2021 BMW M440i xDrive Coupe Has New Chassis and More Power

The all-new redesigned 2021 BMW M440i xDrive coupe all-wheel-drive is here. A moment back in time, it all started with the E21 as part of BMW history. BMW has been around for decades, and they already manufacture everything from cars to SUVs, even aircraft engines and motorbikes.

This is a famous big brand we absolutely love, especially if you are looking for luxury and outstanding performance. 
Now with the chassis of the G22, we have moved from the F to the letter G. 
We are looking at 4 Series BMW, which will be a little more specific than the 3 Series. 
So what BMW did is they actually strengthened the chassis a little more and ran a slightly different suspension setup to give more steering wheel feedback. 
But one thing for sure is that BMW wants to completely recreate the engine-driving experience on the M440i coupe. 
With these Series 4, you’re going to get that redesign, and that’s a talking point with tons of opinions. 
The front fascia, there’s a lot of debate going on whether BMW is heading in the right direction? 
So let’s find out, is this M440i luxury sports coupe the best driving machine for you!

Exterior of New BMW M440i Coupe

M440i xDrive Front Exterior

With a new style and sheet metal, let’s start with the headlight housings. 
So you get BMW’s fully intelligent LED headlights and daytime running lights to show how they still carry that halo trademark to the front of these new 4 Series. 
We really like the design of the headlights. The way they put everything in the interior looks so fresh, definitely 21st century, especially with what’s going on around the corner.


When you go down and see the new front fascia, you have a massive functional side air curtain. The good news is that on the M440i, all of that will serve to bring air to the cooler. 
That’s what we liked when we saw the M badge. Even though it is not an M4, but you will get better performance because it has a straight-six under the hood. 
We really like the way BMW maintains a design philosophy that integrates it all into the front fascia. No extra splitters or canards or anything like that. They all blend in really well.
On the grill front, there’s a lot to be debated due to the growing size since the E20. We would say that now they are not kidney-shaped, but the grille is more nostril-shaped. 
However, the longer you stare at this car, the more you will appreciate how it all blends well with the body lines. 
If you notice, the BMW emblem on the M440i is now on the front fascia, entirely separate from the hood. 
BMW has really retained the good original body design, tying it back to a different generation. But we still like the BMW logo, which is somewhat hidden in the front fascia.
At the bottom, you will have more functionality in openings. Some people look at it as a smiling face, but we think it works with a particular color. 


You have active shutters. That is why you will find all of it blocked when the car is idle. Everything will open up at speed and fully functional at the bottom.
But certainly, the new BMW Series 4 is more expansive, longer, and the wheelbase is slightly increased.
On the hood, you’ve got nice simple body lines. 
You’ll like it because it kind of has a nice little bend as it goes towards the a-pillar. While the other two are just kind of faded, it’s really a clean German design with body lines.

Side Exterior of M440i

Around the bend, you have standard 18-inch wheels at specific settings. They are the M brand, which is a nice touch. 
You’ll have 13.6-inch rotors and calipers in beautiful metallic blue with M branding on top. It looks great from behind the wheel with a clean and straightforward design.


If you want, there’s an optional 19-inch wheel that you will probably check the box to fill in that space a bit more. 
There is no ventilation in the fenders at all, and the side sill extensions look very clean. We love the LED turn signal built here, which fits nicely into the grille’s standard size.
You will find gloss black sunroof around the window treatments. We think the quarter windows really have a significant overall design. 
The way they pick up the trim and flare it from the back makes it super clean. 
They say that on this G22 chassis, due to its width and length, there is more room for a full-size adult in the back seats, but is that true? Find the answer in the rear seat interior review section!
You’ll love a nice curved beltline, and you also have xDrive, so you have all-wheel-drive that will put that power to the ground.

Rear Exterior of M440i xDrive

On the back, you’ll have a color-matching trunk lid spoiler and the beautiful flat gray M440i badge. 


