2021 Toyota Sienna Limited is Versatile with Extraordinary Technology

With the all-new 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited trim, the car manufacturer tries to make its minivans impress again. 

But what exactly happened to Sienna’s new fourth-generation? Let’s talk about that. 

So Toyota wanted to do something that seems complicated to do right now: to make their minivan look cool. 

The new fourth-generation Sienna sits on a global architecture platform (TNGA), which means it has a little extra width. 



They’ve worked inside for body lines and fender flares, so it doesn’t look like a running refrigerator. 

But we tell you now that the only thing you want is to bring this Toyota minivan because of space’s versatility in the compartments and the incredible technology.

The new Toyota Sienna has many different trims you can start with Limited. You can go all out to get the Platinum trim, but Sienna’s new XSE is an actual sporty minivan.

The first time Sienna had 20 inch wheels, it also brought many classes, luxury, and features. So let’s find out if this new Toyota Sienna is the minivan that makes the SUVs obsolete!

Toyota Sienna Body Design

Some exciting news is that all Siena are hybrid, and the only thing you need to choose is whether you want a front-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive. 



Toyota designers were inspired by the Japanese bullet train and brought that style into the Sienna. They want to make the 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited look purposeful, pleasant, spacious, and sleek.

In front, you have an all-new headlight design. You will love the shape. Even the way Toyota cuts a little so that the front fascia can fit nicely into the headlight housing.

You do have LED headlights and daytime running lights. Silver aluminum trim is not meant to look cheap but to add extra style. 

You might come across some design elements that mimic Lexus, considering it’s a premium Toyota brand, and it’s crazy to see so many crossovers going on.

Sienna’s sharp body lines are excellent, and there are LED fog lights and more brushed aluminum.




Even the front splitter extends out, and you see the bullet train style. Of course, you have blue, and you know it’s the first-ever hybrid at the Toyota Sienna.

The bodywork folds down nicely. The horizontal slot function over the slightly blocked area helps to develop aerodynamic flow better. 

The functional vents at the bottom and how far the lower lip extend out to give it a nice, purposeful look. It’s not just a flat slab like a boring wall. 

The hood blends nicely with a very simple front fascia. The body line curved slightly upwards and towards the A-pillar. But all, of course, have the flow to get it down to the side.


Around the bend of the Limited trim, you’ll get some bling-styled wheels, so those are hand-polished aluminum wheels. 

You get the split-spoke design of 235 18-inch wheels on the fat, wide sidewalls of the 60 series to give a smooth and enjoyable ride. 



You can see the beautiful lines that go into the fenders. There’s no flat black, and the way Toyota slides the body lines from the hood into the fenders and then disappears is pretty impressive. 

The super clean color matches the sleek mirror caps, and the trim on the LED turn signal is a little flat black. 

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There are attractive designs, such as a small vortex generator for cleaning airflow on the vehicle’s side. 

At the bottom, the 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited has a hybrid badge on it. 

The side sill extensions are looking good. It does not just gloss black. But it’s metallic that almost looks like a bass fishing boat with a nifty slight shimmer along the bottom of Sienna. 

A little chrome on the Limited trim blends well with the wheels and a flat black along the bottom. 

The shape of the small boomerang looks excellent with brushed aluminum. It goes back and then wraps around the rear quarter glass. 

The roof rails’ design is smart enough to start almost in the middle and looks more prominent. 

Toyota makes the Sienna minivan look cool and aerodynamic. Part in the form of the flared-out fender on global architecture can be your favorite.




The fender flare-outs and nice flow to the rear of the minivan look good and blend. 

In the rear light housing design, you get a piece that extends so that the rest of the body falls, and then the bodywork fits inside. 




The 2021 Toyota Sienna is a beautiful minivan. You have a low roof spoiler color that matches the shark’s fin antenna.

But you probably want at least on the Limited trim they’ll take the wiper and put it underneath. 

You also have an excellent digital rearview camera; they put it high to get a clear view.

You get the gorgeous Sienna badge from the nice-looking taillights, the Limited badge, a gloss black hybrid. 

The exhaust is nicely tucked into the passenger side and a bit of brushed aluminum silver to bind all over. We think you’ll love Sienna’s badge placement, which looks reasonable.

2021 Toyota Sienna Limited Engine

Let’s talk about the fuel-efficient MPG in the Sienna hybrid. You get a support rod under the hood, but the good news is that it all points towards the passenger side. 

A low engine position in the frame will help the center of gravity. But what you see is a hybrid across-board setup. 

You have a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter inline-four mated to two electric motors. 

So you get a combined 243 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, 0-60 acceleration in about 7.7 s, and a top speed of 116 mph. 

The battery used is an old-style nickel-metal hydride. 

Sienna weighs about 4,821 pounds it has a CVT transmission. But it has sequential features for shifting and regenerative braking. Sienna’s towing capacity is up to 3,500 pounds.

You will be the biggest winner with 35 in the city and 36 on your fuel consumption on the highway.

When we say 35 mpg in town, the last 3rd generation Sienna 2020 got 19 miles/gal. So you can see the ultimate fuel economy with this hybrid setup.

Toyota Sienna Price

Are you looking for a family SUV? We’re here to tell you that Toyota has done some great designs. 

