2021 BMW M5 F90 Facelift: Additional Setup and M Mode Features

The BMW M5 F90 facelift 2021 (LCI) comes with additional Setup and M Mode features, a more modern BMW iDrive 7.0 multimedia system, and better suspension performance. But there are no significant changes to the exterior and interior, and the engine performance is still the same.

The new BMW M5 is the Bavarian star of the high-performance executive sedan as part of the 5-series family. So it is no surprise that last July, soon after the 5 Series, the sixth generation M5 (F90) got a refresher.

We didn’t think about the wild power surges or the revolutionary technology that made driving this executive sedan so much more enjoyable.  However, the changes in the BMW M5 2021 aren’t too significant; this is only self-actualization to be recognized.


Considering how the car is three years old here since its launch in 2017, it needs a few design upgrades and extra features. Don’t ignore its competitors’ onslaught. There are new line-ups such as the Mercedes-AMG E-Class and the latest version of the Audi RS7.

What’s new in the Facelift M5 F90? Whether on the exterior, inside, features, or perhaps performance? Find out the BMW M5 2021 review here.

BMW M5 F90 Facelift Exterior

From the front, you can see the most noticeable changes on the M5 2021 are the larger grille size with a high-gloss black finish and the black M5 Competition emblem.


The lamp design is now more dynamic, the model is the same as the BMW 3 Series G30, but the curves are simpler. The lamp has sophisticated Dynamic Laser Matrix Beam technology.


The M5 2021 also has a new bumper design with three air intakes, which is even more expressive. One is in the middle with a mesh pattern and is equipped with sensors for the Active Cruise Control System. While the other two are on the side of the bumper, functioning as a sufficient engine coolant and braking system.



The BMW M5 2021 is 18 mm longer than the standard 5 Series at 4,983 mm from the side. However, the width, height, and wheelbase of the car appear unchanged from the standard model.

No significant style changes because the rearview mirrors and side vents still present with a high-gloss black finish. However, the most apparent difference appears in the larger fender, which can accommodate 20-inch alloy wheels for the M5 and M5 Competition with a fresh design.



Like the 5 Series, the rear of the BMW M5 2021 maximizes the sporty and aggressive touch. The more comprehensive fender profile, as well as the thicker bumper design, explains all that.

Changes are not only in the headlights because the taillights also get an update. The model is now more attractive with a 3D design and the typical BMW L-shape pattern, besides being surrounded by beautiful black lines around the lights.



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The M5 2021 has a more aggressive bumper design, especially in the diffuser area with a black finish and stylish four-hole exhaust that can produce a delightful roar of a V8 engine.



BMW M5 F90 Facelift Interior

Inside the cabin, you will find it challenging to see the difference between the pre-facelift and facelift models. However, there are several new features in the BMW M5 2021.



The BMW M5 2021 still relies on a driver-oriented dashboard layout that is identical and comfortable in all of its line-ups. But now there is a 12.3-inch multimedia screen, more prominent than the last 10.5 inches.



The dashboard and cockpit designs of the M5 2021 are almost the same as the 5 Series G30, which recently received a facelift.


For example, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster screen is the same size as a multimedia center.




On the center console, you have a dual-zone digital AC controller. Still, the exciting thing is in the gearbox. Now there are buttons that previously only belonged to the BMW M8; they are Setup and M-Mode.

In the cockpit, you have a comfortable BMW M steering wheel with multi-function buttons that can adjust the cruise control, multimedia, Bluetooth telephony functions, as well as a paddle-shift behind it.



You will be focused on the two red buttons that read M1 and M2. They are buttons for storing two self-driving modes. So, all engine, steering, chassis, xDrive, transmission, and head-up display settings are adjusted. You have a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel that supports the BMW Live Cockpit Professional.

BMW M5 2021 Features

Are you skeptical of the M5 facelift? Could there be any interesting new features in this car, especially regarding the driving features? If you are excited, BMW has prepared a unique feature, which is quite impressive. As we said, the BMW M5 2021 now has two new buttons in the gear area, the Setup button and M Mode, which previously only existed on the M8.
When you press the Setup button, you can easily adjust several driving settings according to your taste—starting from the engine, steering, chassis, and brakes. You can also change the all-wheel-drive xDrive system to Rear-wheel Drive (RWD), isn’t it cool?
With the M Mode button, you can select three modes with adjusted parameters, Road and Sport. But, specifically for the M5 Competition, you have one more additional driving mode, Track Mode.

The Performance of BMW M5 F90 Facelift

The BMW M5 2021 still uses a twin-turbo 4.4L V8 engine, code S63. The same engine since the F10 generation in 2011. The power has also not changed, the same as the pre-facelift model, 600 HP / 750 Nm for the standard M5, and 625 HP / 750 Nm for the M5 Competition.



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The powerful twin-turbo 4.4L V8 engine is connected to an AWD xDrive drive system equipped with RWD mode via a Steptronic 8-speed gearbox. Accelerating 0-100 in 3.4 s for the standard M5 and 3.3 s for the M5 Competition, their top speed is at 305 km / h.

Updates to the legs with the shock breaker of the BMW M8 Gran Coupe make the handling of the M5 2021 claimed to be better with increased comfort in the cabin. In the M5 Competition variant, BMW has also made some changes to the suspension, which is 7 mm lower than the regular M5.

2021 BMW M5 Specs

  • Dimension: 4.983 mm x 1.903 mm x 1.473 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.982 mm
  • Storage space: 530 liter
  • Fuel tank capacity: 68 liter
  • Powertrain: BMW TwinPower Turbo, double-VANOS variable camshaft timing
  • Engine: V8 4.395 cc, twin-turbo
  • Power: Max 600 HP (M5) and 625 HP (M5 Competition), both @6.000 rpm
  • Torque: Max 750 Nm @1.800 – 5.860 rpm
  • Transmission: 8-speed M Steptronic
  • 0-100: 3,4 s (M5) and 3,3 s (M5 Competition)
  • Speed: max 305 km/h
  • Drive: M xDrive intelligent AWD
  • Front suspension: Adaptive M suspension double wishbone 
  • Back suspension: five-link axle lightweight aluminum
  • Front brakes: M Compound brakes, six-piston fixed calipers, vented
  • Rear brakes: M Compound brakes, single-piston floating calipers, vented
  • Steering system: Electric Power Steering (EPS), M-specific Servotronic function, variable sport ratio
  • Front tires: 9.5J x 20 light-alloy 275/35 ZR20
  • Rear Tires: 10.5J x 20 light-alloy 285/35 ZR20

BMW M5 2021 Prices

The M5 facelift went on sale in August 2020 and is only available in a sedan version with two variants: the M5 and M5 Competition. Prices for the German market are:

  • M5: €120.900
  • M5 Competition: €129.900


The BMW M5 2021 is just an actualization of the line-up to not be out of date and still relevant to compete with rivals in the segment of high-performance sedans that are also releasing new models.

Changes in the exterior and interior are not much, and the performance of the V8 twin-turbo engine has not changed. However, 600 HP and an acceleration of 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds are pretty impressive.

However, driving with the latest BMW Live Cockpit Professional, Setup and M Mode buttons, and the unique M5 Competition Track Mode will take you to a new BMW dimension.

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