2020 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X has Impressive Usability of Mid-Size Truck

With the 2020 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, we have some talking points about this mid-size offroad pickup truck.

As you know, Nissan’s mid-range truck type has been around for a long time so let’s talk about what happened to this vehicle.



Nissan is in the process of reinventing itself. You can tell it’s almost a bit of a renaissance. 

They will be crossing their product lineup and promising that over the next 20 months will redesign or release ten new models. 

What’s interesting about the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X is that it’s the first time in a long time. We mean, we are talking about 2005, and there are some changes now. 

Of course, you would expect more significant changes when moving to the Nissan Frontier 2021 model year. 

However, there are still some things that are different with this Frontier compared to the others. 

Believe it or not, for the first time in Frontier history with Nissan, you get a standard automatic all over the power window board, power door lock, and start button. 

You might find it hard to believe in the 21st century, but yes, you get all those standards. You also still get a competent medium-sized truck. 

The new Nissan Frontier 4X still has some old-fashioned charm that we’d like to share with you. 

So let’s dive into this Frontier Pro 4X to find out what’s different. Also, find out if this is the perfect mid-size for your hard-earned money!

Nissan Frontier Pro-4X Design

Front Design

The style of the latest Frontier Pro 4X makes people feel like buying an old truck, but they can get a new and full warranty. For the most part, there are still some functional elements. 

You’ll like the upfront fenders that are flared out at the front. We think it’s still working, even in 2020. The way it extends and then curves up and down looks good. 

We’re saying the old-fashioned halogen headlamps that fit into the lamp housing aren’t that bad, especially if you compare it to Chevy Colorado, which is the same size, where the headlight housing is probably even more significant than the Nissan Frontier Pro.


You also have functional fog lights. On the Pro-4X, the ground clearance is more than 8.5 inches upfront, and the outback is more than 10 inches.

So this is one of the trims that you can compare to the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, or even the new GMC Canyon AT4; it’s a dedicated off-road truck that will stand up against it.

When you have plenty of ground clearance, you’ll have real skill plate protection under the transfer case, oil pan, and fuel tank.

You know, some other truck brands only put one upfront, and that’s it. They forget the rest of the running gear as you head towards the rear.

Nissan keeps you fully protected when driving. 

But in the middle section, here’s the part that dates the front of the truck. You want, at least in 2020, Nissan will change it a little. 

However, you still have the silver V-motion grille that doesn’t look like metal but looks more like plastic. Therefore, we think these are areas that Nissan will revamp in 2021.

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You have a prominent chrome Nissan badge. The flat black cross design and the way it all works is lovely.



You’ll find a massive opening that’s still very functional. But unfortunately, it has not been modified since 2005. 

If you are looking for a tow hook, you’ll find it underneath the front bumper.

But you have four-wheel drive and sit on specially tuned Bilstein dampers at all four corners.


Around the bend, you get some special touches. When you go with the Nissan Frontier Pro4X, you get unique 16-inch wheels, and you’ll only find them in this truck.

You get all-terrain tires with a 265/75R16 profile. 


You get a massive space between the top of the tires and inside the fenders because of the Bilstein dampers and increased ride height.

On the side, you’ll love the look of the fender flares. Upfront, you get nice matching color mirror caps.

We’re glad Nissan didn’t put a running board on this truck because on the Canyon AT4, GMC added it, and it just kills your ground clearance.

Nissan Frontier X4-Pro has a unique roof rack system. You get enormous thick rails with bars that increase the versatility of the truck.

Unfortunately, there are no color match door handles, which would be a nice touch. But this is Nissan Frontier Pro 4X crew cab setup.




You can see how the shape somewhat flares out the back, and the ladder frame chassis dates back to 2005.

On the tailgate, you’ve got an eye-catching Pro-4X and Frontier badge, nothing too flashy and clean, as we said, 10 inches of ground clearance at the tail.

But, no tow hooks! It would be nice to help tow someone’s vehicle when they are stuck.

The Nissan Frontier has an intricate rail system where you can make adjustments for strapping things down. 



All moved, so you unscrew and then slide wherever you want to put it and tighten the outback gear. You have a manual rear window sliding cab, so this is an excellent truck proportion.

2020 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X Towing Capacity and Engine

You don’t have the struts under the hood but rather a prop rod pointing towards the driver’s side. 

However, the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X has an all-new engine and transmission, the naturally aspirated 3.8-liter V6. 


This Frontier truck has 49 more horsepower than the outgoing 4 liters and 6,290 lbs of towing capacity. The V6 Pro-4X engine produces 310 hp with 281 lb-ft of torque mated to a new nine-speed automatic transmission. 

Its fuel consumption is 17 MPGs in the city and 23 MPGs on the highway. 

You do have a rear locking diff as well as a naturally aspirated flexible torque delivery. 

In comparison, the Ranger has about 270 horsepower, so the 2020 Frontier Pro-4X is more on par with Colorado with a V6 engine.

Nissan Frontier Pro-4X Price and Specs

So you like the new motor and transmission? If you are curious, the MSRP is $37,000. But let’s see what you get for the money.

