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Ferrari Portofino Is A Grand Tourer For Speed Lovers


How do you feel if you have a cool sports car like a 2019 Ferrari Portofino? It must be entertaining, and you could be a reliable driver who likes to drive a car at high speed. 

However, for those of you who are happy with Ferrari and like a grand tourer, the Ferrari Portofino 2019 represents the ideal choice for you, and we’ll give you a review and specs. 

This car is handled on urban roads but can also explore its passionate side when required.


What is the most famous Ferrari car model? It can be stated absolutely that the sports car model is much more desirable. 


The sensation of driving is very intense, very adrenaline-driven, and makes the driver feel happy at the highest level of driving pleasure.

Also, the typical Italian flamboyant style is always attached to Ferrari. 


This spirit is widely spread to their grand tourer (GT) models, especially the GT convertible model with front-engine placement, V12, and V8 configurations.

Ferrari 342 America (1951) was a pioneer. The historical footprint of the front-engined Ferrari GT Convertible model started through the configuration of the V12 engine.
Subsequently followed by:

    • 250 GT Cabriolet and 250 California in 1957


    • 75 GTS in 1964


    • 330 GTS and 365 California in 1966


    • 365 GTS


  • 365 GTS4 in 1969

Ferrari Portofino 2019 Review

2008 Ferrari raised the spirit of the GT Convertible via Ferrari-California and marked the historic start of the Ferrari GT Convertible V8 engined. 


The evolution of Ferrari California appeared on Ferrari California 30 and California T in 2012 and 2014.

On the 70th anniversary of Ferrari in 2017, they launched the 2019 Ferrari Portofino. 


The successor of the Ferrari California T enhanced the most recent work for the GT segment. This car accompanies the Ferrari GTC4Lusso and GTC4Lusso T.


The Ferrari Portofino 2019 has a convertible body concept with a retractable hardtop (RHT) used in the previous Ferrari California family. 


Designed by the Ferrari Design Center, the Ferrari Portofino 2019 underwent significant bodily changes. The result remains the Best of the Best 2019 award from Reddot.

Ferrari designers and engineers overhaul the architecture to be more rigid by 35 percent than the Ferrari California T. 

Body-in-white components are integrated more broadly. Pillar A Ferrari Portofino 2019 only consists of two pieces compared to the previous model, which delivers 21 parts. 
Modern production technology, especially sand-casting, allows the creation of hollow sections. As a result, the designer constructs innovative forms that are lighter. 

Ferrari Portofino 2019 is 176 pounds lighter than the Ferrari California T.


What about the exterior details of the Ferrari grand tourer car whose name is taken from the exotic village of Portofino in Italy? The following obtain a comprehensive explanation of the 2019 Portofino Ferrari exterior.

The front exterior of the Ferrari Portofino 2019 features an aggressive impression, combined with an elegant and dynamic body curve. 


The quite dominant grille design in the front fascia will steal the show. There are two parallel vertical lines with a firm center line on the front hood if you notice.

Near the grille area, a pair of scoop air with a fairly dominant position satisfies the car’s front side.

If you notice, a pair of aero holes seem to hide behind the LED headlight’s general design. Packed more horizontally and follows the curves of the front fenders. 

These aero hole functions as an air curtain to reduce the drag effect created on the front wheels. 

Not only that, but a pair of air holes in the hood additionally serves to transfer heat from the engine room while supporting the aerodynamics of the car.

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From the side, the concept of two-box fastback is visible as the significant theme of the 2019 Ferrari Portofino. 

However, the Ferrari designers try giving an exotic silhouette effect when exposed to light. Thanks to the beautiful curved design lines from the point of the front wheels to the rear stern. 

The aerodynamics side has become the crucial concern of the Ferrari Design Center designers. They embed air extraction fin as a solution to reduce air resistance in the front tire fender space.

The Ferrari Portofino 2019 acquires an elegant aura formed through curves in the stern rear area. 

The tail light placement is deliberately designed not to be incorporated in the boot lid, feels more retro because of its rounded shape. 

Clear diffuser under the bumper so dominant, especially now flanked by a quad exhaust and claimed to deliver a superior sound like other Ferrari cars.

The RHT roof model was chosen because the Ferrari Portofino 2019 has two opposing characters. 

When the roof mode is closed, the coupe “Berlinetta” character is more highlighted, while the open roof mode emphasizes the experience of driving a GT car with a gentle breeze along the way. 

But technically, the process of opening or closing the RHT Ferrari Portofino 2019 roof can be done within 14 seconds.

Ferrari Portofino Interior

The interior design of the 2019 Portofino Ferrari is in line with the current Ferrari GT model, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. 