Sadly, you get fake vents, but we like how it flares out and gives a very aggressive look. 
You have a unique styling to the BMW exhaust with a lovely tilt. So it doesn’t look like the exhaust tip of a standard vacuum cleaner. 


To this 2021 appearance, they put the spare camera really clean into the BMW logo. 
So much of the history of Bavarian motor work goes back to the years. 
The gloss black rear diffuser isn’t too crazy but balances out a bit.

BMW M440i Engine

Under the hood, you have a hydraulic stand underneath and a classy engine cover. We love the M performance, the BMW badge, and the BMW logo. 
The four M440i Series have more bracing than the 3 Series. The engine is a turbocharged 3-liter inline-six, 382 horsepower, and 369 foot-pounds of torque. 
All mated to the ZF’s eight-speed automatic transmission that hits the ground via the xDrive all-wheel-drive system. 
You get 0-60 in 4.3 s, quarter-mile in 12.3 seconds at 112 mph, a top speed of 155 mph. The M440i weighs 3,960 pounds. Its consumption is 22 in the city, 31 mpg on the highway. 
We think you’ll get a lower center of gravity and actually see a lot more in this BMW.4 Series. It has a very close resemblance, especially from the side profile to the mini 8 Series rather than the Series 3. 

2021 BMW M440i Price

If you really want a two-door sport luxury style coupe and ask how much is this particular one, you’re looking at MSRP right around $58,500. Let’s see what you get for your money.

BMW M440i xDrive Interior

Front Interior of M440i 2021

The door panels are quite attractive with two tones and beautiful silver work. The optional, reliable Harman Kardon sound system is spot on the money. 
The stitch work is beautiful, and the armrest design is excellent. Even the contrast stitching on the top of the door looks very clean. The door pocket is not too big. 
When you move from the door panels to the dashboard’s soft-touch material, you’ll admire the lovely texture they have. 


It’s not meant to look like carbon fiber, and you’d love to have some fresh new designs.
The silver is excellent, especially since it’s kind of wrapped around the AC vents.
The standard infotainment system is 8.8 inches but can get an optional 10.25-inch touchscreen with the excellent Apple Carplay. The way BMW integrates it well into the rest of the dashboard is perfect.
You can quickly enter various features to manage your vehicle. You can even enter different modes too. For example, the Sport mode will change the throttle like the transmission behavior with the engine.
You get the convenience and also have the great ECO Pro. The Sport plus mode really maximizes performance to show what this vehicle really is. 
The visibility from the backup camera is apparent. We love the track and all the sensory technology of the BMW M440i xDrive coupe to make sure you don’t bump your pretty car against another object.
You have a heated seat, but unfortunately, there are no ventilated seats. Nonetheless, you’ll love the sleek silver and trim on radio controls like those typically found in BMWs. 
The leather-like texture on the side is very clean. To support connectivity, you have a wireless, USB, and 12-volt charging pad. There are also two great cup holders.
A comfortable hand-held gear lever controls the ZF’s eight-speed automatic. You also have an iDrive control knob and a start-stop button. 
We’re glad BMW doesn’t do gloss black in this area, so fingerprints won’t get dirty. The BMW key fob looks good with the BMW logo and M color.
You have semi-soft material on the armrests and a large enough center storage. Inside you’ve got USB-C, which is nice and gives you some light.
The seats of the BMW M440i xDrive coupe are very classy with a good-sized stitching style on the bolster. You also get power assistance for passengers and drivers. 
As a complement, you have an excellent sunroof. You just press the button that shifts back. The sunroof is slightly bigger than the standard size, but all good with one touch.

Behind The Wheel of 2021 BMW M440i xDrive coupe

On the driver’s side, you have two excellent memory seat arrangements. The aluminum sill with the M badge looks good too. 
You will love the size of the dead brake pedals, the throttle is well-positioned, and you got a lot of room in the foot box.
You have a lower lumbar in the control seats, and you can actually adjust the bolstering, which is fine too. 
Like any BMW, you have a great steering wheel covered in very thick leather with beautiful stitching. You get the M logo. Of course, it’s a heated steering wheel. Even the horn button looks really classy.


