2020 Dodge Durango SRT Is A Comfortable Muscle Car SUV

We’re going to talk about the muscle car SUV, Dodge Durango SRT 2020. Did you know Dodge has been around since 1900 when Dodge Brothers started this iconic brand? Today in the 21st century, no other brand is associated with muscle cars and muscle strength. 
Under the hood, the Durango SRT will be a muscular V8, 392 cubic inches, 6.4 liters, lots of performance with all-wheel drive.

Durango Dodge SRT Exterior

The SUV Dodge Durango SRT has a comprehensive, aggressive look, especially in the more prominent black housing lamps. There hasn’t been a significant redesign in Durango in years. We wish it could be sleek but have an extensive headlight housing. We want the size to be a little smaller. However, you have the daytime running lights, and you’ll love the Dodge logo.



As you go down, there is an upper vent to let the airflow in, and the bottom is your fog light. You will love how to lengthen the front fascia. You don’t have any tact about low or split lip spoilers or anything like that. When you find a grill, its shape matches the front end of the business spot-on. You got your SRT logo. What does it stand for? Street and racing technology. It’s the Dodge arm that does all things high-performance.



The open design is excellent, and you get the same grille pattern, all flat black, low, and wide for an SUV.
The SRT specific hood scoop will drain hot air out of the hot extractor. All the excellent muscle car lines in this Durango SUV are looking great.

Around the bend, there are some significant changes that the SRT has made. You have nice wheels, the design fits the black perfectly. Even around the fender treatment, there is no flat black. Everything is painted, 20-inch wheels, 295 widths, 45 series, all-wheel drive.



Also, the Durango’s six-piston Brembo caliper head grips the rotor, seated in the full slot. The slotted rotor will dissipate heat because it takes away our horsepower and braking power. But total performance is also set in this section as it’s not just about going fast in a straight line, which should stop at the end.
You will find a 392 emblem, remember these are motorcycle parts products Mopar means many people live and die with the words “Mopar or no car,” and the Durangos slots perfectly into it.

Also, the LEDs trim turn sign on the mirrors, everything blacked out, including door handles. You have an excellent tough body line that runs all the way.  The bottom portion really gives some great character and a large quarter window gonna help bring light into the Durango back.



The flared out fenders are visible from behind. You’ll have an LED in your taillights, a Durango badge, and a Dodge logo with the number four, adorable. This car has all-wheel drive; plug the power into the ground. The sliced oval exhaust tip will give a nice V8 roar. You got the SRT badge, and it has towing capabilities that will surprise you when we tell you about it.
The Dodge Durango SRT gets a Hemi engine of 392 cubic inches, 6.4 liters, 485 hp, 475 lb-ft of torque, 0 to 60 in about 4.6 seconds, and a quarter-mile in 13 at 103 mph. Incredibly, towing up to 8,700 pounds for consumption, you get 13 in the city and 19 on the highway. It weighs about 5,510 pounds. You’ll love about this hood because you have a functional heat extractor where air enters from the front. However, Dodge is synonymous with orange, and you want to see a bit of that color under the hood that really brightens it up. But for sure, the 392 really does best with this engine.

2020  SRT Durango Interior

On the door panels, you get soft material and a little silver trim. The contrasting leather and stitching are excellent. But, you want something to happen with the speaker cover definitely because it’s less attractive.



