2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Oil Type

Today I’ll give you information about the 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Oil Type.

Engine Oil Type For 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee With 3.7L, 4.7L, and 5.7L

If you have a Jeep Cherokee with a 3.7L or 4.7L engine, the recommended oil type is the SAE 5W-30 viscosity. As for the 5.7L engine, you must use the SAE 5W-20. Both types of oil viscosity will help fuel efficiency and start at low temperatures. 

Not only that, but the automaker also recommends that every engine oil you use must be certified by API and again meet the requirements of MS-6395 (Daimler Chrysler Material Standard) like MOPAR or any equivalent oils. As a result, this will guarantee the most reliable performance at any temperature and also supreme protection for your Grand Cherokee engine.




One of the easiest ways to determine which type of oil is under engine specifications is to look at the oil filler cap. You will see the kind of viscosity oil recommended for you to use in your car. If you have trouble finding where the oil filler cap is, then you can always use the owner manual as a guide.

Please remember never to use uncertified or unbranded oil (without SAE grade) as there is a risk of causing severe damage to the engine. 

Also, always use SAE 5W-20 oil for a 5.7L engine. If you use any other type, it can cause problems in MDS (Multiple Displacement System).

Engine Oil Change Interval

Determining the engine oil change interval depends on your driving habits and the road conditions you are traveling on.

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For simplicity, consider the following points:

  • Are you driving in the desert or offroad?
  • Do you often drive in stop-and-go traffic?
  • Does the vehicle operate at night or day with outside temperatures below 32 ° F (0 ° C)?
  • Is your engine idling extremely?
  • Are you driving through dusty roads?
  • Are you driving less than 16.2 km (10 miles short trips)?
  • You drive at hot 90 ° F (32 ° C) at high speed, and these conditions cover 50 percent of your driving hours?
  • Are you using your vehicle to tow the trailer?
  • Do you use your vehicle for delivery service, taxis, or anything else?
  • Is it operated on E-85 fuel?

If you use your 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee with any of these conditions, you will need to change the engine oil every three months or after traveling 5000 km (3000 miles). 

But if you are driving without one of the conditions above, you will need to change it every six months or after reaching 10,000 km (6000 miles). So, this is also the maximum mileage and usage time limit for an engine oil change in any situation.

How to Check Oil Level

You must always ensure that the engine oil level is correct by checking it regularly. 

Check the engine oil level before the engine is started after letting it sit overnight or five minutes after you turn off the engine, which is thoroughly warmed up. Also, to improve the accuracy of level readings, always check the oil when your car is on the ground level. The SAFE level range is a good point to maintain.

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How much oil do you need?

You need to add at least 0.95 liters or 1 U.S Quart when you find the oil level is below the SAFE range. 

The amount of added volume will increase its level over the SAFE range. 

Be careful because engine damage can occur due to oil pressure or aeration loss when the crankcase is underfilling or overfilling.

Also, never use any additives other than leak detection dyes as they will cause a significant reduction in engine oil performance.

Oil Filter

When you change engine oil, you also have to change the filter. There are many types of disposable replacement oil filters on the market. For this, you can choose a high-quality full-flow type such as Mopar engine oil filters to ensure you get service efficiency.

Finally, don’t throw oil waste carelessly because it can pollute the environment and ecosystem. You can consult with related parties such as government agents or authorized dealers for a place to dispose of used oil in your area.

Thus our explanation of the 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine oil type. Hopefully, this information can provide many benefits for you.

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