These Are the Differences Between MPV and SUV Cars

This time, we will explore some differences in MPV and SUV cars with various advantages from various aspects. 
In recent years, it is undeniable that the trend of MPVs and SUVs has become the most desirable business segment in the world automotive market. 

This is evidenced by the emergence of a variety of MPV and SUV vehicles on the market.



However, not many people know that there are significant differences between MPV cars and SUVs. 
Both have fundamental differences from various sides, even though the functionality in passenger capacity is almost identical. 

Therefore, understanding the difference between MPV and SUV cars will help consumers, especially beginners, to buy a car according to their needs.



Meanwhile, MPVs or SUVs also have advantages that match their segmentation. Generally, MPV cars are targeting the beginner and middle-class segments as a family car. 
While the SUV is present as a compact car model with a middle-class target market. So do not be surprised if both have a striking difference when viewed in terms of target consumers. 

Also, the price is quite a big difference.

If you are still confused about the differences between the two, we will explain the difference between MPV and SUV cars and some of the advantages and disadvantages.

The Difference Between MPV and SUV cars

It turns out that there are some differences between MPV and SUV two as follows.

Differences in terms of functions

MPV or Multi-Purpose Vehicle belongs to the category of the multi-functional family car. 

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It is known as a passenger carrier, as well as a multi-purpose goods carrier vehicle. MPV is made and intended for families with an emphasis on comfort and safety in driving. 

So, it isn’t shocking if its capacity can accommodate at least 7 people or one family.

The seats can generally be folded, mostly when the second or rear seats can be used or functioned as a storage area. 


You can see the difference between SUVs in terms of function. SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle is a sturdy car that can pass through various kinds of challenging road terrain.

The use of SUVs is more aimed at consumers who need to have a multi-functional car capable of operating on various road contours. 


However, the passenger capacity between MPV and SUV is not too different, ranging from 5 to 7 passengers.

Differences from Engine Aspects

Differences between MPV cars and SUVs are also found on the engine. The engine owned by both will correspond to the level of function and dimensions of the load carried. 


So it has a pretty primary difference.

MPV types of cars generally have engines under 1,500 cc, for example, between 1.3 liters or 1.2 liters.

However, not a few MPV types in the medium class have an engine up to 1,500 ccs. 

Meanwhile, SUVs will undoubtedly need more reliable engine power support. Therefore, most SUVs have an engine capacity above 1,500 ccs. 

Thus, there are notable contrasts between MPV cars and SUVs in terms of engines.

Differences Based on Body Dimensions

Significant differences in MPV cars and SUVs can also be seen in terms of body structure. MPV cars generally have slightly higher dimensions and are quite spacious. 

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This is intended to provide more space in the cabin and can accommodate many people.

Meanwhile, SUVs aim to provide extra comfort, especially when driving through bumpy or off-road terrain. 


Therefore, most SUVs are designed with the body structure positioned on the top of the chassis.

Even the ground clearance is designed high enough to make the car easier when moving on off-road roads and muddy rural terrain. 


We can know that the MPV’s body size is more intended for capacity, while the SUV tends to support the robustness and stability in driving.

The Difference in Terms of Car Prices

Another difference between MPV and SUV cars is the selling price. In fact, the price difference is reasonably extensive. 

In general, the price of MPV cars currently circulating and sold in the automotive market is more affordable than SUVs. 

The high cost of SUVs is inseparable from the massive engine capacity and a more complete variety of features than the MPV.

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of the many differences between MPV cars and SUVs—both in terms of function, features, engine, and the selling price.

However, both types of cars have functions according to the needs of consumers. So, there is no better or worse because they both have different target consumers.

Now, do you understand the difference between MPV and SUV cars? Hopefully, this information can bring many benefits to you.

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