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2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA is an Affordable, Luxury and Sophisticated Crossover


The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA does not disappoint you if your desire is an inexpensive luxury, as it is much better than the previous version. However, it is not that easy for a totally revamped GLA 250. The launch of the new GLB, a larger and slightly more practical vehicle, was a significant reason that it ended up only costing $ 370 more than the current GLA. So, Mercedes separated them based on their intended use rather than differentiating the two in terms of cost.


Mercedes-Benz ensures the right pace in the technology competition. The 2021 GLA is now still a relatively affordable Mercedes crossover. But the in-cabin driving experience is closer to a more expensive alternative than before.

The GLA is meant to be a sportier, sleeker personal crossover. However, GLB is intended for people in a different phase of life, with children and all functions they eventually have. Even if the GLA is commercialized as the two’s sportier, the new GLA is more crossover than ever.


SUVs are a very sketchy concept these days, but the GLA 250 2021 is more attractive than its predecessors. In the evolution of the tall hatchback, some of the fun-to-drive behavior has been lost. But now the newest GLA has an authoritative and gentle demeanor that looks bigger than its subcompact size suggests. Regardless of the confusion, the purpose of the Mercedes vehicle will always be clear.


Since its debut, the Mercedes GLA has crossed the line between hatchback and crossover. It was designed by Mercedes to be bigger, broader, and more spacious. The seat position is higher and straighter than the previous version, and the cargo space is slightly increased. These are the transitions that fans want.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Class Exterior

Mercedes is committed to making GLA a sporty choice and more exciting and fun than ever. Mercedes doesn’t change the exterior as much as the inside.


You can still identify it as a fully GLA exterior, even with rounded edges and a slightly rugged look.


It looks like GLA Mercedes has never had an attractive presence before. But still, the revamped design is much more interesting to look at. The exterior is a bit stylish and not too flashy. Finally, 20-inch wheels can be used as a package for this tiny vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 Interior

The interior of the new Mercedes GLA is less glamorous than the GLC type architecture. However, the style and feel of Mercedes are clear. You will probably sit in a more affordable car, but it still feels as if you have the complete Mercedes experience. With this budget-class luxury SUV, of course, this will be very essential. The automotive company decided to take a shortcut and emphasize its superiority in selling price.

The inconvenient dashboard panels buttons have been removed and replaced by functions, which are now integrated into the infotainment touchscreen. Besides, the unique switch strips, pressed with a nice touch, have replaced the usual-looking HVAC buttons. Rear legroom in the GLA is excellent, and this year’s space is 4.5 inches more.

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The rear seat is now entirely acceptable for adults, while technically, the rear headroom has been reduced. It is different from a pleasant trip because the seat cushions are uncomfortable and too stiff. Hard plastics are cleverly hidden. Overall, the components are more specific and attractive.

Engine and Performance

The Mercedes GLA 250 is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 221 hp and 258 lb-feet of torque. This increases to 13 hp, but still the same torque figures as before. You can have it for $ 2,000 more on FWD or AWD 4Matic. In 6.8 s, the car goes from 0-60 mph, and in 6.6 s, the 4Matic version sprints. Its maximum speed is 130 mph, but for an entry-level powertrain, that’s great.


Thanks to the MFA2 design as a modular FWD design, there are currently advantages in functionality. It now uses the same front-drive base as the GLB, CLA, or A-Class. The wheelbase grows but partially reduces the total length. The powertrain options are the same as some of the models we described earlier.

The AMG GLA 35 and 45 will eventually go on sale but are not yet available. The GLA 35 has 302 hp performance, and the GLA 45 has an impressive 382 hp from the handcrafted four-cylinder engine. We are aware that Mercedes has prepared the GLB 35 and 45, but the GLA model of this AMG vehicle is expected to have a bit of an edge on the sporty side. The base GLA is about 250 pounds lighter than the base GLB. But let’s just take a look at the new models later.

You may have additional adaptive dampers, including two levels of rigidity. When switched to Sport mode, GLA 250 Mercedes swooped aggressively around corners and competently demonstrated its strength. The car’s body movements are more controlled and give the GLA an energetic and agile look that you will appreciate.

While nothing can ignore the higher center of gravity than the CL sedan, you can drive this car a lot faster than most drivers try. The steering wheel has a perfect weight, and 70/30 torque distributed in Sport mode provides enough power towards the rear, which prevents the front wheels from getting overwhelmed while accelerating and receiving steering torque.

GLA doesn’t feel weak or very slow, either. The dual-clutch 8-speed automatic transmission has a very close-ratio. There is never a dead zone where the acceleration drops dramatically. After all, the GLA 35 and GLA 45 are expected to be faster and produce more of a louder exhaust tone than the lightweight GLA 250.

The driving standard isn’t the S-Class-or the E-Class, but the GLA 250 is more luxurious than that implies in its small case. The active suspension increases its rigidity in riding situations and plays an essential role in sophisticated driving characteristics. Although the acceleration seldom falters, the gearshift is much better with the dual-clutch than with conventional automatic.

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Noise is the main criticism you will raise. The traffic, wind, and engine noise in the GLA is louder than all the other, fancier Mercedes. So, it has to be planned at an affordable price, and it is not a deal-breaker. The best thing is to never expect a peaceful driving experience in GLA.

Mercedes GLA Features and Technology

Like its platform partners, GLA is currently implementing a displays wall facing the driver and passengers. Standard is a pair of 7-inch screens, but that can be upgraded to a couple of 10.25-inch models. The dashboard also features excellent turbine-style ventilation. Much more expensive Mercedes model components, such as a steering wheel, climate control, touch panel, and more, are also available.

One way where the GLA is on par with its luxury showroom counterparts is technology. Mercedes has never held it anywhere, not even with ambient lighting, as GLA currently runs the recent MBUX infotainment system and offers all the latest advanced driver assist technology. 

Crossovers can be configured with excellent adaptive cruise control, lane centering, or even automatic lane change assistance. The new technology is what you will find in the latest E-Class. It’s incredible how all of that can be found in GLA.


Mercedes is also building a new off-road engineering package. This is for some who are “leaving the GLA track” as standard in AWD models. Mercedes has also introduced an off-road driving mode to change power distribution and ABS activation for comfortable driving on the trail. Besides, a decent speed controller maintains the crawl speed of steep down slopes at a rate of 1 to 11 mph. The graph on the digital instrument display shows the gradient and tilt angle when entering this configuration. However, its height has grown to 5.6″, an increase of 0.4″ this year, but it’s still relatively low. The new off-road mode offered isn’t to fool you because GLA is still a city car.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Prices

The 2021 Mercedes GLA with the basic front-drive version is $ 37,280, while the 4Matic model is from $ 39,280. The GLA 250 costs $ 49,310, and even without having the assistant package, you’ll have to pay another $ 2,790 if you want it.
When looking at the base 250 trim, buying a GLA instead of a GLB is hard to justify. Others may prefer the GLB, which looks cute and alluring like the G-Wagen mini. The Mercedes GLA 2021 looks like a raised hatchback, which is attractive, but it’s not a viable alternative for design. Other options like the Lexus UX, Range Rover Evoque, Volvo XC40, BMW X2, and even the Jaguar E-Pace, are truly stylish alternatives to Mercedes GLA.


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