2021 Nissan Ariya is a Sophisticated Futuristic Electric SUV

Nissan aims to broaden its elective range, and the upcoming SUV Nissan Ariya has been exposed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. The Nissan Ariya has a really modern and exciting look from this model. The good thing is that the idea was finally turned into a mass-produced vehicle, the second BEV after the LEAF, and available in the second quarter of next year.

Nissan is one of the most actively growing alternatives in competition with other Japanese car manufactures. The Nissan LEAF is already still on sale as a BEV since 2010. Moreover, Nissan also has a Nissan Note electric e-power platform and the new Nissan Kicks.



Nissan Ariya Exterior

The Nissan Ariya 2021 looks the same in terms of interior and exterior construction as the concept vehicle. Ariya blends Japanese architecture and industrial feel with ease. This can be seen in the car’s elegant shapes, which bring a better viewpoint on the Nissan Ariya’s design, functionality, and driving dynamics. Beginning with the very fine LED headlights and daytime running lights (DRLs), which slope downwards, form a traditional Nissan V-Motion fascia.



There is a grill in the middle without air holes, where the area is filled with black panels with the standard Japanese Kumiko pattern and an exclusive Nissan logo with a light derived from the 20 lights behind it. 

There are black highlights on the left and right, such as those in the fog lamp house. But not an integrated fog light, just a pair of front sensors over the front fascia out of a total of 6 sensors. There are two more on the bumper side, and then the other two on the center bumper. The part is given an excellent gloss black finish in the right and left corners, with a pair of fog lamps.



In 2021 Nissan Ariya, the standard SUV aura is still pretty pronounced. The black plastic highlights overfenders, along with the same shiny black side skirts as the front bumper. As a result, large alloy wheels can be used by Nissan Ariya, where 20-inch alloy wheels can join without any significant difficulties. 

The Nissan Ariya is sold in six variations of two-tone colors: the cooper and black called Akatsuki. Is the word common to you? It points out that the name Akatsuki has a sense behind it. The color scheme illustrates the moment before sunrise, which denotes the beginning of a new day.



Nissan Ariya looks cool on the rear, with a C-pillar design that blends seamlessly into the car’s back. The tail light architecture is combined, and when the vehicle is turned off, it brings about such a blacked-out effect.
The spoiler design at the top is stunning, with two shark fins at the top. The bottom keypad also has a glossy black finish with a clean layout without ornamental elements like a diffuser.

Nissan Ariya Interior

Influenced by the Japanese phraseology Ma, the interior of the Nissan Ariya matches the stunning qualities of time and space. It’s looking like a modern cafe zone. Apart from that, the interior is not like most cars.

The interior theme of the 2021 Nissan Ariya looks absolutely amazing and future-oriented. Just look at the dashboard; the interface looks really simple, where you can’t see a lot of physical buttons or knobs.



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The dashboard’s top is covered by a premium soft-touch material with stitches that blend into the dashboard. There are two 12.3-inch screens in this portion: an entertainment center and another as an instrument cluster. In the meantime, the lower part of the dashboard initially came with black wood accents that offer a glamorous sense. In that part, you will hardly find any physical buttons except the start/stop engine. 

The same thing can be seen in the transmission frame, where you just get a small transmission lever and a closed drawer. Instead, you’ll get a heptic feedback touch button that integrates into the interior surface. An AC controller is running on the dashboard. A similar concept has been used in the transmission panel to switch driving and other modes.



A wide cabin area is provided by the use of the CMF-EV platform built with Mitsubishi and Renault. The electric motor’s very compact size makes it possible to position the car AC device on the front, which usually houses the engine. Besides, the location of the car battery underneath the chassis leaves the cabin floor flatter. This would definitely improve the cabin space for both front and rear passengers. 
The car’s very streamlined layout gives a significant appearance in the vehicle without the many buttons that fill the cabin.
Also, the cabin’s convenience is improved by the low-sound EV characteristics and the perfect cabin modulation. Passengers in the rear row will have a pleasant leg and headroom. The back seats are positioned on the solid B-pillar, giving the rear passengers a perfect panoramic view. 
The existence of an electric powertrain and a battery really does not impact the capacity of the luggage. The Nissan Ariya baggage can accommodate a maximum payload of up to 466 liters for the rear-wheel-drive model or 408 liters for the all-wheel-drive model. However, you can fold the back seats in a 60:40 fold configuration that dramatically increases the cargo space.