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The dashboard still has the same soft material with a nice chrome glossy trim. Even this silver material has a nice look, and you have an 8.4 inch UConnect system. It’s easy to access your ventilated seat and heated seat. You can enter SR mode, which is a really nice touch if you don’t like touching the screen. 
The good news is you have an old-fashioned radio, air conditioner, and dual temperature control, as well as all the other good stuff.
Of course, the SRT button launches the controls and turns off those annoying traction settings. You have two USBs, an aux, and 12-volt jack, and two cupholders.
You get the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, the SRT logo on the key fob, and remote start. Just double click, and you can open up the rear hatch.
The armrest is at the perfect height. Simply open it up and get a good base for your phone. You’re not going to scratch the camera 32 on the back, you flip it over, and then you can put some of your stuff in the flannel line; it also has 12 volts in it, which is excellent. You have a good seat material, good Alcantara stitching, and good leather. You can get optional red seat belts for around $ 95.
You will have full power for passengers and drivers. You don’t have a sunroof, but the good news is that you have plenty of head and shoulder room.
You’ll love the little touches behind the wheel of the Durango SRT. If you take a closer look, you can see the nice trim below with the SRT badge. With the Durango SRT, you’ll be able to position the seat that’s perfect for your body to rip down the drag strip.
You have your lower bolstering, back control, and bottom, all full electric assists.
The best part is the steering wheel because it is just the right thickness. The cross stitch pattern is excellent. But a little flat silver looks cheap; you deserve better than that. Shift paddles are interesting because you sort of move them, but they still aren’t full paddles. However, you want them to be longer and actually made of metal.
The ZF 8-speed automatic transmission got really wild looking. You have an analog speedometer and a lot of coolant and fuel gauge. Then a digital tech in the center that you could actually scroll through different information displayed in the center of where that tech is a charming touch. The only thing that you’re missing is a  sunroof. We think, for over $60,000, you can have a panoramic sunroof in 2020  Durango SRT.
Also, you get a red seat belt. It’s an inexpensive addition that isn’t too expensive, but you know what, it would be nice if it didn’t cost you anything with this. In the back seat, not only can you carry four people, but you also get space in the back. The arrangement here is perfect. You have the captain’s seat. Alcantara’s and stitching is a charming touch. 

Unfortunately, the middle row is plastic, it’s supposed to be leather, and the cargo net feels a bit cheesy. You have a perfect rear command center with air conditioning vents, two USBs, heated seats, and a home power source. You get your two cupholders, but the challenge is the armrests. You have a little bit on the smaller side. Because for this muscle SUV, it must be muscle size.



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The seats really recline, which is a nice touch. At the top, you have three-zone climate control.
Dodge is brilliant at placing the AC controls on the ceiling rather than filling that area with more stuff down below.
You get into the third row by pulling the second-row seats down and then pulling the red tabs, so the seats move away. We think you want a bit of a landing pad and want it to look a little bigger.
The good news isn’t actually that bad; it’s just a little tight on the side of the ceiling. Overall it’s a little claustrophobic, but we think someone who is slightly taller than six feet will also have a better chance of being comfortable. You have a lot of legroom, but the challenge is no USB, only two plastic cup holders. But other than that, it’s not that bad.
Even with the third row upwards, you’ll get plenty of cargo space on the Durango SRT. You can literally store a wider variety of items and put them in without a problem. If you want to lower the seats, it’s effortless. You just have to pull the handle, and they’ll fold, and then you can see the total flat from back to front; you also have 12-volt, which is a nice touch.

Dodge Durango SRT Prices and packages

The MSRP is starting at $62,995. Other packages are:
  • Premium interior: $2,495
  • Technology group: $2,395
  • Cargo plus: $595
  • Rear DVD entertainment: $1,995
  • Black package: $1,495
  • Trailer tow  group IV: $1,195
Mopar’s strips and decals:
  • Bright blue dual: $1,195
  • Flame red dual: $1,195
  • Gunmetal low gloss: $1,195
  • Sterling silver dual: $1,195
  • Black/Red centers: $1,195
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Dodge SRT Performance

The 2020 Durango SRT is sure to have a lot of racing technology because of its 392 cubic inch engine. Obviously, what you would expect in an SUV with extra muscle strength. It’s naturally aspirated; there’s no supercharger or turbocharger. Feels comfortable and reliable behind the wheel of the Durango SRT.



The dashboard layout is clear, and the windows are fantastic. You get a tach embedded in the center and can go through a lot of different information underneath. The all-wheel-drive system is all about gaining traction to the ground and firing like a rocket. The Uconnect 8.4-inch touch screen is straightforward to reach. The seats are comfortable and supportive. Often you want a little bit more bolstering, which is what actually makes more sense to you.
The ZF 8-speed transmission going for the gears feels very smooth and gets traction to the ground. It’s astonishing how much performance there might be in an SUV this size. The ventilated seats are great, and it feels really comfortable. As for the steering, you want it a little heavier, and the paddles shift is too small, so we wish it was just a little bit bigger, but overall ride quality is outstanding.
The great thing about the eight pillars, it’s almost like you can see how they took the sledgehammer and made it more comprehensive, more agreeable, and open. We think at this price point to have a panoramic sunroof, so it might be your consideration.
The Dodge Durango SRT is genuinely for someone who wants a naturally aspirated beast. Interestingly, many people think you can load up to three rows and then launch it with an all-wheel-drive and 485 hp from a 392 cubic inch engine. Hopefully, this gave you a nice overall feel of what the 2020 Durango SRT.

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