2020 Lincoln Corsair in Huntington

Looking for a 2020 Lincoln Corsair in Huntington, NY, and want a quick review before buying this car from the dealer? Okay, we will tell you here. As you know, Lincoln came back with their lineup because of the high demand for SUVs. Lincoln has its Continental. However, everyone has approached the Navigator, Aviator, and now Corsair, which will replace MKC in the lineup.


What’s striking is that if you’ve read your reviews, you’ll know that it sits on the exact same chassis as the all-new Escape. You will see that Lincoln’s design team has taken this vehicle from what looks like the Ford Escape to the Corsair.

Lincoln Corsair 2020 Exterior

On the all-new Lincoln Corsair 2020, you get full LED lighting. You can see the daytime running light very well; it’s elegant and tasteful. You have some lighting upfront, and when you drop down, you have gloss black and some chrome trim on the bottom.
The grill section is probably one of your favorite parts of one of Lincoln’s. They’ve gone with their grill arrangement, and the brushed aluminum has an excellent shape, a great Lincoln grill. On the hood, you will see a simple body line, exquisite and sweet. We think Lincoln did a fantastic job with their design team.
Around the bend, you will find excellent headlight designs. Besides, there is a hint of black flats around the fender wheels. The wheels are in gunmetal gray, you will love the super fine-tuned machined aluminum finish in Corsair, and everything is new for 2020. 
Plus, you have the Corsair logo on the side of the vehicle. It’s just a touch of nice chrome, just a little sprinkling. The Corsair doesn’t drop a lot of chrome, as you’ll find on the GMC Denali.
The 2020 Lincoln Corsair has beautiful body lines and even lighting in it. At the bottom, you get a bit of silver trim with deep black. Ceramic white is the perfect color for this 2020 Corsair.
The full panoramic roof is blacked out the top’s slice, which is not glass, really low roof rails with a fine brushed aluminum.
At the rear, you can see the body lines, which are very distinct and give the Lincoln Corsair a lot of personalities compared to the 2020 Ford Escape. We tell you that the Ford Escape “got lost” as we rounded the corner.
You have gloss black on the back pillars, and they are separated by sections, but it almost looks like one whole piece of glass. The low roof spoiler is very thin, and the trim on the third brake light is lovely. We think no one does it better than Lincoln with their signature taillight design with the red  LED.
What’s nice is actual functional exhaust since so many auto manufacturers are going to just fake exhaust. 

Lincoln Corsair Engine and Performance

The 2020  Lincoln Corsair is replacing the MK, and underneath the hood, you have some hood struts. What’s great about this setup is you’re going to have two different engine options. You can choose a  2-liter, 250 hp, 280 lb-ft of torque or the 2.3 liter inline-4 turbocharged, 280 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.
But no matter what engine you go with, you will have an 8-speed automatic transmission. Now about the MPGs, 21 in the city and 29 on the highway. 0-60 and around anywhere from 7.3 s down to 6.6 s.

Lincoln Corsair Price

Lincoln has raised the bar when it comes to installation, finish, and materials. If you’re wondering how much the Corsair is, it depends on how you choose it. You’ll be looking for around $ 43,000- $ 45,000. 

2020 Lincoln Corsair Interior

So, what do you get for the money? On the door panels, the mixture of materials is excellent. You have beautiful thin leather on the armrests. A darker gray material is going in some Chrome. One thing we really like is the location where the seat controls are.
The ventilated and heated seats have the perfect 24-way position, and that’s how you arrange them. You’ve got plenty of room, soft material, a complete 8-inch navigation infotainment system. 
The position of the start/stop button is exciting. After all, we love how easy it is to get to. 
As you come down, there are some gloss black and dual climate controls. The transmission is a push-pull system, similar to the ones you have seen on other vehicles. But, it will control 8 speed automatic.
The Lincoln logo on the lid is excellent, and when you slide it back, you’ll get 12 volts, USB, and USB-C wireless charging. Plus, you have two cupholders illuminated, different drive modes, and an 8-inch infotainment system. The center storage lid has nice soft leather and all felt-lined to not scratch anything inside. Besides, the leather of the seats is very soft, and the color is nice.
You will love the name Lincoln illuminated on the sill. The steering wheel has the same two-tone light tan with dark brown material and a gloss black hint. You get a 12.3 inch TFT screen, and all the information appears on it. The visibility of the driver is good, and we like how big the glasses are.
Corsair is on the same lines as the 2020 Ford Escape. The same chassis only with a more admirable exterior. When you go inside, you will find some lovely soft leather. The seat’s back got sort of soft leather with the load, but we felt it should have a more acceptable solid piece that’s felt-line.
In the middle stack, you’ll find lots of great stuff. You’ve heated seat, rear air conditioner, two USBs, and a power source. So they definitely keep you connected when it comes to connectivity. The armrests have a nice soft touch, you also get two cupholders.
The cargo area door has electric assistance; it’s nice when you open the back. We love how low the floor is, so it’s easier to pick up or take things out.
Your spare layout is good, and then the back seats will be going up and down very quickly. Although it cannot be folded flat because the passenger seat is a quite far backside. But you can see how much storage space you have.
When you compare the 2020 Lincoln Corsair in Huntington to the Aviator or Navigator, this is the little guy in the group. But this is a car you’ve always wanted to see.

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