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BMW M240i Convertible You Will Love

The BMW M240i Convertible can be identified primarily from the dual exhaust pipe system, one muffler on the right and the other on the left. 
The flagship model is also expressed by the stunning alloy wheels, shining through the blue-painted brake calipers, tire combination (225/40 ZR 18 in front and 245/35 ZR 18 at the rear), and M-signet on the boot lid.

BMW M240i Convertible

In 2017, BMW made some small frontal improvements through the use of LED lights. 
It is genuinely satisfying how BMW’s long-standing design actually has a BMW radiator grille that will not exceed the size, as seen in the latest 4-series coupe. 
However, it is now more integrated harmoniously into the DNA layout with confidence.

Since the beginning of 2015, BMW has sold a two-seater convertible with an internal code F23, instead of an open single. 

With a fabric roof, which can be electrically opened and closed in just 20 secs. Extra fees are quite expensive, 4400 euros for the BMW M240i Convertible top class.

BMW M240i Convertible Exterior

The BMW factory in Leipzig makes 2 Series Cabriolet / Coupe and the BMW X1 and the 5-door 1 Series. 

In the compact class, small sheet metal cover with a length of 4.45 meters, front-engine, and rear-drive, this combination is specific. 
Drafts vary from softly whispering to very stormy, based on the location of the side window.

As part of the essential equipment, the 2 Series Coupé and Cabrio are already receiving darkened tail lights since this March.

There is almost no doubt that BMW is worth driving. Accurately, the way the steering wheel reacts represents the best in the segment. 

The compact exterior dimensions and balanced weight distribution have a positive impact on the BMW M240i Convertible. 
As is the case with a desirable rear-wheel drive, which must make room for the front-wheel-drive in the new Gran Coupe.

The next bright note is the incredible driving comfort. The BMW M240i Convertible is not a BMW M GmbH car at all, even if it is an M model. 

It is a comfortable car, regardless of the M mark, which can be driven reliably in the long run. High speed mainly because of the excellent steering control.

BMW M240i Convertible Interior

The interior revealed that Series 2 had been in business for several years. More specifically, from March 2014 for coupes and convertibles since February 2015. 
On a reasonably small infotainment screen, you can even see it. Besides, a simple analog device, which is once again quite adorable, and many small push buttons throughout the console center.

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Even so, nothing can really be questioned concerning personal opinions about performance, which can also be predicted from a BMW compact for a minimum of 55,600 euros.

There is also a perfect sitting position that makes you want to take the first turn even if the engine doesn’t start. An excellent touch seems to be on the seat belt, where a pattern is interwoven in the BMW M GmbH color scheme.

Standard features in the BMW M240i Convertible are automatic two-zone climate control and seat and steering wheel heating. 

You should have extra for the open-air period for 330 and 190 euros. Also, a wind deflector is easily installed and can be folded for 330 euros.

The BMW M240i Convertible’s luggage contains at least 335 liters-reduced to 280 liters when the top is down. 

However, if the wind deflector is stowed away, you will sacrifice a few more liters. But, there is always enough space for two people to enjoy the holiday.

Although there are no problems with the front seat space, the rear seats are quite tight. Also, a bit of an issue is the cup holders that are in the seat recesses. 

They really take up space. It’s also tough to pass because the center console stretches, even to the front edge of the rear seat. The back door is also challenging.

BMW M240i Convertible Engine and Performance

The sliding switch on the center console can easily choose four driving modes, namely Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, and then with traction control disabled in Sport Plus mode. 

The genius of German engine technology passed 9.2 liters / 100 km on the consumption route. Whereas in the Comfort mode, the difference in two liters is exceptional from the 7.1-liter manufacturer’s specifications. 
In the Eco mode, getting under 9 liters is relatively easy. But in sport modes consumption will instantly reach double figures.

The BMW M240i Convertible is powered by an inline B58 six-cylinder gas engine, which first appeared in 2015, coming from the assembly line at the engine plant in Germany and still doing its job well through the seven series.

With 340 hp, the 3-liter is in feeding and accelerates the BMW M240i Convertible in 4.7 secs from 0 to 100 km / h according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

In combination with an 8-speed automatic, the M-Performance Sound + Power exhaust system with flap exhaust increases the max torque from regular, 450 to 500 Nm. 
This will apply from 1500 Rpm and continue to the peak until 4,500 Rpm.

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Mostly with a steering wheel paddle, the driver can get really involved over and over again, where the Sport and especially the Sport Plus mode turns into a kind of ultimate rocket afterward. 

But then it can really happen that the pleasure of open-driving loses meaning and is overshadowed by the inspiration for the need for speed.

A few sentences about the hood: Using the control button on the center console, it can be opened and closed electrically up to a speed of 50 km / h, and this whole process takes 20 s. 

Perfectly fit, the heated rear glass and high-quality insulation guarantee excellent compatibility throughout the year. 
The convertible is lower than the 2-series coupe, even with all the hood closed and on the road. Only from around the speed of 170-180 km / h the wind blows hard, but it is never frustrating.

However, there is one negative thing that needs attention. 

You get back tilted view, where the blind spot is minimal if the roof is attached. So, be careful at crossroads that look bad. Or when you get out in the morning from the garage with a car parked road shoulder.
Version 218i, 220i, 220d, 230i, and 218d four-cylinder will also satisfy those looking for a fun driving an open car in a BMW conversion. 
They are given a price between EUR 35,900 and EUR 47,350 in the product list, plus EUR 2,000 for the Sport Line package and EUR 3800 for the M Sport package. 
It’s not cheap, of course, but using a BMW is always somewhat expensive.

Everyone who gets a BMW M240i Convertible doesn’t need to pay too much attention to prices and wants outdoor enjoyment to be paired with compact dimensions and maximum power. 

And that’s what the sparkling 6-cylinder engine has to offer besides pleasant sound when turned on? Torque under all circumstances, and consumption that almost exceeds the engine limits that are so strong. But for compact types, it’s no longer up to date.

If you usually like the idea of a two-seater convertible, you must choose now than someday. 

According to information, BMW is planning the successor to the 2 Series Coupé (F22) RWD but not 2 series Convertibles. 
Also, the Z4 Roadster will be an open-compact along with a larger 4-series convertible.

Like the Z4, successors to the open 4 series must be moved to up-soft and say goodbye to a three-part metal folding roof, which is basically within the scope of a powerful engine.


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