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2021 BMW 750i xDrive Comes With More Power and New Style

The 2021 BMW 750i xDrive is a supersized BMW. What is terrific about the 7 series is that this is a large sedan against the  Mercedes-Benz s-class, Audi a8, and the Lexus ls 500. 
The design really bringing sharp German taste and styling.
New 750i  comes with the 8 cylinders, plenty of power definitely, and style. So read more 2021 750i xDrive review and see why this is a standout of a full-size sedan.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-mineral-white-metallic



The white 2021 BMW 750i xDrive with the black accents really pops nicely. When you look at the headlight design, they’re doing a great job. 
BMW  keeping some of the iconic tradition of the daytime running halo lights. The way they redesigned it gives a lovely 21st  century feel.  
You’re gonna get all-LED headlights, turn singles, and the daytime running lamps.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-grille-and-headlights

You’ll love the way they brought a little bit of silver and super slim. The way they kind of stretched it out and wrapped it into the fender looks really clean. 

As you come down, you have some gloss black. The good news is fully functional, with no fake vents. You have useful side air and front air intake. 
BMW extends out super-short sharp on the angle, and the top piece is almost like black chrome. You have the gloss black and dark chrome finish.
However, the grills are getting larger in size on the seven series. So, this is probably the big debatable topic when it comes to styling. 
You do have kidney style shape grill members as part of the design element. Sort of like the halo headlights, having a kidney-shaped grill is part of 750i branding.
You can clearly see the kidney shape grow even though it’s been supersized.  It’s almost turned into a butterfly, but you’re going to get your forward-facing camera. 
You’ll like the sweet vertical slots and the way that the hood melds in perfectly with the supersized grille,  really clean, and this is something people always wanted about BMW.
As you drop down, you’re going to have the same gloss black, just like on the corners. Same gloss black, lower grill area, so everything being functional to get maximum cooling.
Many people want the grill was a little bit smaller. But we’ll have to see what direction BMW goes in. 
As you go up onto the classy hood, you have an iconic Bavarian motor that works with the flag colors. So much history started with planes, then it went to two wheels, and then it wrapped up on four wheels.
You’ll love the very bold line, a double rise kind of curves off towards the a-pillar, and then you have another body line that runs the edge also towards it. 
So, it gives a massive hood a lot of styles super clean German styling.


You have 19-inch wheels. If you get the M package, you will have the beautiful 20-inch wheels with BMW icon, 245 on the width, a very slim 40 series sidewall.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-wheel

You got a massive nice large four-piston caliper with bright blue metallic. It’s hard to find, but there is an M logo there.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-m-sport-brakes-blue-calipers

Of course, you’re going to get your center cap, and it is self-centering. So, every time you stop, BMW right in your face.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-aventurin-red-metallic

The rotors over 14 inches in diameter are adequately ventilated. It’s going to grip down very nicely and shed speed quick. Even though this is a large car,  it’s going to surprise you how it performs. 
Going down the fender, you’ll like a nice, it’s almost like a  hockey stick shape. The design for the side vent really clean. 
You could clearly see the darker chrome against the white. It runs along with the full size of the lower sill and still kind of drops down.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-tanzanite-blue-II-metallic

The color match on the door handles is a little bit of dark chrome. You’ll love the way, obviously, color match on the mirror caps.  
Then you’re going to get a beautiful panoramic sunroof, and you’ll like the whole roof blacked out. It is a lovely large panoramic sunroof.
On the side, you’ll see a beautiful belt line coming into the rear. 
Its smart design,  the way the quarter window is built into the door, the rear quarter panel comes nicely into the fender, and white sparkles like a diamond.


As you come around the back, BMW brought the dark chrome finish towards the rear. It’s exquisite and tasteful. 
You have smoked out tail lights, full led brake lights, and turn signals.  More black chrome and a clean 750i badge and xDrive mean that this car has an all-wheel-drive getting the power to the ground.
You’ll loke the metallic gray, and you have supersized decorative trim rings. There are functional exhausts right behind, but you do have the tasteful trim ring. 
Then as you come across the center section, you’ll find super clean with no rear diffuser or anything like that. We don’t even think you need a  trunklet spoiler, to be honest with you.


When you got the hub pops, you can see the massive V8 turbocharged power behind a tasteful engine cover with the BMW logo and all the branding there. 
You are looking for 4.4 liters twin-turbo V8, 500 hp, and 550 lb-ft of torque.

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It’s all going to be routed through ZF 8-speed automatic transmission,  very slick-shifting, getting the power to the ground for that xDrive all-wheel-drive system. 

0 – 60 in about 3.9 seconds,  quarter-mile 12.5. It’s got a 20.6-gallon fuel tank mpg, 17 in the city 24 on the highway. 
What you will basically get from this 4722-pound vehicle is approximately 590 miles from the fuel tank.

