New 2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Facelift

The 2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S facelift has been extensively revised and is now getting better. It’s still fun, but a lot sportier at the same time.

On the race track, the Panamera Turbo S performs very well. The GTS’s performance isn’t quite as drastic as the Turbo, but it shows off the grimmest tonal style.

Alcantara’s sporty accents are alluring on the interior, conveying a dynamic and comfortable feeling that reflects the only viable interior alternative. The best price-performance ratio remains with the hybrid.


The name Panamera comes from Mexico’s famous Carrera Panamericana race. Now, the aluminum composition on the body is 45% on the latest generation Panamera.

So, what is visible from the outside is quite a lot of aluminum, for example, the top layer. However, the bumpers are made of lightweight plastic components.

Thus it reduces weight significantly, and repairs cost much cheaper.

2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Facelift Exterior

The Facelift design of the Porsche Panamera now has a larger air intake. The daytime running lights are slightly lower and a bit apart.

Panamera now still has options as an executive long-wheelbase sedan and a Sport Turismo wagon. The length of the Kombi or Sport Turismo remains the same.


The only difference between them is that the roofline design continues upright to the rear end. However, visually it doesn’t affect the appearance of the vehicle.

You have 19 “- 21” rims, also new designs 20 “and 21” have been added.


Besides, you have a rear adaptive spoiler in various versions—a folded standard for sedan models and an upper spoiler for the Sport Turismo model.

For information, the more prominent spoiler for the GTS sedan comes from the Turbo. The spoiler not only extends upwards but also has a side-folding mechanism.


The hybrid version contrasts with the Panamera writing on the sides, rear, and brake calipers in acid or poison green.


You can also quickly identify hybrids from the outside in this way. Also, you’ve got:

  • adaptive LED headlamps
  • black window frame graphics
  • black 20″ rims 
  • Black GTS badge on the Panamera GTS
  • a more powerful spoiler
The rear LED lights are also darkened, and the sports exhaust system provides the GTS’s sound. 




As standard, the Porsche Panamera Turbo S comes with: 
  • ceramic brakes
  • rear-axle steering
  • adaptive air suspension
  • 21-inch rims
  • updated PDCC Sport roll stabilization

Porsche Panamera Facelift Interior

The excellent steering wheel is inspired by the 918 Spyder, which emphasizes the driver’s sportiness.



The driver also doesn’t have to bother with access to the infotainment system to operate the mode switch, as everything can be done directly at the wheel.

The steering wheel was redesigned to be like the Porsche 911 or the Porsche Taycan, which has two rotation controls. One on the left for volume and on the right for operating digital instruments.


In our opinion, this is a more straightforward but more innovative solution than ever.

Coming as standard are Porsche Advanced Cockpit, night vision camera, and rev counter.

The map is displayed on two elements on the right with a broader view when the driver has set the navigation route and arrives at the next intersection. This way, the driver doesn’t miss a turn.

With the 12.3-inch responsive touch screen in the center position, you can operate the central infotainment system efficiently.

The screen appears to be perfectly integrated into the dashboard.

What is a great job is that the driving mode changes.

For example, when you want to switch from Comfort to Sport mode, you can now do it via the touch screen and directly at the wheel with the new driving mode rotary button.

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Best of all, without interrupting your driving concentration, you have frequently used functions that can be configured quickly.


Also, in terms of connectivity, Apple CarPlay is available wirelessly, and the infotainment software has been updated. As an option, you can also get an attractive color head-up display.

The seating configuration is very sporty and small, as in general Porsche standards. The seats can also be adjusted electrically with better parallel support to the legs and shoulders.

Overall, in the Panamera cabin, the standard leather seats are incredibly comfortable. Besides, you can still feel the area is more accessible than in the Porsche SUV.


But unfortunately, you don’t have an alternative to the traditional animal leather cover for the seats on most Panamera models.

Meanwhile, the GTS edition instead comes with Alcantara inside the seats, doors, and steering wheel. Heated seats are also standard on the GTS.

The headliner is also designed for a sporty and understated experience and wrapped in Alcantara.

Besides, the standard GTS has Sport Seats Plus in its shell and more electric modifications for you to choose from.

Or, still, with Alcantara on the center panels, you can even downgrade to a standard seat at no additional price.


Indeed, the Sport Plus seat gives you lots of generous support on the tracks. They also look sportier and more aggressive.

But if your goal is for day-to-day use and you need more comfort and more freedom of mobility, the standard seats can also meet your needs.

Amazingly, you still have more headroom for the tall guy in the backseat of the Sport Turismo. But if you are 1.90m tall, it will feel tighter on the sedan. But even though it has a panoramic roof, Sport Turismo still provides more freedom of space.