2021 Nissan Ariya Features

Ariya doesn’t seem to want to be outsmarted by other line-ups, including LEAF, Altima, Rogue, and Rogue Sport, since this car is having the ProPilot driving assistance feature, which has so far reached version 2.0.
The driver doesn’t need to be concentrated entirely on the path with ProPilot 2.0 because this system helps the car assess the track, maintain speed, distance, navigate tollways, and enter and exit toll roads. Also, the Nissan Ariya comes standard with the Nissan Safety Shield ® 360, includes 6 excellent active safety features such as:
  • Automatic Emergency Braking + Pedestrian Detection system
  • Blind Spot Warning feature
  • Excellent Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system
  • Departure Warning feature
  • High Beam Assist
  • Rear Automatic Braking
To view various automotive details, Nissan Ariya 2021 uses two 12.3-inch screens combined into one device. This benefit provides versatility to show the different necessary information to the driver. 
On the wave-like screen interface, such details as the remaining battery, mileage, or navigation can be easily adjusted with a quick swipe. Connectivity is pretty good; you have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. Besides, there’s already a speech recognition system that Amazon Alexa supports to enable different features through voice only.


The 2021 Nissan Ariya comes with two engine choices. Single AC Motor for the 2WD version and Dual Synchronous AC Motor for the all-wheel-drive version.


The output of both versions is different. The 2WD model ranges only from 214-238 HP with a torque of 300 Nm. While the two-engine AWD model has 335-388 HP and 560-600 Nm of torque.
The engine is connected to the battery with two capacity options: 65 (63) kWh and 90 (87) kWh, and the 1-speed fixed gearbox that links to the rear wheels for 2WD models and the All-wheel drive e-4ORCE systems for AWD models.

Acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes approximately 7.5-7.6 secs for the 2WD version and between 5.1-5.4 secs for the AWD model. As far as the mileage is concerned, this car will cover 610 km for the 2WD and 580 km for the AWD model. Of course, you need to use a battery with a power of more than 87 kWh.

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Nissan Ariya Specs and Prices


  • Dimension: 4.595 x 1.850 x 1.655 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.775 mm
  • Storage: 466 liter (2WD) and 408 liter (AWD)
  • Powertrain: Single AC Motor (2WD) and Dual Synchronous AC Motors (AWD)
  • Transmission: 1-Speed Fixed Gear
  • Power: max 214 – 238 HP (2WD) and 335 – 388 HP (AWD)
  • Torque: max 300 Nm (2WD), 560-600 Nm (AWD)
  • Battery capacity: 63 – 87 kWh
  • 0-100: 7.5-7.6 secs (2WD) and 5.1-5.4 (AWD)
  • Speed: max 160 km/h (2WD) and 200 km/h (AWD)
  • Distance: 610 km (2WD) and 580 km (AWD)
  • Drive: Rear-wheel drive (2WD), e-4ORCE all-wheel control system 
  • Tires:235/55 R19 or 255/45 R20 (optional)
A Nissan Ariya in your garage? Be patient. The latest Nissan electric SUV may only be available in Japan starting mid-2021, followed by Europe, North America, and China by 2021’s end. Nissan will offer the Ariya at $40,000, and it’ll be even more if you choose an AWD version with two electric motors.
The Nissan Ariya is more than just an electric Nissan SUV, as it may reflect the growth path of an iconic future lineup. It is also possible for Nissan, which is now difficult to achieve success with this vehicle’s performance.

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