2020   Nissan Frontier Pro 4X Specs
Body Truck
Length   x Width x Height 205.5 in x 72.8   in x 73.9 in
Wheelbase 125.9   in
Weight 4696   lbs (curb)
Engine Type 3.8-liter   V6 Gas
Max Power 310   hp @ 6400 rpm
Max Torque 281   lb-ft @ 4400 rpm
Transmission 9-Speed   Automatic
Drive Four-Wheel   Drive
Seats Five seater
Front Suspension Double   wishbone
Rear Suspension Leaf
Steering model      Rack-Pinion
Turning diameter 43.3   ft
Combined mpg 19
City mpg 17
Highway Mpg 23
Fuel tank 21.1 gallons (capacity)
Wheels Aluminum
Front Tires P265/75TR16
Front-wheel size 16 in x 7 in
Rear Tires P265/75TR16
Rear-wheel size 16 in x 7 in
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Interior of Nissan Frontier Pro-4X

Front area

In the door panels, you have all the hard materials. 
Nissan adds a bit of soft material at the top with white contrast stitching, semi-soft armrests, and the rest of the rigid door panels. 


You can tell if it’s like cheap hard plastic, or you know it will be easy to clean, especially if you’re off-roading. 


You have a USB, an aux jack, and 12 volts. We like how connectivity supports get closer to passengers to take advantage of it a little more easily.
The Rockford Fosgate system with a 5.5-inch screen is a bit outdated. But if you like older models, it might be okay. 


Moreover, there is no Apple Carplay and Android Auto navigation. You know, in this modern era, it has become a kind of necessity.
Reverse cameras do take up the full size. There are trajectory lines too, but unfortunately, it doesn’t turn with the steering wheel, so that’s a little disappointing.
You’ve got dual climate controls: a nice extra touch and lots of free space. You can use the small rotary knobs to drive two wheels, a heated seat, or a four-wheel drive. 
You can also turn off traction control and lock the rear diff.
Nissan has updated the area around the gear shift. It used to be precisely like the LED lights that were sticking through the hard plastic.


The gear shift lever controls the new nine-speed automatic transmission, and there are two big cup holders.
The key fob is still the same, and the size is decent. 
We would say that the older model e-brake is still good enough but feels hard.
You want Nissan to add at least softer rubber to the center console cover. Inside, you get a small tray and a 12-volt power source.
You’ll sit in all-leather upholstery with a nice Pro-4X embroidered headrest since they are quite comfortable, pleasant, and comprehensive.
Not only that, because you do have a standard size sunroof, which is excellent for enjoying your days with the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X.

Behind The Wheel

You do have some nice leather wrapping wheels on this Nissan Frontier, and the seat controls are easy to reach. 


But the design of the steering wheel is old. Although you’ll find the buttons easy to understand, and that’s good news.
The Nissan Frontier tilting steering wheel is comfortable enough but not telescoping. Simple gauges on a white background are easy to read and understand. 
We love the easy layout, but it looks like the 2005’s. Nonetheless, this truck is ready to be redesigned. Besides that, there is a lot of space behind the wheel that you will like.


Do passengers get enough space at the Nissan Frontier? If you compare it with some other medium trucks, the rear seat space is relatively the same.


You can lift the bottom of the rear seat to get a nice little storage space.
Behind the front seats, you will see loose pockets. You can keep some car magazines or automotive books there. 
Even though you have a cup holder with a nice touch, there is no connectivity support for passengers. 
The back glass can slide easily to open or close. Even the rear seat’s armrest is very comfortable because it does not exist in the other trucks.

Drive the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X

What makes the Nissan Frontier Pro 4X so great is that it has Bilstein silencers with extra ride height. 
Apart from that, you have underbody protection, which will allow you to be confident and not worry about whether you run too much when you are off-roading.
You know, other trucks have skip plates, but that may not be full protection.
The travel suspension on the Nissan Frontier works well. What you will like is very simple to back into two-wheel drive.
Just push and twist, then you can go from 4 high to 4 low then back into two-wheel drive. Unlocking the rear diff is also very easy, just by pressing a button.
We think the cool thing about the Pro-4X and Frontier, in general, is that it still drives like a truck.
Honestly, the new Ranger is like a crossover SUV, smooth and comfortable. The Pro-4X makes the truck feel, and you’ll love it because it’s great to have such a unique operation.
Indeed you can feel the extra horsepower. It doesn’t matter with that person driving on forest or asphalt. The shifts of the nine-speed transmission are incredibly smooth.
It’s great to have a combination of extra horsepower and extra gears in the gearbox to allow for the new engine’s flexibility.
You have the full benefit of the completely new setup in the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X.
Off-road tires are less noisy, and they are great. You have dual climate control, which is a nice plus. 
There are power seats available for both the passenger and the driver.


We know it might not seem like a big deal, but we think it’s one that stands out the most in the mid-size truck segment.
As a medium-sized off-road pickup truck, the 2020 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X features an entirely new design. When you compare it to the Tacoma TRD Pro or Colorado ZR2, you get a lot more for the money than other off-road trucks. On top of that, you get an excellent truck’s usability and appearance.

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