In the storage room, you have a powered cover that opens very high. Besides individual seats, you also have a standard rear seat with a 2 + 1 configuration.

Also, individual Sport Turismo seats are available as an option.

A full-length rear seat is available for the sedan as an option, but an individual back seat is standard.

You can even fold the rear seats more efficiently than the individual type. This is because there is no rear center console left behind after being folded down. You can fold it just by pressing the button in the cargo area.

You have a cargo capacity of 495 liters in the sedan, while in the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, it is 520 – 1,390 liters.

In our opinion, the most prominent advantage of Sport Turismo is the level of loading sill because the loading and unloading process is much more comfortable.


Another innovation is the optional rear-seat entertainment system that operates with portable Android tablets. So you can use them separately as a tablet.

You can also get various driving data in the back seat, like a live speedometer on a tablet. Of course, performance enthusiasts will be thrilled with this.

The acid green color is also seen in the hybrid version’s interior as an additional detail, such as the chronometer and hands for speed.

As driving mode and hybrid elements, you have an additional menu that appears in the infotainment system.

Porsche Panamera Facelift Engines

Following are the turbo petrol engines used, 4 means all-wheel drive.


While the Sport Turismo is only available with all-wheel drive. There’s no entry-level rear-wheel-drive platform, for that matter, like the sedan.

  • Panamera 2.9 l V6,  0-100 in 5.4 s, 330 hp
  • Panamera 4, 2.9 l V6, 0-100 in 5.1 s, 330 hp, 
  • Panamera 4S E-Hybrid, 2.9 l V6, 0-100 in 3.7 s, 330 PS + electric motor = 560 PS
  • Panamera GTS 4.0 l V6, 0-100 in 3.9 s, 480 hp
  • Panamera Turbo 4.0 l V8, 0-100 in 3.1 s, 630 hp
Size and weight:
  • Dimension: 5.05m x 1.93 m x 1.42 m
  • Wheelbase: 2.95 m
  • Empty weight: 2,100 kg
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The eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is paired for all engines.


Now, what’s unusual? The V6 hybrid model has the best price-performance ratio and is almost the fastest simultaneously, as Porsche’s strong dedication to hybrid car prices.

Hybrid sales now dominate in Europe, no less than 2/3 of the model range.

Amazingly, the hybrid version now makes up nearly 1/3 of the world worldwide. The entry-level version is still the strongest globally.

They are very common in the US, particularly in China, where motorization plays a lesser role.

2021 Porsche Panamera Facelift Performances

The 3-chambers air suspension is standard on the 4S. They facilitate not only a sporty impression but also better ride comfort. The GTS configuration is much sportier and 10 mm lower. So in daily use, this car is rougher. But, it is even more agile on the racing circuit.

The noise isolation is impressive. The Porsche Panamera is very quiet, even when traveling at higher speeds. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a station wagon or a sedan; the driving behavior doesn’t change.

Even though the acceleration value is similar, the Sport Turismo weight is slightly higher. Some people think the Sport Turismo is more practical and looks better.


In all models, the Panamera has a good power reserve. So, as with SUVs, long-distance comfort is much better than the Porsche sports cars, which is why they are selling well in the market.

You can choose the mode of driving through the steering wheel. Not only that, on the racing track, the Porsche Panamera GTS also delivers unbeatable achievements in its class.

Thanks to the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, which assures smooth and swift gear shifting.

The all-wheel distribution of all versions of the Panamera has been designed well. A large proportion of the power is transferred to the rear wheels and only about ten percent to the front when driving casually.

As optional, rear-axle steering will guarantee a better fit and agility for daily activities.

The latest Porsche Panamera Turbo S is back as an exceptional combustion engine with new roll stabilization, an impressive air suspension package, and good rear-axle steering.

The standard 21″ rims on Panamera Turbo S still gives excellent rolling pleasure. The PDCC Sport has done better as the newly revised roll stabilization, almost no roll movement felt.

The 4.0 l V8 Biturbo is even more dynamic, and the acceleration of 3.1 s is in the supercar category. Also, the Panamera Turbo S chassis has significantly been improved. Perhaps, you can hardly think how a long and heavy sedan can be run on a track like a sports car.

2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Price

The base 330 hp version starts at 91k euros. Meanwhile, in the mid version, the 480 hp GTS starts at 137k euros.

However, the 630 hp Turbo S version for 180k euros is the top and most expensive combustion engine. Besides that, Porsche will also produce the Turbo S e-Hybrid again.

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