2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible You Will Love

2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost is a modern American pony car, and there are many variations of this year’s model. There are two different body styles. 
You have a coupe (fastback) and a convertible. In those two different body styles, you have many trim levels. 
So you have EcoBoost, GT, bullets, GT 350, and GT350R. Then in EcoBoost and GT, you also have a premium level, a more luxurious version of the cars.
2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible

2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Price

So the 2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost is a premium convertible and is selling for just under $ 39,000. However, you can get the EcoBoost Mustang for over $ 26,000. 
But, you can make them much more expensive than the $ 38,000 or $ 39,000 model. 


This is the sixth generation of the Mustang and has changed a lot over the years. 
While this generation has been out for a few years, there is a significant front facelift for the 2018 model year, and the Mustang retains the look for the 2019 model year.
So, there seem to be mixed feelings about the new front facelift when it first launched. But from a lot of people we talked to, it seemed like it was quite positive. 
For us personally, we like it a lot. We think it looks more aggressive than it did before. We felt that before the facelift, the headlights and front grille were somewhat similar to fusion. 
To be sure, this new facelift further differentiates itself. Not only because the fusions in Mustang look identical, but the parts do look a bit similar.
2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible
What we find interesting is that the GT 350 and GT350R won’t undergo a new facelift, at least not yet, and probably never will. 
If you look at the Raptor, for example, it retains the look of the 2017 F150 and earlier, whereas, from 2018 on all other F-150 models, it has a new front fascia. 
So we’re not sure why Ford did that, but maybe they think the car buyers prefer it. 
In terms of the F-150, we think we would have preferred the old look better. We believe the Mustang EcoBoost side profile looks really good too. 
2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Convertible wheels
This car has 18-inch rims, but there is a more significant rim option for the EcoBoost and, of course, for the GT and high-end models as well.
Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Taillights and exhaust
Also, we like seeing how it looks from behind too. It really retains the look of the classic Mustang taillights but looks modern with dual exhausts. 
But you can also get quad exhausts on some high-end Mustangs. The interior of the 2019 Mustang EcoBoost maybe your favorite in its class. 
We just rode a 2019 Camaro, it’s a Camaro SS, but we have to say we love the interior of this Mustang. The EcoBoost Premium we drove had several options that were improved. 
So you get heated and cooled leather seats, excellent soft leather, and a steering wheel. Inside is a very comfortable place for most soft-touched surfaces without a lot of hard plastics.

2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Interior

You’ll love your look, which has a few elements of flight style. 
If you look at the speedometer, it says ground speed, and it actually describes the revolutions allowed on the tachometer. Then a lot of buttons that look a bit like an aircraft too. 
2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible interior and seats
You have all the switches next to the start/stop button. You will love that the start/stop button is not in a fabulous location but at a slightly lower position. 
The driver and front passenger have plenty of room. We felt that the seats might have been a little narrower, seeing that the rear seats were quite small like the ones in every car in this class. 
The visibility on this Mustang is pretty good too. We don’t think you really have any trouble looking out of this car.
2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Convertible steering wheel and dashboard

