Suburban Chevrolet Bolt EV Ann Arbor For Sale (2020 Model review)

Looking for Suburban Chevrolet Bolt EV Ann Arbor, Michigan, for sale? Well, we will guide you in this review before you decide to buy it.
So now, we discuss the new 2020 Chevrolet Bolt Premier trim. If you’re in the market for an EV, this is the best bang for your money and the most versatile electric vehicle.


Before we get to the Bolt, you may remember Chevrolet’s first electric vehicles named the EV1. Since then, things have clearly changed. More competition, especially with the specialist of each vehicle known as Tesla.
Currently, Chevy really deserves attention. They feature what is known as the Volt, a four-door EV car. However, what’s great about the Volt is that you have a gas-powered generator if you’re in prolonged stress. So, if you are in the middle of nowhere, this car can still take you to a destination where you can charge. Now, the Volt is out of production, and the primary vehicle of the segment is the Bolt.
Bolt is entirely EV, without a generator or any other method of generating power. Besides the regenerative brakes, specific to the 2020 model year, some updates are going on with the front styling.
What is unusual is that there is an increase in range and the Chevrolet Bolt 2020 is genuinely the budget-friendly and versatile EV on the business.

Chevrolet Bolt EV Exterior

The 2020 Bolt has a pretty unique style as an electric vehicle. So you’ll get full-LED projector-style headlamps, including daytime running lights. It’s full black-out with a hint of silver trim that gives it a different appearance if you look inside.


As you drop down, you have more exterior lighting and what’s being updated for 2020 is the grill design as they changed it a bit.

You do have a shiny gold Chevy bow tie like an iconic automobile. Usually associated with exceptional powerful cars like the Zl1 Camaro or CA Corvette. However, there isn’t any internal combustion engine under the hood.

We love the patterns they intertwined inside the grill. You have a forward-facing camera and what’s fresh for 2020 are HD cameras that will genuinely give you incredible clarity. The underside has been redesigned completely clean and well proportioned from the front.

On the hood, they literally take the line of the body from the front fascia into the bow tie and hood. It’s a pretty short stubby hood with no storage underneath. So when contrasted to any of the other EVs, you have no storage.

Around the bend, you will see very different styling. You have fascinating gloss black with the Bolt EV badge. We really like the logo. It’s really cool; it helps it stand out from other EVs. As for the wheels and tires, you have gloss black machined aluminum 17-inch wheels, 215 / 50R17, to give you a pleasant and stable ride. Besides, you have flat black circling the fender wheels.


We hope that there are at least two different trims at the Premiere level and wish they will paint silver over that. But we like the wheel design that fits perfectly into the overall expression of Bolt EV.

Bolt’s charge port access is effortless, just push and open the door, and that’s where you’ll plugin. Indeed, you do have the ability to use only the home electrical outlet. But quick charges are also available. You have a chrome trim on top and bottom as well. You will love how it flows into the side mirrors and then stops.


There is no trim at the bottom of this car because it has fashionable styling in it. Yet that style really improves usability plus versatility on the inside. It’s fascinating how low the top drop-downs below the side mirrors. You have a single turn built-in, a bit of silver trim on a flat black bottom that flows over the fenders, the sill color matches the door handles with some silver trim. 
You have very low silver roof rails that you can get bars that will increase your versatility. We have a floating roof design on the rear pillars with gloss black separation. You’ll love the concept; they curve up at the door into that area.

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On the rear of the vehicle, there are some modifications for 2020, but it’s still pretty much the identical Bolt.

You have a remarkably low roof spoiler. How the rear glass kind of comes down is a beautiful design.

You have LED tail lights, Bolt EV badge, a little bit of chrome trim, and HD cameras, including the digital rearview mirror. 

Bolt EV Engine

Under the hood, you have a single electric AC motor that will produce 200 hp, 260 lb-ft of torque. The most remarkable thing is 0-60 in about 5.9 seconds, and presently for 2020, the range has been extended. You know the 2019 Bolt has a range of 238 miles, and it has now hit up to 259 miles. The total time on a single charge is 9 hours to fully charge from a 210-volt outlet. 

The great news is they don’t grow the size of the lithium-ion battery. Chevrolet indeed plays with chemistry to improve battery performance. Therefore they did something with manganese, lithium, cobalt, a Chevy product, and nickel to perform extra range. 

The vehicle weighs about 3563 pounds, has regenerative braking, 127 MPG in the city, and 108 MPG on the highway. 

