2020 VW Passat SEL Trim Fully Redesigned And Comfortable

Now, we’ll talk about the all-new, entirely redesigned 2020 VW Passat.

As you know, the VW Passat has been around since 1973. So much has changed with Volkswagen and the auto industry.


Volkswagen wants to face the competitors to a hotly contested mid-size class like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and  Mazda 6 as a few of the strong rivals.

The Exterior of VW Passat 2020

The 2020 VW Passat is 1.7″ longer than the last generation.

You’ll notice a fresh headlight design with full LED and daytime running lights.

You got a little bit of chrome on the housing at the top to make it blend into the grille nicely. So, Volkswagen does a perfect job with the headlight design.

In the front, at the lower corner, nothing changes. But different trim levels will get fog lamps. At least there’s a functional side air curtain.

You’ll see a traditional horizontal bar set up in the new front fascia on the lower portion. The chrome starts at the top of the headlight housing comes across the whole center section.


You have some flat black—overall clean Bavarian look as you dropdown.

On the hood, as body lines, you have a couple on the corners and two in the center area to give extra personality to the front end. This appearance will face the Mazda 6, which has lovely flowing lines.

Around the fender area, you have updated wheel designs for all the different trim levels. A  machined aluminum gloss black enhances the overall look of the wheel.

The wheels size is 18-inch with traditional Volkswagen, and it works very well with the black paint job.


On the side, brushed aluminum trim on both top and bottom. Also, color-matched mirror caps with LED turn signals. A little bit of a sill extension is nothing too much, but VW wants to give Passat some identity.

The SEL trim has a nice sunroof, which flows into the rear quarter window, and a prominent high beltline into the fender.

The new  LED taillights design is fascinating, and you’ll see the interesting placement of the dot-approved reflector.


The all-new badging is nice; Passat is spelled across the upper section. The iconic Volkswagen badge and body line across the horizontal portion of the trunk gives an excellent shape.

Unfortunately, on the back, you got fake exhaust vents. But we think VW should leave the chrome trim, and nobody would even notice it. Anyway, it does help clean up the back with the chrome across the lower portion.


Under the hood, Passat still has a prop rod, and the engine is just a carryover from last year. We want something changes for those.

You have the same 2-liter inline-four turbocharged,  174 hp, and 206 lb-ft torque. It’s all paired with 6-speed automatic transmission. 0 – 60  in 7.1s, MPGs 23/34 (city/highway), weighs around 3,325 pounds.

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The best news is you got MQB chassis with a 5-star safety rating to keep you and all your family safe.

2020 VW Passat Interior

The door panels with a beige motif work well with the black exterior. Soft material at the top of the door and wood grain trim looks classy.

The door armrest is soft, and you have a large pocket.

Everything on the dashboard is a simple flat. The soft material and wood trim are excellent; they integrated perfectly with the AC vents’ design.


The standard infotainment system screen is a 6.3-inch touchscreen. You have different controls like Apple Carplay Android Auto, which makes life easier.

Also, a nice swipe feature is easy to use, and the graphics are clear. As an optional, an 8-inch system is also available.

The wood grain trim goes through the center stack, and you have a hint of gloss black, heated seats, and dual climate control. But the knob is a bit shaky, so it feels a little cheap.

Besides, there are a USB and a  12-volt. The start/stop button and 6-speed automatic transmission controller are nice.

Yes, you have a ton of dead buttons in the SEL trim.

But they will become functional in the higher trim.

The emergency brake has excellent soft leather style material, and the key fob is easy to use.

You do have two cupholders and a  nice little cubby for your items. The armrest on the doors is softer than the center armrest. But the stitchwork is nice.

Inside the center storage, you got plenty of room. The seats are clean and have wide backs. The blower portion is vast, and you have power assist for the passenger driver. Also, the sunroof is quite well on the price point.

Behind the wheel, new for 2020, you’ll like the silver Passat logo on the sill. The driver seat controls have three memory settings.


The steering wheel has excellent size, but we think it could be a little thicker. But the wheel flat bottom and a little bit of gloss black are attractive.

The horn button and flat black on the wheel buttons are excellent too.

The analog, tach, speedometer, fuel gauge, and cooling gauge with the red trim around it is quite lovely.

You could scroll through the digital display to get information and all of the safety features through the digital display.

You get a lot of headroom and shoulder room in front, which is pretty supportive.

In the back area, the Passat shows its usability.


You have lots of legroom and headroom. It’s relatively easy to get in and out, even if you are 6 ft tall.

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Rear  AC, heated seats and 2 USB C will keep all passengers happy. Besides, they have enough support for electronic devices.

In the nice pockets, you can put some stuff. The backseats armrest is soft, and underneath you get two cupholders.

The trunk door is not electric, but it pops up very quickly. Inside, you have tons of room and some lovely goodies from Volkswagen, like the all-weather floor mats.

The storage space is 15.9 cubic feet. The handles are conveniently placed so that seats can do the 60/40 split.

If you know, it will be entirely in alignment with the Honda Accord, Camry, and Mazda 6 when it comes to the actual width opening and the amount of space.


The 2020 VW Passat starting MSRP is $22,995 for the S trim. Other are:

  • SE: $25,845
  • R Line: $28,645
  • SEL: $31,095


The new 2020 Volkswagen Passat is even better, and we think you’re going to be in for some pleasant surprises.

The new Passat has top-quality materials that are very nice, and the wood trim brings up the level of feel inside.

So, if you are a person who likes simple interior layout, we think you’re going to like 2020 Passat.

Besides, visibility out the front windshield is excellent even with the larger headrest, and the back window is acceptable.

We think side mirrors are a little tight, but wind noise is minimal.

Maybe you want to get a more prominent screen display. However, with 6.3 inches, it gives you excellent access to Apple Carplay, Android Auto, other good stuff.

The steering wheel is excellent, and the seats are comfy as they hold perfectly. The bottom portion is nice and long for taller people with longer legs.

The combination of black, wood and beige is quite lovely.

Tilting and telescoping steering wheel trim are significant to have, and you’ll like everything that is located accessible to get to.

The connectivity is excellent. Although the center armrest is as hard, it has an ideal height.

You have plenty of room, and 0-60 in 7.1 s for a vehicle in this class is fine. The acceleration is smooth, and visibility is perfect.

The VW Passat maneuver is quite good for being a mid-size sedan, and the seats are excellent.

The steering wheel will give you smooth and useful feedback. It is not heavy at all.

But we think you’re going to like a bit large steering wheel.

So, the 2020 VW Passat is another excellent option if you want mid-size at a price point that falls into line with the competition.

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