Dodge Ram 1500 Temperature Gauge Goes Up and Down

Have you ever pulled over because you saw that the temperature gauge on your Dodge Ram 1500 showed a high number and made you worry about overheating? Finally, you stop driving for a moment to check it out.

Everything looks fine when you start the car there is no problem whatsoever. You continue driving, but soon the temperature changes from cold to hot again in just a matter of minutes.


The temperature gauge goes up and down as you drive. 

Is it because the thermostat or the car’s cooling system has gone wrong? If you experience a similar case on your Ram 1500, we will answer why this can happen.

Causes Of Fluctuation In Dodge Ram 1500 Temperature Gauge

The following are some of the factors that cause the temperature gauge on your Ram 1500 to become unstable.

Air Trapped In The Cooling System

If the car’s thermostat keeps going up and down, air may be trapped inside the cooling system. Some vehicles have difficulty removing air in the cooling system, which needs to be adequately filled. 
In this case, to remove air from the cooling system, you need to remove the cylinder block plug so that the coolant can flow out.

Head Gasket Problem

Trapped air in the cooling system can occur due to engine head gasket problems as well. Combustion gases can also sometimes enter a car’s cooling system. There could be a leak in the head gasket. 
Therefore, you can ask for an expert mechanic’s help to check for these leaks during cooling and the car system pressure.

Temperature Sensor Has Bad Connection

When the Dodge Ram thermostat goes up and down, another possible cause is a connection problem between the temperature sensor and the display or gauge placed in your car. 
You can check the connecting cable, is it installed properly? If not, the temperature value data you get is not accurate. So, take the car to a mechanic and make sure that the connecting cable is working correctly.

Insufficient Coolant Level

If the car’s coolant level has dropped, air can fill in the empty parts and get trapped in it. 
As a result, the thermostat fluctuates rapidly. So, always check the coolant level at regular time intervals and make sure the volume is safe.

The Thermostat Is Not Suitable For Use

Always make sure your Dodge Ram 1500 thermostat is working correctly. Occasionally, the thermostat gets stuck at all closings or all opening positions. 
To check, try pressing the auto button for climate control. Pay attention, whether the cooling fan radiator turns on or not? If so, there may be some problems with the cluster temperature measurement. If that’s the case, this problem can be solved simply by replacing it.
That’s a review of why the temperature gauge on the Dodge Ram 1500 goes up and down. Hopefully, this information is helpful for you, and keep driving safely.

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