Performance and Engine

The performance of the 2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost is fantastic. 
As you can tell from the name, the under-the-hood engine is not a standard V6 but rather a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder that produces 310 horsepower and 350-pound feet torque. 
For four-cylinders, that’s a lot of power. That’s one of the things that made us a little skeptical when the new Mustang first came out with EcoBoost. 
We mean that you usually would have a naturally aspirated V6, and then you would have several V8 models, and you would still have two V8 models. 
You have five liters, and then you have the 5.2 liter V8 flat crank on the Shelby model. 
But this EcoBoost has done a pretty good job for Ford, and it’s literally dropping the V6 at the same time, and the EcoBoost has put out more power than the V6 or most of its time of existence.
The 4-cylinder isn’t quite as good as the V6’s naturally aspirated sound, at least in our opinion. 
There are a few things we like, it does have a lower rumble, you also get a bit of a turbo whistle at certain RPMs. 
This car is said to take under five seconds from 0-60, but if you put it in drag strip mode, you still get a significant amount of body roll. 
Obviously, the higher edition Mustang has a lot more to them, giving you better handling. But it’s also a lot of fun to ride and handled pretty well. 
One of the decisions we like about Ford is that all Mustangs, regardless of what engine they have, are available with a ten-speed automatic. 
We loved this transmission better than the previous six-speed automatic, and it is a transmission jointly developed by Ford and GM.
We got to see this transmission in many different vehicles. We’d like to say that the Escalade we drove last year also had an automatic 10 speed. 
But we are not 100% sure yet. For now, this Mustang also drives very well. There’s a $ 1,600 magnetic damping package for driving on bad roads and such. 
We thought it was worth it, but even without it, this Mustang does really well. You also get a pretty good fuel economy on the Mustang EcoBoost, 20 miles per gallon in the city, and 28 on the highway. 
If you look at the amount of power and compare it to the V8 in fuel economy, it gets much better efficiency. We’re pretty sure the 500 is rated at 15 and 25, so it’s a lot better, especially in the city. 
When you put it in manual mode, the ten-speed transmission is quite fast responding. It’s not really instant, but it’s almost like that. 
If you’re buying a Mustang, you’re probably going to buy a six-speed manual. We just think that in a car like this having a manual is a lot of fun. 
Even at this EcoBoost, we thought it would be really nice to have one. 
We love that the manual is actually a standard transmission, and you pay about $ 1,600 extra to get the 10 speed automatic. 
It’s a classic, with many cars in the past where you saved money by getting a manual, and that’s still the case with it.
We think it is exciting that Ford is offering with the EcoBoost Mustang the $ 895 performance exhaust option. We wonder what it sounds like because we haven’t heard of it.
We don’t think that the EcoBoost itself sounds terrible. It just doesn’t sound great, but with a performance exhaust that might sound better, it’s a great option, and it’s pretty cheap. 
So if you’re going to buy one of these and you care about the sound, it might be worth getting it for just $ 900. 

Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Driving Modes

You also have lots of different driving modes in Mustang EcoBoost 2019. You flip one of the small aircraft like a toggle switch, and you have normal mode, which is basically a comfortable driving way.
Then you have the Sport Plus, which amplifies steering sharpness and throttle response. You have a Track mode, which uses Sport Plus and also basically turns off traction control. 
Also, you have a drag strip mode paired with a 10-speed auto that basically gets you in peak torque all the time, but the shifting feels weird. 
The dragster mode is like a rough gearshift, but it causes you not to lose any torque and keeps you in that peak torque power range the whole time. 
0-60 in this car is really impressive, and the final driving mode is wet snow, which basically makes the throttle the least responsive. It loosens up the steering a lot, and it just makes the car less aggressive at all. 

Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible Technology Features

What are the technologies in the 2019 Mustang EcoBoost? If you get the EcoBoost premium model, you get the standard package, which gives you sync3 as a unique and very user-friendly system. 
We love all the functions in it. You also get Apple Carplay and android auto standard in it. 
You get a perfect backup camera with a rear parking sensor. For $ 2,200, you can upgrade to a package that gives you lots of extra features. 
You get a full 12-inch digital instrument cluster and main trim with color accent groups, heated steering wheel, and voice-activated touchscreen navigation.
Also, for only $1,000, you can get the Ford safe and smart package, which gives you:
  • adaptive cruise control
  • automatic high beams
  • lane-keeping
  • pre-collision alert with pedestrian detection
  • automatic emergency braking
  • rain-sense wipers. 
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So for only a $1000 upgrade, that safety functionality is an outstanding deal.
Our favorite technology features in the 2019 Mustang  EcoBoost are all the track apps that are in the instrument cluster. 
We thought it was really awesome when we have the  2017 Mustang EcoBoost that it had the acceleration timer 0-30, 0-60, 0-100, as well as the eighth-mile and quarter-mile timers. 
This Mustang has that as well, and you also have the brake performance 60-0 or a 100-0. 
The line-lock feature allows you to really do a burnout on the Mustang EcoBoost, which isn’t something we expected. 
We think it’s a really nice feature that many people are excited about when they see a fourth coming out with it. Even for the four-cylinder Mustang EcoBoost, it’s incredible to have that.

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