2021 VW Golf 8 R Line and Alltrack Has Excellent Hybrid Mild Technology and More Space

The 2021 VW Golf 8 is also available as a station wagon model once again. Currently has a longer wheelbase than Golf Hatch. We’re talking about the VW Golf Variant R-Line now, and it came as an off-road version of the Golf Alltrack.


The 8th generation of the VW Golf is again setting the global benchmark for hardware in this segment. As expected, this will not bring about a revolution, but has been enormously enhanced and is definitely modern.

Fresh comfort and a nice microfiber sports seat are basically a highlight.

With the improved button-less controls, it takes a little getting used to. Although you can still use the simple infotainment interface if you really want volume control, for example.


With a longer wheelbase, the VW Golf Version has more legroom, which family members will love.

The low fuel consumption of the 1.5 TSI turbo petrol engine updated with mild hybrid technology is extraordinary.

VW Golf 8 2021 Exterior Design

The VW Golf 8 version is almost 8 cm longer than its predecessor, not only because of the overhang but also because of the increased wheelbase. The classic Golf wheelbase is 2.63 m, but the newest Golf variant reaches 2.69 m.


The length of the current Golf 8 version is 4.63 m, and the hatch is 4.28 m. This confirms that the recent Golf release has taken over the entire wheelbase and even the Skoda Octavia or Seat Leon’s length in its newest generation.

Life, Style, and R-Line are equipment lines of the Golf 8 Variant.
As a unique option, the Golf Edition is also offered as the Golf Alltrack with a 20 mm higher ground clearance, off-road appearance, and interior features such as an all-track seat style.

All-wheel drive is also standard, and the Alltrack will have a towing capacity of up to two tonnes. In its newest style, the Golf also looks a bit blatter and slimmer.

The headlights are equipped with standard LED technology. Matrix LED headlights with 2x 22 LEDs are also available as an option.


The matrix headlights will be used to cut high beam specific areas. Then you can drive in high light without glare or even though several cars are in front of you.

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The adaptive high beam feature for standard headlights will only be activated later. This is the modern paradigm where hardware comes first, but programs can only be implemented later.

Therefore, you will tell the consumer what it is if the maker does not immediately provide it. On the other hand, it will encourage prospective car owners to order it.

2021 VW Golf 8 Interior

The interior of the new Golf is much more modern. A 10.25-inch screen is used as a standard on the left side of the panel.
The standard screen to the infotainment panel’s right is 8.25 inches, featuring two significant rotary knobs. On the left for volume, right for radio and zoom map.


Yes, if you don’t like being totally buttonless, you always have options. Apple CarPlay / Android Auto is also supported by this device.

Opt or standard with higher trim, infotainment features in the 10-10, and also wholly buttonless.

The highest level also provides the natural voice command “Hey Volkswagen” and wireless Apple CarPlay.


You may also need this since software with several different functionalities could also be a little complicated and not straightforward.

You’re not going to find manual AC for either setup. It’s all operated by the capacitive buttons just at the bottom of the display.

You can press cooler, warmer, swipe, or even apply speech input “I’m cold.” It will be even more difficult for those who want to adjust something while driving.

Interestingly, though, there are need-oriented climate controls on display, such as “warm hands” or “cold feet,” which further configure the associated program.

The new optional head-up display project that directly displays on the windshield is a successful addition to safety.


Seat heaters are also available for the front seats and for the rear seats, as is the 3-zone automatic air conditioner.

The space available at the front is also the same as the previous version. We particularly like the new Ergoactive Golf seats and fabric/microfiber covers, which provide the simple benefit of comfort.

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You’ll find elegant sport seats made of fabric/microfiber on the R-Line, which are also quite comfortable. Although at Alltrack, the seats come in a sleek gray fabric style.


The additional glass sunroof reduces the front headroom a bit but is still suitable for tall people. The interior of the headliner rises again at the rear.

The rear legroom of the Golf Varian is 4 cm wider than its predecessor or at the Golf Hatch, thanks to the longer wheelbase.


That means there’s a lot of legroom in the rear, also for tall individuals. The trunk is significantly expanded to 611 liters. The maximum storage space with seats folded within Varian is 1,642 liters.


The storage space is comfortable and square. The idea is clear and reasonable, similar to a cargo area roller blind, railed on the side.

VW Golf 8 Features and Performance

Generally, the VW Golf 8 already looks like a regular Golf with good handling, very quiet, pleasant, enjoyable, and secure. Sound insulation is really lovely, also on the highway. 
Also, without a special Sports edition, Golf offers a lot of riding enjoyment and is quite agile. Adaptive DCC chassis is possible as an alternative too. 
Currently, if needed, it can be arranged with even more levels. Yet again, it offers a balanced combination of comfort and driving dynamics. 
VW has updated the gearshift lever for the DSG direct shift gearbox. It’s significantly smaller now. It also enables a quick switch when transitioning from driving to reverse or reverse gear as it operates through a “wire shift.” 
So the exchanging of commands is entirely electronic. In reality, it saves a lot of time while maneuvering since these gear changes happen so fast.
The 1.5 TSI with 150 PS in the new Golf Hatch was technically updated for better performance and a mild hybrid. 
Particularly when you’re driving in ECO mode, the “Sailing” moment happens quite often, for example, whenever the engine is off and you’re speedless rolling out.
The consumption of either hardware revision or MHEV is very lovely. In reality, with gentle driving habits, you can cover 5 l/100 km, which really is a great outcome. 
Simultaneously, the 150 PS version provides a lot of control. 
The DSG shifts imperceptibly through the gears, further leading to smooth driving behavior. Also, the compact gear lever clears the inside of the lower center console for greater agility. 
With a longer wheelbase, the VW Golf Variant more likely to be driven like the Octavia and Leon ST. Albeit a bit less agile than the Golf Hatch and quieter in a horizontal path. 
Front Assist or Automatic Emergency Brakes are standard equipment which has been improved in terms of capability.
ACC and adaptive cruise control run at a top speed of up to 210 km / h. Intuitively controls the speed of intersections or roundabouts. It also understands and responds to traffic signals. Even alert and react to an end of road traffic.
If you use a high-level assistance system like Travel Assist, the steering is also configured with a capacitive feature. It will detect if the driver has his hands on the wheel, not by motion detection.

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It aims to ensure that you do not get an error message when driving straight ahead. Or if your hand is already in the steering wheel.

VW Golf 8 Specs


  • Turbo petrol TSI:  1.0 l 3-cylinder 110 PS; 1.5 l 4-cylinder 130 PS or 150 PS
  • Turbo petrol eTSI + mild-hybrid (automatic for DSG): 1.0 l 3-cylinder 110 HP; 1.5 l 4-cylinder 130 HP or 150 HP
  • R: 2.0 l 4-cylinder 320 HP
  • Turbo diesel TDI: 2.0 l TDI 115 PS or 150 PS (opt all-wheel drive); 200 PS (all-wheel drive) for Golf Alltrack

  • Length: 4.63 m and Hatch is 4.28 m
  • Width: 1.79 m
  • Height: 1.45
  • Wheelbase: 2.69 m and Hatch is 2.63 m

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