Problems Due to Bad Brake Fluid and the Time Interval To Replace It

Car braking systems need brake fluid to be routinely changed to function correctly as effectively as possible. What if the brake fluid of your car is not replaced?


Safety is the primary issue in driving, and several variables affect it.

For instance, together with all critical components, it should always be maintained in the right condition as concerning vehicles like cars.

The aim is to reduce the chance of injury or damage if it is used.

One of them would be brake fluid, which plays a vital role inside the braking system.

The car brake fluid should always regularly be replaced because of the loss of its performance over time.

What Happens If You Ignore the Replacement of Car Brake Fluid?

Do you never check and change brake fluid regularly? Be careful as the quality can drop or dirty with use, making braking ineffective.
There are many more dangers if the driver can’t handle the speed or stop the car, such as crashing or falling over a cliff.

Signs of problems in the braking system because of bad brake fluid

The following are indications that the braking system has failed or that it is time to replace it.

Brake Warning Light is on

The Brake Warning Light symbol is usually a circle with an exclamation point in the middle, which should turn off automatically after turning the car key ON. However, if it’s still yellow or red, it means there’s a problem with the braking system, or it’s time to change the brake fluid.
Low-quality brake fluid causes hydraulic lines to expand when the car is idle. As a result, it only fills the air in the hydraulic lines when you hit the brake pedal. 
However, the brake pedal will be hard again if you shake it several times, and the brakes return to normal. Of course, this situation dramatically reduces comfort and is very dangerous.

The brakes failed on the downhill road.

The car brakes fail on the road downhill, or the speed decreases but not significantly. You still feel like the wheels are rolling fast, even if you hit the brake.

Brake fluid leak

The color and texture of the brake fluid are dark brownish-yellow and sticky. 
So, when you see traces of oil droplets with the same characteristics, there may be brake fluid leaks. 
Immediately open the hood and check the oil volume in the transparent reservoir tube. Or open the lid to find out the actual oil volume. Is it still within safe limits or not?

Time to Change Brake Fluid

Given the high risk of neglecting brake fluid quality, it is highly recommended that it be replaced periodically—generally every two years or when a car travels every 40,000 km. You can do it alone or in an authorized repair shop at the same time during periodic maintenance.
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