2021 Mercedes S-Class: Totally Digital Interior and Great Innovations for Safety and Comfort

The new 2021 Mercedes S-Class has transformed better, outwardly. The simple design lines work quite well. There’s a lot of stuff coming into the interior; now it’s totally digital. The 3D instrument display, the new 4D sound system, and the current generation MBUX are incredible advancements.


Yet operation is far more complicated with a capacitive steering wheel and much more elaborate menus; this seems not user-friendly.

The latest mild-hybrid for the petrol-powered engines can be more environmentally friendly. Also, dealers should be asked for animal-free equipment as Mercedes isn’t promoting it.

A sustainable and smooth surface as an alternative, such as in the new BMW 5 Series, is also not available.

But other safety and comfort innovations such as rear airbags and new insulation methods are admirable.



The S-Class has regularly adopted new technologies from other classes during its history. Finally, the whole market for vehicles has a profit. 
ABS, which was introduced into S-Class in 1978, is the most excellent description. Now comes the new 2021 Mercedes S-Class generation, and we will describe the new features and technologies to you.

Mercedes S-Class Exterior

The overall configuration of the new Mercedes S-Class progresses. The grill is slightly more significant; however, the lights are somewhat smaller. 


Optionally, multi-beam LED lamps with enhanced high-beam features, including digital light with a micromirror, are available. Also, the headlamps will function on the road as projectors as well as project symbols.
The AMG-Line gets having a similar radiator grille, except the lower air inlet with two chrome slats is constructed to become more open. 
The S-Class has a classic two-window design on the back door and even a recognizable C-shaped of the C-pillar on the side angle.
The variant’s length with the W223 short wheelbase increases by 5.5 cm to 5.18 m. The V223 wheelbase variant also grew by 3.5 cm to 5.29 m. 
Air suspension becomes standard, with optional E-Active Body Control. Therefore, the car can lean on the curve since each wheel can be independently controlled.
Rims from 18 to 21 inches are available, and the latter will be optionally placed on the AMG line. 
As part of the Keyless Go package, the door handles, both protruding and extendable, are offered in standard models. Interestingly, they can flush with the car when they are closed.


In the case of a side crash, the S-Class will rise immediately before the hit. This car tends to distribute the impact of other vehicles on the body so that S-Class passengers feel less force of the collision. Yet other cars’ would be the opposite.


Now the new Mercedes S-Class has even more horizontally drawn lights at the back, identical to the previous E-Class facelift and the A-Class sedan. 
There’s also a diffuser style on the back of the AMG line.


The S-Class now seems to be a silent vehicle.
Mercedes now focusing on another isolation that has never been done before. An additional insulating foam is added to the shell while spreading it during painting.

Mercedes S-Class Interior

Indeed, the interior is a breakthrough for the S-Class. Its hallmark in the center is the standard 12.8-inches display arranged vertically along with curved decorative features. 


There are hardly any buttons left as everything is controlled via the screen. The current generation MBUX provides more voice commands and features. 
But you can also still sign in with fingerprint independently or with a user account if you want.
Now the menu navigation is much more complex, and you also have to adjust the temperature by touch.
Apart from having vibrations boxes in the seats, the new 4D Burmester Surround Device is attractive. 
There is a 12.3-inch display screen at the driver’s side, optionally with a 3D view. While the navigation maps, for instance, also enables spatial representation.
Now Distronic controls are integrated into responsive areas on a new steering wheel like in the E-Class.


There is a standard steering wheel featuring two closed switch strips. Or you can choose two horizontal struts without the buttons that protrude on the AMG sports steering wheel.
You can press a button in any case, but it protrudes above the surface. However, it seems less useful and more challenging to use than before.
In the S-Class, the AMG-Line ‘s exterior and interior are connected. You’ll also get an AMG steering wheel, including two horizontal struts.


Unless you opt for a wood-coated steering wheel, inside you do have an AMG line, but a quite lovely regular steering wheel with a wooden painted rim.
Besides, two hardware versions provide an optional head-up display. 
The augmented reality function is also used on superior, higher-quality models. 
You can see the navigation system’s animated arrows map to exactly where you need to turn.
Animal leather covers are also standard in the S-Class, which cannot be paired with Mercedes’s current “Sustainable Luxury” trade-mark. 


Based on the request, the S-Class is also available with fabric seats, which is more animal and environment friendly and can keep temperatures low and warm depending on the weather.

The seats are comfortable and beautifully upholstered.

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So that you feel like you are lying on the sofa rather than sitting on the seat.

You have comfortable microfiber cushions on the rear headrest and the front seats; now, it’s available. If you choose the right package, you can even heat it quickly at the back.



Of course, there is plenty of room in the back seat in the extended version. Whether you choose standard 5-seater back seats, a version with external electrically adjustable seats and a foldable multimedia device, or even a single seat setup.

The extended edition also provides executive seating, where at the click of a button, the front passenger seat is moved fully forward while the footrest folds out. And although you are 1.85 m tall, you can’t stretch your legs out fully.

Also, the trunk has a size of 20 liters more and reaches 550 liters.

The side seat cushions guarantee that the passenger is pulled further toward the middle of the car for more safety in the case of a side collision.

A further innovative safety feature is a separate rear passenger airbag, each positioned on the outer seat.

Yes, it is compatible with children’s seats too.

Currently, Mercedes is launching this tech to both sides throughout this shape for its first time.

However, the technology has actually been launched once by Nissan.

If you remember, it turns out that Nissan also introduced this technology once in 1993. At that time, the Nissan President was the first car to be built with airbags for the left passenger on the back seat.

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Today, for its first time in this form, Mercedes is implementing this tech on both sides.

Mercedes S-Class Features and Performance

Mercedes has always seemed to hold back on rear axle steering compared to its competitors, such as Audi and BMW.

But the new S-Class now surprises us because it optionally comes with a full-featured rear axle steering wheel.

When driving at low speed, you know the rear axle amazingly steers up to 10 degrees, and that’s twice as much as the competition.

As a result, you get a two-meter reduction in turning circle.

Not only that, because the maneuverability of the new Mercedes S Class has also increased. You will find it easier when maneuvering, parking, or driving agile at medium speed.

Meanwhile, when driving at a higher speed, as usual, the steering remains parallel to the front axle for increased stability.

The steering wheel has become smart enough to find out if the driver’s hand is still on the wheel.

That means you don’t have to make any movements. Just put your hands on the steering wheel.

This is to avoid errors where the car might remind you to hold the steering wheel, even though you have already done so. For example, if you drive on an entirely straight road.

The Mercedes S-Class features a standard level 2 support system combining active lane-keeping assist with adaptive cruise control.

Alternatively, you can already configure it for autonomous driving with Level 3. The vehicle takes full control and responsibility, but that is only in some instances, such as on the highway.

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It’s not legally possible yet, of course, but for that, the S-Class already offers the hardware.

To support this technology, the Mercedes S-Class also has a laser or lidar sensor on the radiator grille, additional sensors, and cameras, including on the back of the windshield.

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