The New Nissan Micra is More Economical and Better Than Its Predecessor

Nissan Micra is only offered as a 5-door hatchback, and the controls are realistically arranged and are very easy to reach. 
However, there is no memorable atmosphere with plastic materials. The choice of additional materials exposes the demand to minimize production costs. 
There is no problem with the luggage volume since the rear seat can be folded up in the proportion of 60:40. So, it can be increased from 265 to 1,132 liters.
2020 Nissan Micra
In the fall of 2013, this little one got an improved facelift and was quite well known, including the adjustable radiator grille and the headlight modification. 
However, small cars, which are only available as five-door cars with 3.78 meters, supply a relatively large area. 
Even in the back, it is still airy. Interior design also confirms that world preferences and public needs can be different.
The presence of the 4th generation of Nissan Micra (K13) was in the spotlight in 2010. 
This small car was made as a universal vehicle for more than 160 countries and made in India but didn’t debut on the German market until March 2011 due to difficulties delivery. 
K13 retired in 2017 and also made room for the 5th generation today. The 4th generation of Nissan Micra is a car without a lot of charisma or personal appeal. 
As a used vehicle, this car is quite disappointing, its best side on TUV.

What Engine Does a Nissan Micra Have?

At the market launch, Micra has a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that can produce 80 hp and without any turbo or compressor support. 
The manual five-speed transmission is enough for driving in a city area. Nissan Micra also fits in a small garage with a small size, smooth steering, and a still quite comfortable chassis. 
However, this car quickly runs out of power on the freeway.
Micra competes in 3 lines of equipment where the basic version is Visia, which offers six airbags, central locking with standard remote electric windows on the driver and passenger side. 
ESP also includes old jobs. Air conditioning and radio require extra fees. 
Besides, Nissan has several trim options, such as leather upholstery, auto climate control, parking area measurement,  and touch screen navigation system. 
The small car won a four-star score in the NCAP crash test in 2010.
Nissan Micra is relatively cost-effective and satisfying with a consumption of around 5 liters. At the end of 2011, supercharged variations of the three cylinders were followed by a direct petrol injection. 
Micra power goes up to 98 hp, and 142 Nm gives far more power than 110 Nm, which is weak.
This engine with a primary intake of 4.1 liters is more economical than an 80 hp engine. 
Still, if you use an additional boost for driving pleasure, its consumption also increases to 7 liters. 
As an alternative to manual operated switches, Nissan Micra provides continuous variable transmission (CVT) for both variants.

Is Nissan Micra a Reliable Car?

With this Nissan Micra, the Japanese want to do things a little differently from the previous version because it is so far away from women’s image, too many contours, and big headlights. 
According to European and German flavor concepts, the result is a boring design, a faceless vehicle, only a car that runs without beauty and charisma.
The Micra (K13) has no appeal and enthusiasm, but it is better at TUV than its cute predecessor. 
You need to prepare around 3,500 euros for identical older units, while five-year-old models are sold on used vehicle websites for approximately 5,000 euros.
During the primary assessment (HU) on TUV, Micra was not always the best. Even so, this car has actually improved substantially compared to the previous model. 
But compared to other vehicles, Micra’s inspection results are worse than the average overall test year. 
Customers should pay more attention to axle suspension because it triggers problems directly from the first HU. 
Micra also has issues with the lighting system. Also, when testing for oil loss, sadly, this car contributes to abnormalities with leakage.

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