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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Car Cover

Maybe you are wondering, is the car cover worth buying? If you want better car protection, then the answer is yes. The car cover will help secure valuable assets while making the vehicle always look fresh as if it just came out of the dealer.

The small parking area in the house or apartment makes you put your favorite car in an outdoor parking lot if you are aware. You know, your beautiful vehicle will be exposed to direct sunlight or rain. Therefore, you need a vehicle cover to cover and protect every inch of the car.

A car is protected by a car cover in snowy weather.

Usually, waterproof materials are used to make car covers. There are 2 different layers of the car shell, namely the outside and the inside.
Keeping your car protected with a vehicle cover could really:

  • Prevent scratches, dents, or other damage to the car body
  • Protection from natural hazards or criminal acts such as car theft
  • Car paint protection from extreme weather

Natural Hazard Guide

It seems that trees, birds, and dust are relatively harmless, but they can cause significant damage to your valuable vehicle without a car cover. And before they drop sticky dirt on the car, our nice-haired friend does have the desired goal.
So before they splash into the paint, the car’s protective covers cover the bird droppings. Plus, the acidity level doesn’t damage the outer covering of the vehicle.
A shady spot under a tree might look like a pleasant place to park your vehicle. But nuts, fruit, latex, pollen, not to mention birds perching, parked under trees can cause damage to your car.
Car covers can help keep your vehicle fresh, even in the sun. Or, if you park under a tree, a car cover can shield your wheels from crime.
Your vehicle’s color depth is just about 0.006 inches. When dust adheres to your paint, it could become abrasive and inflict minor scratches. When you realize it, it’s late already. To keep dust off the surface of your car, either indoor and exterior covers are made.

Protection From Car Theft

A car cover will do a fantastic job of stopping car theft, even if it only looks like cheesecloth. Thieves often pass closed vehicles, which take more time to reach, so time is significant not to get caught.
And, if you attach keys and cables to your vehicle cover, you will not only be able to keep it safe, but the car will also be much harder to steal.

Destructive Weather

You don’t have to be a climatologist to realize that your car can do a lot in an unstable environment. The annual spring bath does not pose a particular danger to vehicles.
However, acid rain can enter through minor scratches or defects and initiate corrosion.
A waterproof car cover will keep the car high and dry. You can expose your paint’s natural color to harsh UV (ultraviolet) rays and the extreme solar heat.
A car cover for your vehicle like sunscreen absorbs UV rays and avoids photodegradation. The cooling effect is created by the lighter colored car cover.
It’s not the cold that reaches the surface of the vehicle but water vapor and salt. The second corrosive group plans to destroy the color. Fortunately, these two antagonistic characters can be kept away from the car with a car cover.

Dents and Scratches

Once you notice the first crack, scratch, or stain on your new car, you feel many emotions. Sadly, that is a fact in nature, and there is no responsive armor protecting the vehicle, which would prevent that.

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However, having car covers provides a defensive sheet to secure stolen shopping bags, vehicle doors that are absentminded, or even other hits.

The Benefits of Custom Car Covers

Car cover that can be adjusted directly to the part of the vehicle, as you wish. No specific details are overlooked. The adjustable car cover accepts every car curve and has a mirror pocket stitched with the antenna grommet holes.

However, a loose, low-quality universal car cover spoils the final product. It will slide and sweep the paint and allow the harsh elements to reach any space and negate its function.

Specially customized car covers are the most acceptable to cover and protect the vehicle very well.

We advise that you examine a few things before you choose which cover is ideal for your car, such as:

  • Where do you park, or how often your vehicle is used?
  • Region’s weather
  • Colors and storage requirements
You should choose a lightweight exterior car cover that is comfortable to use and easy to fold when you park your car outside and are closed frequently. 
If there is a lot of park with children at play or intense pedestrian activity, a thicker, more massive car outer cover can have the most robust protection. 
A thin indoor car cover is suitable if you park your car and regularly close and open it. In long term storage, choose a more comprehensive indoor car cover to cover your antique car. A very soft cover for an indoor car is perfect for keeping the vehicle safe.

Weather in the Area 

The selection of an excellent and appropriate automotive cover for a car is also primarily determined by the surrounding climate. To cope with several adverse weather conditions, various materials have been produced.

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For parts of the world with high rainfall, they will need an outdoor car cover that is highly waterproof.

Meanwhile, coastal areas along the Atlantic Ocean, or the Pacific and the Gulf, will need protection from salt air.

Car covers with extra UV protection, photodegradation, and reflective properties, make the most sense for use in the world’s brightest zones, such as deserts.

Tips on the right color cover for your vehicle and storage needs

Car covers are offered in various colors. But it is not based on personal choice to choose the best color because each color has its own purpose.

Well, to help with your decision, here are a few tips and points of comparison for you to consider:

  • Shinier colored fabrics are suitable for outdoor storage, especially if you live in a brighter environment.
  • Lighter colored fabrics are better suited for cars with similar paint characteristics. In such conditions, bright colors can be checked.
  • Bright colors will give the vehicle a more substantial character or reflect the results if you are looking for style.
    The acid in rainwater can erode the paint on your car and slowly damage it. So, you can wash your car whenever your vehicle is exposed to rain. After that, you can also use a custom car cover to protect the vehicle from scratches that can appear at any time. 

    Anyone who has difficulty parking, for instance, causes their vehicle to crash and damage the body. Don’t want to scratch your car? So, even if you park it in the room, you should still use a car cover. Don’t forget, open the cover regularly if you rarely use the car and keep the back covered. 

    Moisture will increase with the use of car covers for a long time. Also, mold will grow on the car paint if allowed to continue causing the car color to fade and the body rust.
    So that’s a complete guide to buying a car cover. Hopefully, what we explain can provide many benefits for you.


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