BMW 750i xDrive Price

You love this car you’re and really want to buy it. You want a  full-size luxury sedan that has a superior performance. So, how much is this one? The MSRP is around $119,000 


The door panels have a beautifully soft leather up top. It’s got the optional Harman Kardon sound system, the wood finish is beautiful and elegant. 
The door handle bends out has a flow to it that shows the attention to detail.
You’ll see the tan color that breaks up the sea of dark and diamond pleated stitching is so beautiful. The armrest is like a piece of art.  You have your memory seat controls, easy to get to,  and a nice sized pocket.
More leather onto the dash with great stitches work. The wood trims, even a little bit of gloss black and silver, are very tasteful. 
The infotainment side is a 10.25-inch touchscreen, and you have the BMW iDrive control and navigation.
  But unfortunately, the apple Carplay is only a one-year subscription.  At $119,000, you’ll better get apple Carplay, android auto, and luxury dinner.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-interior-cognac-style

You do have a touch screen, 750i finished in white. It’s nice to go through the different controls.  You could go into different modes like Sport, ECO pro, or Comfort. 
Remember, you have adapted suspension and an active exhaust, which is excellent. 
You have a backup camera which trajectory, 360 camera display, backup assistant automatic parking, and more. BMW got you covered with 750i beautiful silver on the stop-start button.  
The controls are actually all touch. So if you want to make it warmer for your passenger with the dual climate, just slide the little electronic digital slider. 
People always like how BMW made sleek controls for their radio even when they blacked out the knobs; looks really slick 21st century is modern TFT display. 
You do have a blower fan, heated seats, and ventilated seats. 
Then you have a beautiful wood sliding door, just open it up, and you have wireless charging,  two cup holders, a USB, and a 12 volt.  
The BMW iDrive controller is easy to use, and it matches the dark with everything else.  The gear shifter will control that ZF 8-speed  automatic transmission with the leather. 
Then you’re going to have all controls to go into Sport, Comfort, and others.
The center console has beautiful stitch work. Just open up the doors, and you got about enough room for some items. You have a USB-C  and a 12-volt.

2021-bmw-750- xdrive-steering-wheel-and-dashboard

The key fob is sweet, and BMW does a great job. You got the logo and the M colors.
The seats are spot on the luxury money. The leather is so soft, especially the dark piping is so great. You’re going to get full power assist for the passenger and the driver. 
You have the split panoramic style sunroof, which is really lovely. However, you want an Alcantara headliner for this $119,000 vehicle, a cute little extra touch.
Now, behind the wheel of 750i, you will like the aluminum trim that BMW put, especially the way the M logo lights up.
You got the beautiful M badge colors, and they brought the aluminum trim on the sill’s inner portion.  Even the dead pedal with the M logo on it. 
The beautiful aluminum brake pedal and throttle really show the attention to detail, and that’s one of the many reasons why many people fall in love with this 750i.
All the little details seat controls are easy to get to.  You got full adjustability, which is excellent, and the steering wheel is fantastic. 
BMW does a great job on the thickness, the 10, and two notches. You do have the stitch work on the horn, lovely bright silver,  a heated steering wheel with the M badging.  
There are paddles on the back of the steering wheel to go up and down that eight-speed, but you want they were a bit larger, especially the bottom part of them.
You’re gonna get another over 12 inches of visual pleasure, and you’ll like the color. The font is super bright with the navigation.  The center part just shows the flexibility and the technology inside this 750i.
On the backseats, you do have the optional Harman  Kardon sound system, leather-wrapped all the way around. You have nice pockets, and  AC  controls easy to get to. 
You’re gonna have ventilated and heated seats and your connectivity like USB  and a 12 volt.

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You got plenty of room, a sunroof extension, and beautiful vanity mirrors that light up one for each person. Even you soft 750i  German pillow to just allow passengers to go to sleep.

You got controls, and even you have your own touchscreen. You’re going to have storage, and all felt lining with the seat controls,  very conveniently placed, and lots of headroom.

Storage space

Just press the button, and you’re gonna have electric-assist. You basically have 18.2 cubic feet of space for the back trunk, really friendly and wide. You got little cubbies for extra stuff. It’s nice having a power assist trunk; it just drops down.


The 2021 BMW 750i xDrive is really the best power choice. You can go bigger you or smaller, but we think 750i  really hits the sweet spot and delivers a lot of performance. 

The steering wheel has an exceptional thickness to it. The visibility is clear, even with the headrest of the rear seats. 
The side mirrors are fantastic, and you can’t beat the virtual cockpits that these BMWs have.

The navigation in the center really sets everything off. This vehicle is deceptively quick. It’s a large vehicle as it should be 7 series, but that twin-turbo V8 gets you up and moves quietly.

It’s hard to find minus on this interior because it was perfect—the brakes with massive calipers slowing you down, grabbing those rotors super smooth. 

You have the adapted suspension, and then your passengers in the back seat are going to be loving life.

You have a super long wheelbase and a nice stable ride. Even though it’s a supersize car, you do not feel the length when you’re driving it. 

You’ll enjoy the extra room that’s on the inside because of the longer wheelbase and the longer vehicle. 
BMW shows us that they try very hard to bring back the driving engagement part as their philosophy. Going down the road super smooth obviously, you have all your safety features.

The safety aspect really plays a big part in this BMW and how easy it is to navigate this  7 series.

2021 BMW 750i xDrive really shows if BMW has done their homework.  It shows where they’ve come from having all of this technology. 

The all-wheel-drive, excellent interior space, and luxury filled interior really makes this against and beat the s-class, Audi a8, or a Lexus ls 500.


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