Car Donation Process: 9 Easy Ways You Need To Know

Some people are donating their automobile for the purpose of charity or purchase of a new car.
However, people may fail to know how to donate their cars
Many individuals searching for the right way to donate a car are not sure of what they should do to accomplish it. 
There are different ways that people can use in donating their automobiles.


Donating the car can be a great way of giving back and helping an individual who needs it. It doesn’t matter if the automobile donated can run or not. What’s important is that it can help someone who is in need. 

Make sure that the area where the car will be donated will have a maximum value.
Before handing one of the most significant assets that a person can possess, know the following ways to know how to donate a car.

Donate a Car on Charity: 9 Ways You Should Do

1. Avoid dealing with middlemen

Some for-profit liaison corporations, who advertise assertively on television, billboards, print media, and other forms of advertising, are offering to help donate the vehicle to charity. 

However, these organizations usually keep about fifty to ninety percent of the vehicle’s value for themselves. The charity of choice will not get the amount of money they should have gotten. 
To prevent this situation, confer directly with the charity of choice and find out if they accept car donations.

2. Look for a worthy charity

There are specific charities that do not accept car donations.

If the charity of choice is not equipped in accepting such donations, do research on the reputable charities that accept car donation. One can research track records of different charities online.

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3. Discern the status of the recipient

For the donator to qualify for a deduction, the charity that receives the donation must be an IRS-approved organization. 

Most of the time, churches, mosques, synagogue, and temples will more likely qualify. There is also a list of qualifying organizations available at the Internal Revenue site online.

4. Do the calculations

If one prefers to use a liaison organization, probably because of a hectic schedule, ask the organization regarding the car’s value that will be parted for the charity. 

When the organization provides flat fees to the charities, for instance, a hundred bucks for a used automobile regardless of the value of two thousand dollars a month, the donation may not be entitled to a tax deduction.

5.Transport the vehicle directly to the charity of choice

Once you have identified the charity of your choice, keep in mind that it requires paying someone to pick up the car and transport it to the charity. To maximize the benefits of the donation, send the vehicle personally.

6. Transport the car with care

It is essential to transfer the title of the vehicle to the charity first before transporting the automobile. 

This will eliminate the risks of acquiring parking tickets and other violations after saying goodbye to the donated vehicle. Nevermore neglect the ownership space on the charity donation papers blank.

7. The estimated value of the car donation might fail to cut it

When the automobile costs more than five hundred dollars, the Internal Revenue System might want to know how much the charity obtains from it. 

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Therefore, donators must acquire a receipt from the charity showing how much money the donated car made.

8. Provide a comprehensive paper trail 

When the donation costs more than five hundred dollars, donators must attach an IRS form to their tax return. 

When it is worth more than five thousand dollars, the documentation must contain an outside appraisal.

Proof of the donation is necessary, such as the charity’s receipt and the title change copy.

9. Lastly, be detail-oriented 

Paper trails may give a burden on the donator’s part. 

However, the act of donating a property may be one of the most significant charitable donations that one has ever made. 
Therefore, donators should make sure that the charity will get the most benefit and gain the best possible deduction.

These are some of the ways on how to donate a car.  Following these steps will prevent the hassles associated with selling it and attain a tax deduction at the same time.

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