You get a paddle on the back of the steering wheel for easy up and down of the ZF 8’s automatic speed.
The dashboard is clean, and the graphics are clearly sharp. There is nothing better when it comes to digital displays. 
You can also get all kinds of readings along with the tach and speedometer. You can go through many different settings that are perfect, and the head-up display is pretty good.

M440i Back Interior

What about the rear seats on the BMW M440i xDrive coupe? If you are 6 feet tall, you may want more space for your knees. But if you are shorter, then you will be fine. However, you have excellent rear AC and two good USB-Cs. 
You have the same fine leather material even on the tiny little pocket armrests. By the way, on the back of the seat, you do have plastic to store extra items. 
What a pleasant surprise! You can pull the seat back and leave more room for your knees. So the G22 chassis completely changes the back seat of the Series 4 BMW.

Cargo Space

To open the trunk of the All-new BMW M440i, push it just below the BMW logo. Maybe a little tight at the opening, but this is a coupe and not a sedan. 
You get 12 cubic feet of storage space. Of course, you can fold the seats, and you have the levers to do it. You have the perfect pockets on both sides to hold your emergency kit or bag.

Performance and Specs of BMW M440i xDrive coupe

With BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system in Sport mode, for the non-M transmission, the gearshift is very purposeful and actually built in steam quickly. 
Since this is not an M4, it will really surprise you. The visibility out of the back is fantastic. The side mirrors are large, and the outward visibility facing the hood is very clean.
You’ll love the interior layout of the new BMW M440i xDrive coupe, compared to the previous generation, especially regarding how much room you have on the front. 
The rear seats are phenomenal, and you will realize how ample space is by being the chassis of the G22. 
The steering has the same great feel. BMW reworked the braking system for the 4 Series, especially on the steering and suspension. 
So they really wanted it to have its own unique feel compared to the 3 Series.
You may want the paddles to be a little closer to the edge of the steering wheel. But they are very smooth when shifting. 
M440i coupe is not a real M car because the M4 will be present in 2021. 
But for now, having that powerful 382 horsepower, all-wheel-drive really feels balanced, especially on the new chassis of the 4 Series. 


To be sure, all of the cabin materials have been improved in the BMW M440i.
The feedback of modulation brakes is phenomenal. We think that compared to a few generations or two and it’s something a bit faded. 
But now BMW is bringing it back, and they are giving you incredible performance in these new Series.

It will be fun and fascinating to see what the M4 will be like. However, inside the cabin, it feels quiet, besides the seats are comfortable.

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We think you would like a little more bolstering, especially at the bottom. But it will come with the M4, so we think the settings are acceptable. 
The all-new BMW M440i xDrive 2021 has a slightly longer grille appearance. But you will be glad that BMW is still producing the gorgeous German luxury sports coupe with a lot of power. 
All-wheel-drive keeps you excited. However, if you want more horsepower, the M4 is coming soon.


2021   BMW M440i Specs
Body Coupe
Length   x Width x Height 188 in x 54.8   in x 72.9 in
Wheelbase 112.2   in
Weight 3977   lbs (curb)
Trunk 12   ft-cubic
Engine Type 3.0-liter   Turbo Inline-6 Hybrid
Max Power 382   hp @ 5800 rpm
Max Torque 369   lb-ft @ 1800 rpm
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic
Drive All-wheel-drive
Top speed 155   mph
Seats 4
0-60 4.3   s
Front Suspension Strut
Rear Suspension Multilink
Steering type Rack   Pinion
Turning diameter 39.4   feet
Combined mpg 25
City mpg 22
Highway Mpg 31
Fuel tank capacity 15.6   gal
Wheels Almunium
Front Wheel profile P225/45HR18
Front-wheel size 18 in x 7.5 in
Rear Wheel profile P225/45HR18
Rear-wheel size 18 in x 7.5 in

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