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2021 BMW X4 M is a Smaller and Sporty SUV With Impressive Performance


With the all-new 2021 BMW X4 M, the company wants to bring more performance to you. They promise that they will add an actual M designation to each of their models. 


As time goes by, this is the first time the X4 M has been introduced, which means that you’ll get extra performance and style. 

You will also have BMW’s outstanding racing and engineering heritage.

With the industry being all about SUVs, the X4 has gotten a little weird over the years because it’s not just a size SUV. It’s more of a sporty crossover SUV. 


But now that it has an honorable M designation, it doesn’t just have the look of a sporty coupe SUV. Now it also has performance figures to back it up. 

So let’s dive into the 2021 X4M and see if it is the best performing SUV!

BMW X4 M Exterior

So what about the exterior design of the new BMW X4 M? Let’s have a look together.

Front Exterior

The styling truly takes on a beautiful BMW recognizable shape. You will get full led headlights, daytime running lights, and turn signal lights. 


You will notice that the lamp’s traditional halo element has kept up with changes through 2020 over the years. 

But what’s nice to keep the tradition is it’s a little dark on the inside and a bit shiny on the top. But overall, in our opinion, it fits perfectly into the front of the X4M. 

Since you choose M, you will get a completely different front fascia. All corners on both sides are fully functional ventilated. You can see the cooler behind deep in a hint of gloss black. 


You will love the hexagonal styling and even the way BMW works on the front fascia. We like how they aren’t affixed with a lot of front lip spoilers or splitters. 

Everything is built-in, so they expand this section; this will give you a downforce and help ventilate the corner vents. 

Now, when you find the iconic kidney-shaped grill, the good news is on the X4, they still haven’t made it more prominent. 

We are sure that this grille will get the entire front fascia’s size after going down the road. But for now, you can still see the iconic design of the kidney shape. 


You have a vertical gloss black with a hint of chrome trim. We’ve always loved how the hood closes; it was so well shaped the first time the BMW X4 M was used.

So when you look at that M designation, that’s what performance is. With all the open functions, you’ll have a large intercooler behind the open-flowing grill, all gloss black. 

We like how the lower lip extends out, and then you have the same stylish grille at both corners. It shows off the aggressive look and functionality of the original M vehicle.  

On the hood of the car, you have a beautiful BMW badge. 

Then you have an excellent design that prints lightly onto the hood and flows right into the A-pillar, a great German-style that’s very clean but purposeful.

Side Exterior

Around the X4M bend, you’ll get gorgeous dark gray metallic machined aluminum-alloy wheels. 21-inch wheels with large blue calipers to squeeze down rotors that are fully ventilated and cross-drilled.


Remember, it’s not just about adding horsepower but also adding braking capability. You will notice that it is wrapped in continental SportContact 6 tires. 


These are great daily tires and great autocross tires for track days or your favorite back twisty road. Under each of these fenders will be an adjustable suspension. 

You do have a different driving mode with this M car, like the BMW M3 or M4. We like the wheel design with this X4 finish. 


But when you add the M badge, it adds to the style. 

The separate little pieces of fender trim and how they’re all painted give a great look, and when you get to the side vents, you have the X4M’s traditional-looking side vents. It’s functional, suitable for a superior design, not too big or too small. 

A nice color fits nicely on the mirror cap. BMW has some of the awesome mirrors we’ve seen on fully functional vehicles, almost looking like a race car. 

Gloss black around the top, bottom, and center is perfect. 

You have glossy black, very low roof rails, and you have a panoramic sunroof color that matches the size of the mirror cap. 

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Then, below, you’ll get a nice side sill extension like a flare when you get to the back.

The tire outback is 265, actually a bit more meat than in the front, which speeds up the steering slightly. 

But you still get rotors that are cross-drilled and ventilated with slightly smaller calipers. 

Most of the weight goes forward. That’s why you want heavier-duty calipers upfront and more pistons that stop power upfront.

Rear Exterior

From the rear, you can see the roof with a low slope. You have a slight roof spoiler coming out the back, and you get a decklid spoiler with a nice aggressive look. 


There’s a slight drop in the middle, and that’s what we like rather than just being flat. We love the style and attention that BMW does in the air tunnel, and you can see it by the design elements. 

You got your X4M badge. The whole rear fascia is going to be specific to the X4M. You’ll like the sharp lines the way it extends back quad-tip exhaust. Thanks, BMW; no vacuum cleaner is not like that. 


But you get fake vents. We think it better to leave it smooth. 

You do have the same traditional taillight style. A bit of right smoked out design, full LED, and cool turn signal lights. It’s a clean design on the back.

X4 M Engine

Under the hood, you’ll get a massive strut tower brace. We love the way BMW blends tastefulness into a great-looking engine cover. You get the M badge, silver trim with a script M power logo on the side.



You get a 3-liter twin-turbo inline-six, 473 horsepower, 442 lb-ft of torque. All are channeled to the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. 0 – 60 in four seconds. 

The X4M weighs about 4,590 pounds. But MPG is not very impressive, 14 in city 19 on the highway. 

The crazier bit of news is that if this performance isn’t enough, you can go to the X4M Competition, and if you go that route, 0-60 is faster than the BMW M3.

BMW X4 M Price

Being a smaller SUV, especially one of those coupe-style fastback designs and outstanding performance, the MSRP is $ 73,400.

2021 BMW X4 M Interior

Front Interior of X4 M

The door panels have a soft-touch material with the Harman Kardon sound system. 

They even put up the X logo very nicely in bright silver, with some carbon fiber motifs—very classy contrast stitching even on the door handles and the real soft touch on the armrest. 

