2020 BMW 840i M Technic Gran Coupe is Luxurious Four Door Coupe

The 2020 BMW 840i M Technic Gran Coupe comes as an alternative to BMW’s four-door coupe with a gorgeous exterior to the rear. The luxurious and elegant impression offered also brings a sportier driving sensation than the standard edition. The price is certainly expensive but all the equipment and attractive design have made this car one of the perfect premium vehicle choices for VVIP consumers.

The 2020 BMW 840i M Technic Gran Coupe is the most luxurious four-door coupe from the Bavarian manufacturer. 
The latest iteration of the BMW 8 Series has a larger capacity than the two-door Coupe edition. 
Assembled at the BMW Plant Dingolfing in Lower Bavaria, this innovative BMW model has attracted our attention because of the exclusive impression it offers.
The 8 Gran Coupe is an outstanding sports car as the only vehicle in its segment developed directly from a two-door sports car. 
With the four-door variant of the BMW 8 Series Coupé, the BMW Group is systematically expanding the BMW portfolio to the luxury sports car class developed with the BMW 8 Series Coupé and the BMW M8 GTE.
The 8 Gran Coupe combines expressive design language and exclusive BMW materials. 
The sporty impression was powerful when BMW brought the sporty M Technic Sport Package 840i edition. 
The result is the 2020 BMW 840i M Technic Gran Coupe, which is the most luxurious sports car from BMW.
The BMW 840i does offer a premium impression from the outside to the inside. Although the price is not the highest in the BMW family. 
Are you interested in buying it? Know in advance the advantages and disadvantages through the following review of the BMW 840i M Technic Gran Coupe 2020.

The exterior of the BMW 8 Series 2020

BMW introduces an elegant design with a combination of minimalist lines through the latest design language on the new 840i M Technic Gran Coupe. 
The latest innovation in the BMW M Technic Sport Package offers a sportier design than the standard edition of the BMW 8 Series.
The front view of the 840i M Technic Gran Coupe is identical in design to the Series-8 Coupe. Including the wide and low front end up to the A-pillar position. 
The headlights are designed to be narrow and feature a BMW Laserlight with a long light range of up to 530 meters.
The long fenders convey the impression of a sporty style car. The hood is made lighter to reduce the weight of the vehicle. Apart from improving the car’s aerodynamics, its massive lower bumper will allow more air to flow into the engine room.
The body is made more extensive than the standard edition. With an additional 201 mm length compared to the Coupe edition, you will get a more spacious cabin capacity. 
The side view features 20-inch Y-spoke light-alloy wheels and a frameless side door design.
The proportions are distinctly different from the coupe edition, including a stiffer windshield frame, a higher roofline, and a sleek mirror design to maintain aerodynamics. 
Also, plastics with carbon fiber will reduce vehicle weight and a better center of gravity.
At the rear, the roofline converges to the back through a transition around the C-pillar, giving the rear body a more muscular feel. 
From the rear lights to the bumper, it is still in line with the coupe version. But the long curve of the ducktail is more elegant than the coupe edition.
What distinguishes it is the rear glass, which features steeper lines to create a larger trunk space and maintain the Gran Coupe’s impression with a more spacious cabin in the back row.

The interior of the BMW 8 Series 2020

As BMW’s most luxurious model, the cabin offers an elegant and premium impression. 
The combination of Carbon Fiber interior trim with the BMW Individual Headliner Alcantara and the application of Crafter Clarity glass in several parts of the interior makes it look even more classy.
You will feel an elegant impression when sitting in the front row. 
The digital settings that adorn the dashboard, including the 10-inch floating touch screen head unit like the one on The 8 Coupe, look perfect. 
The cabin’s technology has more comfortable settings because it uses the BMW OS 7.0 and the Intelligent Personal Assistant.
The cabin has ambient light as standard equipment. The instrument panel and the inner doors are entirely covered with Merino leather. 
The center console is filled with a glass design and a typical BMW gear shift. Some armrests can be opened to store items.
The steering wheel’s design is not much different from the Coupe edition with a three-spoke steering wheel with various adjustment buttons and silver accents. 
You have a memory sensor, so you no longer need to find the steering position you want. 
Behind it is a 12.3-inch instrument cluster screen that can display various information while driving, such as speedometer, engine efficiency, and fuel consumption.
The steering seat or rear row provides a comfortable feeling during driving. 
The sport seats are covered with Merino leather and an electric setting for a pleasant riding position. The back row seats also get the same contour and stitching pattern as the front sports seats.
The 8 Gran Coupe offers you an impressive cabin space. Legroom and headroom are quite copious because of the long wheelbase. 
Also, in a 4 + 1 seat configuration, there is a third seat that you can use for short trips equipped with a seat belt.
The practicality of the cabin is quite good. The rear luggage capacity is 440 liters, which can accommodate up to three golf bags. 
This is rarely found in other sports car segments. You can add more storage capacity as needed by folding the rear seats with a 40:20:40 setting.

Features of the BMW 8 Series 2020

Various new features of BMW are in this car. The charming design is complemented by BMW Laserlight, including the BMW Selective Beam, with adaptive function from the outside. 
Also, a Contactless Access system that allows the trunk door to be opened and closed without touch.
Apart from the panoramic glass roof, other features include BMW Gesture Control, Live Cockpit Professional, and Display Key. 
To increase comfort in the cabin, you have 16 speakers from Bowers & Wilkins Diamond along with an active 10-channel amplifier, Dynamic Sound Equalizing, and Apple CarPlay compatibility.
Some of the safety features are an M Seat belt and front, side, knee, and head airbags on all four seats. The braking system uses the Anti-lock Braking System combined with Parking Assistant Plus, Active Park Distance Control, Lane Change Warning, Rear Collision Prevention, and Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go functions.

Operation of the BMW 8 Series 2020

The presence of M Technic in the name 8 Gran Coupe implies a more powerful engine than the standard model. 
With a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine and TwinPower Turbo tech, it can produce the maximum power of up to 340 PS and the highest torque of 500 Nm.
BMW has affirmed the instant response and outstanding revving capability that characterizes the 6-cylinder engine on the 840i. 
Likewise, the 3.0L unit, which is 6 kg lighter than before, will reduce vehicle weight and increase elasticity over the entire revving range.
Even though it is designed as a luxury car with premium quality, the 840i Gran Coupe still offers impressive performance as it can reach 100 km / h from rest in just 5.2 seconds. The top speed is limited to 250 km/hour.

BMW 840i M Specs

  • Dimension: 5.082 x 1.932 x 1.407 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3.023 mm
  • Ground clearance: 128 mm
  • Engine: 3.0L M TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder inline
  • Cylinder capacity: 2.998 cc
  • Power: max 340 PS @ 5.000-6.500 rpm
  • Torque: max 500 Nm @ 1.600-4.500 rpm
  • 0-100 km/h: 5.2 secs
  • Speed: max 250 km/h
  • Transmission: 8-speed Sport Steptronic
  • Suspension: Adaptive M Suspension
  • Brakes: M Sport Brake
  • Rims: 20 inches Y-spoke light-alloy
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Despite being called “the most luxurious four-door coupe from the Bavarian manufacturer,” it turns out that the BMW 840i Gran Coupe M Technic price is not the most expensive model from BMW. 
You can have it at prices starting from $199,900, including BMW Service Inclusive for 5 years or 60,000 km maintenance, 36 months warranty without mileage limitation, and BMW Group Tire Coverage for 2 years.

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