The enhanced range has given peoples extra alternatives than just going to Tesla’s EVs in a hatchback platform.

Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior and Features

The door panel isn’t too impressive; it’s only just hard gray plastic. But, Chevy Bolt does have modern recycled plastics that have a lovely attractive pattern to it. You do have a large pocket and the optional Bose sound system because the Premiere trim is completely loaded.


From the door panel to the dashboard, you have more texture material to give Bolt EV a funky appearance. You’ll love the silver trim throughout the AC vents and ambient lighting that runs the whole length all the way to the driver’s side. 
Also, there’s is a 10-inch horizontal setup screen, heated seats, and AC  controls. Obviously, the display is a touchscreen, and you got Sirius XM,  Apple Carplay,  Android Auto, and the OnStar that is extremely hot with General Motors outcomes. 
You have HD cameras, 360, and trajectory.  
The high definition cameras are super clear, and the trajectory really easy to use. You have AC controls, a blower fan, and switch temperature, which is a pleasant touch. 
However, there’s no dual climate control. So you only have a single climate and also many dead buttons for a fully loaded trim.
Also, Sport mode kicks up acceleration. Since you have no driveshaft or anything, there are lots of room below. You got a nice cubby, a little tiny pocket, a 12-volt, two cupholders, but no USB. Also, you have a single drive transmission.
In the center, you got an electric e-brake, two USBs, and a tiny pocket where you could put a small phone or a  garage opener. The white trim helps break up the funky feel with the EV. The center storage is a little tight, but the tray is nice and large.
One of the favorite things with General Motors products is the updated digital camera. So you have a digital camera in your rearview mirror as a charming technology.
Chevrolet Bolt EV seats are slightly on the straight side with the bright orange-pink stitching; maybe you wonder where Bolt got that color. You have manual controls for both the passenger also the driver. Unfortunately, you have no sunroof. You know it would be nice to have it and at least power assist for the driver’s side.


Also, you have no memory seat settings though you get manual controls. It’s exciting because you’ll feel like sitting very high to give you detailed visibility. The steering wheel has a nice thickness with a traditional Chevy logo and horn button. But other buttons design is dated, so you want them to update a little bit.
You have 8 inches full TFT  display to tell you the rest of your range and all the different readings like the sport mode and regenerative braking.
A different matter that’s fresh for the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV is a nice button on the left-hand side behind the steering wheel. Just click it to increase the regenerative braking on the vehicle, and that’s a really nice feature to have.
The backseat is full of plastic around the outside with softer material. The rear passengers have two USBs and no AC vents. Besides, the seating position is quite lovely and really straight, proper, and lots of legroom for 6 feet tall person. The back seat armrest is excellent with two cupholders. The challenge is you only have pockets in the doors for storage.
To open the cargo area, just push the button under the Chevy badge. The door is ultra-light, and you have a pretty good amount of usable room.  If you want the fold down the seats, it’s real simple. 
You’re just going to push on the button; besides, it’s pretty good with almost being completely flat. You’ll like the versatility and a lovely area of the room underneath. You also have the optional charging set up to plug into your home outlet and more usable space underneath.

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Chevrolet Bolt EV Prices

The MSRP’s is:

  • LT trim: $37,495
  • Premier trim: $41,895
  • Comfort and convenience: $555
  • Driver confidence: $495


The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV offers the versatility and affordability of a hatchback where Tesla hasn’t built that yet, or perhaps they won’t. One thing we do like about the Bolt is everything is laid out brilliantly. It’s easy to get to the infotainment system with a beautiful 8-inch TFT display, showing you range, regenerative braking, or power. 
When you compare at other EVs, particularly Tesla’s, they’re much minimalistic. But, some people like to have specific buttons in the vehicle. They don’t need everything to be run through the infotainment system screen.
It’s nice to have simple to understand AC and radio controls. A button on the back of the steering wheel for the regenerative braking is a very lovely innovation.
The big news with EVs is their tinier lithium-ion batteries being placed lower in the chassis. So that’s actually lowering your center of gravity to betters overall handling.
When comparing EV with conventional internal combustion, it is when you drive a standard gas-powered vehicle. Less fuel means the car will handle differently from a full tank compared to an empty tank. With Bolt, you don’t have that problem because it’s not in the equation at all.
You get all the safety features like blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, and all the great features of Bolt. The entire infotainment system functions very well. Overall definitely a serious contender for a versatile EV. 
Hopefully, this review can answer many of your questions before deciding to go to the Suburban Chevrolet Bolt EV Ann Arbor.

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