The luxury of the cabin is powerful. Considering that almost all aspects of detail from the material to the stitches are processed by hand made. 

Consumers can choose unique advance customization through the Ferrari Tailor-Made program for the 2019 Ferrari Portofino interior.

The new dashboard approach of the Ferrari Portofino 2019 prompts us of the design of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. 


It can be identified from the use of the ‘flat bottom’ steering wheel, compact but has many feature setting buttons.


Moreover, an instrument cluster with Portofino HMI uses two 5-inch digital screens and a capacitive touchscreen display on the front passenger cockpit, displaying information on the instrument cluster.

On the other hand, there is some redesign of feature placement in the dashboard area, especially in the center console area, which is now dominated by 10.25-inch infotainment screens that can be operated by touchscreen through the operation buttons. 


The Climate Control system settings button is under the center console, which Ferrari now claims is better channeling fresh air inside the cabin.

Ferrari Portofino 2019 seat configuration employs the concept of 2 + 2, where the front seat is designed for two adults, and the rear seat is more suitable for small children.


The front seat of the Ferrari Portofino 2019 is 18-way electrically adjustable seats. You can adjust via buttons and an infotainment screen. 


The unique design of the front seat backrest is redesigned. So, it can provide better legroom for rear passengers.

It becomes a tradition if a convertible type of car does not have ample luggage space. 


Because the rear trunk space will principally be used to store folding roofs when the vehicle is operated in an open roof condition.


Approximately how big is the Ferrari Portofino 2019 trunk that can be used? If it is assumed in the form of a medium-sized suitcase, based on Ferrari’s claim, the Ferrari Portofino 2019 luggage size of 292 liters can contain two medium-sized bags. 

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If roof conditions are used, luggage space can be made more prominent to fit about three medium luggage.

Ferrari Portofino 2019 offers the driving sensation typical of the Ferrari GT family, comfortable when driving regularly. But the movements are precise, like a sports car when driven at high speed.

The difference in ‘character’ given by the Ferrari Portofino 2019 can be arranged as quickly as shifting the Manettino feature controlled through a lever on the steering wheel. Present modes are:

    • Comfort


    • Sport


  • ESC Off’

Ready to adjust aspects of handling, performance, including the exhaust sound level according to the choice of styles in Manettino.

Cool Features

Many advanced technology touches from Ferrari are ready to ensure that the 2019 Portofino is more dynamic and responsive and provides superior driving comfort.

Through the 10.25-inch Full HD touch screen in the dashboard area of the Ferrari Portofino 2019, both the driver and passenger can manage many entertainment features and car settings intuitively. 

These features are easy to operate. Either through the touch of a hand on the screen or operation through the knob under the screen. By default, the Ferrari Portofino 2019 infotainment screen displays the:

    • Radio


    • Media


    • Navi


    • Phone


  • Comfort and Settings menus

Besides being able to view the extensive list, the latest Ferrari infotainment system can also run two of it at once through the split-screen feature.

All the technology that belongs to the Ferrari Portofino 2019 is not entirely a vital concern for Ferraristi and the prospective Ferrari owner. 


We are confident that all who want to have a Ferrari Portofino 2019 pay more attention and are curious about the mechanical heart’s potential embedded in this car.

Engine Specs

Technically, the Ferrari Portofino 2019 uses a 3.9 liter V8 90° turbo engine, which gains the International Engine of the Year in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

The engines are also used in the Ferrari V8 range, such as the Ferrari 488 GTB. Ferrari GTC4Lusso T has used a new component with exceptional calibration on the computerized engine system. 


It can produce 600 CVs (591 hp), channeled to the rear wheels via 7-speed F1 Dual Clutch Transmission, and can run from 0-200km/h in just 10.8 seconds.

Some details, such as pistons and con-rods, underwent recent changes, including the redesigned intake system. 


Geometry in the entire exhaust system was completely overhauled with a one-piece-cast exhaust header, so the throttle response could be under 1 second and turbo zero lag.

Ferrari Portofino is also supported by Variable Boost Management, a software control device developed by Ferrari to adjust torque delivery to match the selected gear. 

As the car moves through the gears (from three to seven), the engine’s torque increases to 760 Nm. 

This allows Ferrari to adopt a longer gear ratio at a higher gear, which helps maintain fuel consumption and equally reduced emissions.


Every price for the 2019 Portofino Ferrari marketed by Ferrari has a price difference because every Ferrari ordered provides a list of options and customizations that consumers can choose. 


So, the price of the Ferrari Portofino 2019 can be varied following the plan of customizations desired by the owner.

Ferrari Portofino Pictures

The following is one of the best pictures of the 2019 Ferrari Portofino.

Yellow Ferrari Portofino



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