1948 Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta Is One of The Most Charismatic Sports Cars

However, history has written that Enzo Ferrari won an exciting race in 1947 with his first cars, the 125 S and 166, which brought him to the prestigious podium the following year at the Targa Florio and Mille Miglia. 
However, the first Ferrari 166 edition was not a slim-looking car, designed by Carrozzeria Allemano. There is also a more outdated version of the bike holder. People refer to it as the Spider Corsa. 
At that time, the people who came to the Turin Auto Show were very impressed when they saw a beautiful and elegant roadster appearing at the Ferrari stand. 
Not only that, the famous designer and design historian, Robert Cumberford, called it one of the most charismatic sports car layouts. 
The Italian auto journalist’s dean, Giovanni Canestrini, gave the car the nickname “Barchetta” or small boat. 
This is a tribute to the win four months earlier at the Mille Miglia, even though the car’s official name itself is Ferrari 166 MM, but the Barchetta name has stuck with it ever since. 

Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta Performance

Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni styled the Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta with the famous patented Superleggera or superlight system. He is also the head of the Carrozzeria Touring. 
With 140 HP and a 2.0L 60-degree engine, the Barchetta is not only a beautiful car, but it also has an excellent performance. 
Designed for the first Ferrari by Gioacchino Colombo. When it was single-overhead-cam, 100% rectangular aluminum was the breakthrough. The proof, in the history of automotive, people admit that the Colombo V-12 is one of the most magnificent engines created. 
Even during the next twenty years, the underlying architecture was still being produced. Despite winning more races at the Mille Miglia and Le Mans, the 166 MM Barchetta is also a race car that can also be driven on ordinary roads, technically. 
Commercially, the 166 Inter is Ferrari’s plan to attract a more comprehensive public’s attention as a road version. Besides, to continue to compete with Touring, Ferrari also involves various coachbuilders to refine the body’s designs.

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