Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet 48V Hybrid is More Economical and Comfortable

Throughout the evaluation, Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet 48V relied on a smooth hybrid with a reliable 48-volt system. 
Petrol engine performance dropped from 140 to 129 hp; however, the strap-on generator supports with acceleration, the power previously recovered by braking, and also temporarily stored in a tiny battery.

Lane departure warning systems with steering intervention, traffic signal recognition, and adapted cruise control systems belong to all Vitara’s conventional total equipment. 

The most exceptional Comfort + devices line is also furnished with a spectacular glass roof panoramic and information and an excellent entertainment system with navigating features.

Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet 48V runs as a smooth hybrid with 129 bhp for convenient and economical daily use. So, what can be done by Japanese SUV models today? Times change and with their needs. 
In the late 1980s, we also had high requests for small SUVs, primarily served by Japanese models. Daihatsu Rocky and Feroza drive automotive history books, but again Suzuki Vitara. 
At that time, we preferred it as a two-door conversion with colorful decorations.


The smooth hybrid system never turns off the engine while driving. However, consumption values fell in Vitara. In regular tests, only under seven liters are reached in more than 100 km. 

This makes Suzuki more economical than Skoda Kamiq with 150 hp, DSG freewheel function, and cylinder deactivation. 
With a leisurely trip by land and city, a value of around six liters can be performed. Also, long-distance travel goes very well with Vitara.

For people with bicycle racks in this tow bar, information about 75 kg of the vertical load may be more helpful. 

From 22k euros, the Suzuki Vitara is on the price list. In addition to the driving benefits mentioned above, the Club equipment line also includes automatic climate control, rain sensors, and CD radios.

The design is thriving and doesn’t hurt, but it’s less fun than in the past. 

With the freshest facelift, there is a new daytime running light on the front bumper and vertical insertion on the radiator grille and the 1.4-liter turbo petrol engine called the Suzuki BoosterJet, which is also available on the Suzuki Swift Sport.

A result is a warning unit that suits the Suzuki Vitara. A mindfully selected six-speed gearbox is suitable for this. 

There is no alternative to manual changes for Vitara because they don’t offer automatic systems like other engines.

The chassis is solid enough to provide feedback from the road. At the same time, it emphasizes comfort.

The same applies to seats, which are also remarked in comfort + with an excellent microfiber cover. Even in the higher speed lane, the BoosterJet engine has enough power to accelerate out of highway speeds.

The driving mode can be configured on the middle console using the rotary switch. Sport mode delivers more life to the cabin but is further confirmed in regular use. 

When stopped at a red light, the engine turns off just before the car stops. 
If the clutch pedal is pressed again, it will start operating immediately. 
So this is the main benefit of the starter belt generator contrasted to conventional starter motors.

The screen seems to have been installed later. However, in its function, this module is not criticized. Bluetooth connection to a smartphone also works fast and stable. 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available. The second-row seats are a bit less beautiful, but for knees and head, Vitara provides it. 
But at least for larger passengers, they have far less space than many rivals. Also, the door panels without textile inserts look less adorable than the front.

The average trunk volume is 375 liters. The second loading floor can be locked at two heights to ensure a flat surface behind the loading edge. If required, Vitara can handle a 1,200 kg trailer load.

Test cars on the highest line of comfort + equipment with all-wheel drive are definitely expensive. The price list, without optional two-color paint, is approximately 29k euros.

Today, small SUVs and crossovers rule the street scene. All famous carmakers have models that match within their range, many of which are fresh to the market. 

Suzuki was also involved, still with Vitara. The five-door model of 4.17 meters looks pure in the modern model generation.

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