The Sienna XSE grade looks excellent, but we think Toyota is trying too hard for it, particularly from a rear angle.
However, what makes the Sienna so appealing is that it will have that reputation for reliability and build quality.
So, suppose you are looking for an all-wheel-drive electrified minivan. In that case, the 2021 Toyota Sienna is the only one that you can get today.
That’s our comprehensive review of the incredible Toyota Sienna XSE Hybrid 2021.
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