What Are The Signs of a Bad Alternator and How Much the Repair Costs?

What are the signs of a bad alternator? We will tell you why the failure happens and how much you will pay to repair the damage. The cost of a new alternator is between $200-$1000, without installation. 
Several specialist companies have advanced in overhauling these generators due to the need to use several alternator components. 
All rusty or damaged parts are replaced. This not only saves resources but also your money. Basically, for a broken alternator, you don’t have to use a new one. Usually, an old alternator is much cheaper.


An alternator is a generator that consists of 3 phases. When the engine is operating, it provides power in the car with internal combustion for all electronic parts. 

An additional engine device moves it, for example, a V-belt, a V-ribbed belt, or only through a crankshaft. 
Besides all electricity consumers, the results of all alternators are sufficient to charge the starter battery. The alternator is rarely worn and is a durable car component.

    How To Recognize a Broken Alternator

    Damage to the alternator is found only when the power source fails to work. 
    • A warning light from a battery in the cabin reveals that the charging device is a malfunction.
    • Even though the vehicle is being driven regularly, but it shows the symbol of an empty battery.
    • Squeaky V-belt reveals a reduction in power transmission.
    • By checking the voltage charging, you will quickly and accurately decide whether the alternator is the trouble source.
    If the alternator is damaged and the battery is completely empty, then your car must be towed.

    Causes of Alternator Malfunction

    The alternator failed for several reasons. The alternator itself can have defects. It must be renewed instead. It is currently cheaper than a repair because an expert has dismantled, tested, and repaired it. 

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    The service center will fix it if only the contact slides wear out. 
    Further justification for the engine’s weak power transmission is: Are the V-ribbed belts or V-belt stable enough? Does the belt or pulley suffer visible damage?

    One probable trigger is also the charge controller. A shattered cable, severely damaged fuse, rusty or faulty connection to a plug can often cause a weak power supply. 

    So, you may find that the alternator itself has no defect. In the case of malfunction, various other components affect the alternator function.

    The alternator is no safety-relevant part. Even so, it really does contribute to an extensive range of electronic mechanisms, which is vital for security. 

    To avoid more severe damage, the broken alternator should go to the repair shop at the very first warning. As the battery is typically powered by the alternator. 
    When it gets broken, the battery just runs out, and your car’s electrical elements slowly fail. You stay in your vehicle, and you are towed to the auto repair shop by the tow service. 
    The headlights can fail at night, even before the car stops. You have another solution: the battery can be charged overnight using a charger, then take the car directly to the garage the next day.

    How much does the alternator repair cost?

    We summarized below estimates of alternators’ repair costs based on the maker, the type, and the workload.

    • the cost of installing the alternator: $175-$ 1,400
    • regulator failure: $95-$200
    • V-belt Replacement: $100 -$300 
    • Change in sliding contact: $60-$140
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