You have a super-sized door pocket to put a couple of bottles of water in while you’re driving your X4M.  

On the dashboard, you get soft-touch material, contrasts stitching, and silver adds a nice design element. You have a 10.3-inch infotainment system touch screen with three different screens set up, straightforward to use. 


The reverse backup camera and the trajectory are perfect.  

We love the bright red start-stop button, sleek like all BMWs with radio controls—also, an air conditioner with just a simple controller that is easy to use. 

You have a ventilated seat, a heated seat with dual temperature controls. You’ll get a nice M badge reminding you that you had success this time around with a car purchase. 


Good leather seats and stitches. Too bad there’s no wireless charging for a $ 78,000 car, but you have a USB, two cupholders, and 12 volts.

But don’t worry, you get BMW’s iDrive control knobs and carbon fiber. The gear lever will control the eight speeds, and it looks classy with the red M badge trim. 


You have a knob to adjust the steering suspension, the engine controls all the good stuff, and that’s what will let you customize it to the performance you want from the X4M. 

A little gloss black, and the armrests are not very shabby, semi-soft. The contrast stitching is excellent, and also you have plenty of space and a USB port.

You get a tasteful key fob with the M logo on it. It’s adorable, not too big or too small; it’s like the goldilocks. 

The racing car seats and leather badging are excellent—very good stichs job with good bolstering, full power assistance for passengers and drivers. 

We also love the nice panoramic sunroof. Even people who are six feet tall still get plenty of headroom and shoulder room. It has a sportier feel than X3M or especially X5M.

Behind the Wheel of BMW X4 M

You have the beautiful M steering wheel. Also, two excellent memory seat settings.  The pedal setup and a big dead pedal with a superb aluminum brake and throttle are fantastic.


Down below, you will be greeted every time, X4M for motorsport. Yes, that’s what you want when you buy a BMW. The seat controls are easy to reach. 

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You can adjust the bolstering, and the lower lumbar is fine. Then, you get the racing-style steering wheel. BMW pulls off a great wheel with a lovely crisscross pattern.

You get an M badge and an M button that is entirely automatic. If you want full performance, select the Sport Plus mode across the board, as you have several different driving modes. 

Paddle shifts are up and down to control eight speeds; they are a little smaller.


The dashboard is beautiful because they place the physical bezel around the speedometer, tach, coolant, and fuel gauge. 


So that adds an extra touch of class. The graphics are beautiful. When you hit the throttle, it’s fantastic.

X4 M Backseats

Will passengers be squeezed into this sportier, smaller crossover SUV? Well, it turns out that in the X4 M, you have quite a large space behind. 

Even though you’re six feet tall with a low sloping roof, you still have plenty of headroom. You don’t need to move the driver’s seat to have enough legroom. 


Also, the passenger seat doesn’t need to be moved. It doesn’t need to be far back to have more space. You get a rear air conditioner with reasonable control, 12 volts, and a small rack for passenger comfort. 

Unfortunately, you lost the heated seat or ventilated seat in a $ 78,000 vehicle. But you do get a nice armrest and two cupholders. 

These armrests are quite comfortable, and the way BMW brings the design to the rear seats is also quite impressive.

Cargo Space of BMW X4 M

To open the cargo area, press the electric help button. It is well integrated into the BMW logo. Inside, on the right, you have 12 volts. 


If you want to put the seats down to increase the cargo area, use the handle. We think this is a smart design. So you don’t have to run to the passenger door. 


You will see the amount of space to store your stuff without a problem.

Performance and Specs of 2021 BMW X4 M

The work BMW does with the straight-six is incredible; it has a satisfactory record to it. As we said, it’s power down very efficiently. That’s what will give you a 0-60 speed in four seconds. 

The interior is everything very comfortable. The driving of the car is very smooth and good. Visibility at the rear is impressive, although the rear glass is very slanted. 

The side mirrors are efficient and have good aerodynamics with beautiful shapes and large. 


Also, all the controls in the interior make sense, especially with the AC controls.

We’re happy BMW didn’t incorporate all of their AC controls onto the screen. You have separate knobs and buttons, which make navigation easier. 

The steering wheel’s thickness is perfect, and the dashboard is so clear that you can easily understand it. 

Even at the extreme settings of Sport Plus mode, highway driving is very smooth.

We love how the X4 M produces an overall excellent driving experience. Steering weight and front visibility are great. 

Overall, what’s on the X4 M is impressive, especially when it comes to a surprisingly large amount of interior space for a smaller sports-style crossover SUV. 

It shows that when BMW said they were going to carry the M badging motorsport tradition to a different vehicle, they took it in a significant way. 

Another great news is that we can’t wait to do the X4 M Competition because it takes it to a whole new level. 

The 2021 X4M shows that you can have a smaller sporty SUV that leaves plenty of interior space. But when you use M, you get incredible performance.

2021   BMW X4 M SPECS
Length x Width x Height 187.5   in x 63.7 in x 75.9 in
Wheelbase 112.8   in
Engine Type 3.0-liter   Twin-Turbo Inline-6 Gas
Max Power 473   hp @ 5600 rpm
Max Torque 442   lb-ft @ 2600 rpm
Transmission 8-Speed   Automatic
Drive Other
Seats 5
Front Suspension Strut
Rear Suspension Multilink
Steering type Rack   Pinion
Turning radius 41.4   ft
Combined (mpg) 16
City (mpg) 14 
Highway (mpg) 19 
Fuel capacity 17.2   gal
Front Tires P245/45ZR20
Rear Tires P265/45ZR20
Front Wheel 20 in x 9 in
Rear Wheel 20 in x  10 in


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