BMW X6 Vantablack Is Coated With Nano-Paint That Absorbs 99.9% Light

Nano Color Coating Absorbs 99.9% Light On BMW X6 Vantablack.

The car shows a special coating on BMW X6 Vantablack, a nano-color layer usually used for space travel, to prevent star observations from being disturbed by light from the sun.

There are xLine and M Sport lines beside standard equipment. The radiator louvers and window frames on the xline are framed in chrome, and the wheel arches are covered with an off-road style in plastic.

BMW X6 Vantablack

At M Sport, the frame is black, and the wheel arches are covered in the car body’s color. Rim sizes 19 to 22 inches are available.

99.9% of the light is absorbed in color. The composition seems two-dimensional instead of three-dimensional.


The new BMW X6  is more elegant yet not too muscular than its predecessor. 
The rear lights have a smoother pattern, but the X6 becomes even more convenient than the big sedan. 
The Interior looks classy, well organized, and perfect. Contrary to the X5, X6 has no animal-friendly seat cover. 
The new suspension has also changed concerning sportiness and comfort in large BMW SUVs as far as new driving technology is applied. 
The choice of adaptive sports suspension or softer air suspension depends on your need.
The BMW X6 is slightly smaller than most of its predecessors and a little longer, but the size is still almost the same as the BMW X5. 
The curved roofline to the back is very impressive, as are the new rear lights, which are drawn quite horizontally. 
The new BMW X6 comes with a burning BMW kidney grill for the first time. By opening or closing the vehicle, lighting is activated. 
Drivers can also manually turn on and turn off a BMW kidney lamp. The light function can also be used while driving. 
Overall, the new generation radiator grille is more upright, BMW’s dual kidney grille is more extensive, and the headlights are pulled more horizontally. 
This clearly makes the X6 look more sporty. It is based on Led lights and has an adaptive LED with such a laser beam at the maximum configuration level of 500 m high beams. 
The back shoulder line is beautiful in the side profile and very well done.


The interior of the new BMW X6 is very systematic and organized. Based on X5. Without looking strange, a durable design line runs across the dashboard horizontally. Serious and modern. 
The driver data unit consists of digital instruments in 12.3 inches. An optional head-up screen is provided. 
In the middle, there is also a 12.3-inch widescreen that is smartly integrated. Therefore BMW decided to give the X6 in the left and right series with a large digital display all the time. 
The statement is direct and honest. Or the new crystal handle has been used as a sliding lever, enhancing uniqueness.
The whole seat is very comfortable, and the space in all of it is awe-inspiring. 
Seat covers do not rely on BMW Sensatec synthetic black or beige like on the BMW X5 but directly on animal leather.
X6 starts directly with sports seats in terms of shape. Two other large adults have space in the back, but that doesn’t fit because there isn’t much air left. 
There should even be a little better legroom given the length of the vehicle. The headroom on the back of the X6 is clearly slightly smaller than the X5. 
The BMW X6 has a capacity of 580-1,525 liters, and the X5 has a total of 645-1,860 liters. Obviously, concerning the BMW X5, you lose height, but the X6 is also worth using.

Engine and Fuel Consumption

Technically the BMW X5 and BMW X6 are almost the same. With a better ability to isolate noise and perform a quiet trip in the new generation. 
Simultaneously, the gasoline engine is ready to run and ensures a good design at all times. It is very acceptable for a vehicle to consume between 9 and 10 liters. 
A sporty and natural sense of driving, and this can exist in BMW.
You can control and move the 50i carefully. For something to happen, some pressure is needed on the accelerator pedal. So if you press correctly, the roar gently opens the V8. 
Unfortunately, fuel costs are also greatly influenced by V8, which is between 12-13 liters per 100 km. Consumption of the larger BMW X7 is slightly lower though of the same engine. 
The BMW X5 50i to 40i shows as a comparison that the V8 is a significant drive, but the increase in noise and performance is not nearly equivalent to the extra consumption of 3 l / 100 Km.

Features and Technology

The new BMW X6 can be equipped with rear-axle steering to increase agility. This reduces the 1 m circle rotation in particular and makes it easier to park. 
It also aims to strengthen dynamics and also provide active roll stabilization. 
In addition to the standard adaptive suspension, the M adaptive and air sport suspension is different from the previous generation because it now covers both axles. 
The height can vary up to 8 cm, and the Sport and Offroad Package is planned for rear limited-slip differential. You can protect the bottom of the car with an off-road package.
The air suspension is very sporty on the X5. That ensures that you can have a reliable air suspension instead of a swinging vehicle. For maximum comfort, air suspension remains the leading choice.
At BMW, the standard suspension can also be used without problems. The air suspension compensates somewhat softer and is not much different from the regular adaptive chassis on bumpy roads.
The assistance system has its best side too. The most important are adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warnings, and standard autonomous emergency brakes. 
Reliable high-level adaptive cruise control is provided, which then also takes control of the steering as long as you hold it. 
In the United States, you can track changes using turn signals, and assistants handle the rest.
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