If you are wondering what the MSRP for the Toyota Sienna 2021 is, then let us break it down for you as follows:

  • LE: $34,460
  • XLE: $39,750
  • XSE: $42,000
  • Limited:  $46,700
  • Platinum: $49,900 

Let’s see what you get for the money!

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2021 Toyota Sienna Limited Interior


You get a charming two-tone material with a cream color on top of a soft touch on the door panels.

A little light beige color is also on the armrest, soft, but there is no gloss black.

The Sienna dashboard also has soft-touch materials. The new infotainment system has a nine-inch screen.




So, you have Apple Carplay navigation, Amazon Alexa, and all the good stuff on the Limited screen trim. 

You get all the different settings so you can control the climate. All very quickly go to the various options, and you can sync them all.

You have dual climate control, heated seats, ventilated seats, a wireless charging pad on the shelf, plus a USB.

A nice gear lever will control CVT transmission, and the good news is you have a shifter. 

It cool to have a shifter and the position of it is perfect.

But the two cup holders one kind of odd shape. 

You do have drive modes, which are excellent too.

We think you’ll like Limited trim because it almost looks like the deck of a sailboat. 

Also, you got a 12 volt which and more of beautiful wood finish which is nice. 

Inside, everything’s soft-touch without captain chairs.

What Toyota did was they built the armrest into the center console, and it’s a fat size for fat arms, so it’s nice and wide. 

When you open the armrest, you got two USBs. 

The seats tasteful perforated soft. Full electric assist for the passenger and the driver. 

Upfront, you have a sunroof, which is a great size but no panoramic.

You have all the switchgear and a digital rearview mirror with a nice clear view from when you’re navigating.

Also, if you are about 6 feet tall, you still have a vast space.



Behind The Wheel

You do have a leather-wrapped steering wheel and the all-new Toyota Sienna. 

Besides, the two memory seat settings are excellent. You’ll love the finishes everywhere you look and touch. 

How to get to buttons and switchgear are comfortable as well.

You have your switchgear for your power seat to everything nice and comfy.



The new shaped steering wheel looks fantastic, and you’ll love the perforated leather on the side. 

The great thing about Toyota steering wheels is that all the buttons are laid out precisely the same no matter what Toyota you get into so that you’re familiar right away.

On the dash, you got a seven-inch display in the center and an analog display gauge on the left that shows you power, eco, charge, and coolant. 

On the right, you have your speedometer and fuel gauge. 

You could toggle through a cornucopia of different information in the center display, which is excellent. 

So easy to navigate whatever functions you want to show on your Sienna. 

Second row

In the cabin area for passengers, you’re going to have power sliding doors.

What we love about minivans compared to SUVs is the low floor. 

So you’re just going to walk right in the back of the seats. 

The leather comes all the way around, and you have large pockets.



Besides, a little command center is excellent.

You have two cup holders and passenger compartments. 

You got a vacuum cleaner, two USBs, a USB-c, and a home power source. 

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The backseats are comfortable; they recline, which is excellent. 

But the seats are not removable like the previous generation.

Up top, you have AC controls with the vents.

Third Row

The third row is where the minivan shows its muscles.  The seat kind of folds up, and you have a nice low landing climb on in. 

You do have tons of space, which is excellent. 

You got AC vents, cup holders, USB, a USB-C, plus seats recline as well. 

In other words, you get maximum use out of a minivan.

Cargo Area of 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited

In the cargo area, you can see how deep the floor is. 

You have a rear power source to allow the flexibility of  Sienna, all redesigned for 2021. 

You’ll love the area over where you have your vacuum hose attachment. 

Putting the seats down is relatively easy, and you have lots of lovely and flat rooms.

The bad news is it’s a little bit less space. So you’re getting about 100 cubic ft of space with seats down and whatnot. 

However, it’s still a lot of room compared to an SUV. 

Drive the 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited

You have excellent visibility out of the front windshield.  

The key fob is hybrid-specific, with the blue on the bottom with all the buttons to open up the slot on the side doors and the rear hatch.

It’s interesting because you do not think you have a CVT. 

Also, the transition from hybrid power to the internal combustion engine is very smooth. 

You’ll like the way the door panels where you rest your arm on the lower side. 

The side mirrors work great, and the infotainment system has a great size. However, it may not be everybody’s favorite on how it’s placed. 

Overall, it’s effortless to understand to make life great for you as you’re driving with your Sienna. 

You do have full EV and other different driving modes.


So you have Sport, ECO and Normal mode. It depends on how you want the driving experience while driving your 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited. 

The multi-link rear suspension gives you a superior ride quality.

Also, soft-touch material feels good. It’s easy to access, especially for the bridge section underneath the center console, an intelligent design.

For sure, that’s something you’re not going to find in just any minivan. 

The sport mode throttle is fantastic so that you will win any drag races in this minivan. But we know that’s not the purpose of this vehicle.

36 mpg in the city is that’s where you’re going to be the winner. You know, when everybody else is pulling over to refuel, you’re going to keep on trucking to get to your destination faster. 

If you’ve been cramped even in your larger SUVs, that will never happen inside Sienna. Your family is going to be super happy with the overall experience. 

Hopefully, the 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited review give you a nice overall feel of this excellent minivan.

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