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BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo Hybrid 48V is More powerful and Elegant


The new refresher from the fourth generation of the 6-series revealed BMW’s intention to add electrification to the vehicle.

In 2020 the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo also made electrically driven 48-Volt more powerful, apart from introducing new systems and technologies.

However, the size is still large. Its proportions have not changed. The GT Series-6 will offer executives who want to find high-quality sedans that embrace a comfortable and sophisticated look.


Through the years, the bigger is better concept was introduced by BMW models, and now they have improved the dimension of the new 4 Series. The trend starts with the 5-series Gran Turismo. However, unfortunately, the GT Series 5 is too large, and BMW is trying to replace it with the Gran Turismo 6 series. Now, the Series-6 eventually received a refreshment after three years with new models. The BMW 6 series was initially available in a two-door coupe in the first generation and was manufactured in 1976. The fourth-generation is G32 continued to evolve and was unveiled at the Frankfurt Automotive Show in September 2017. Gran Turismo 6 Series with body code F06 with five-door fastback design has replaced Gran Turismo 5 Series. The head style is sharper, and the headlights are angled more aggressively. The 6-series retains BMW’s promise to electrify each of these versions among the features and technological upgrades. All models with a moderately hybrid 48-volt engine are available.

BMW 6 Series 2020 Exterior

As was expected sometime earlier, a broader kidney grille emerged as the GT 6 series exterior’s main improvement.  Aerodynamics are also refreshed mostly during the ride. However, the outside will always be the common stylish 6-Series perception.
The sixth series continues the modifications in BMW style with a more prominent grille. The new visual breakthrough reveals that the Gran Turismo 6 line is supplemented by a more extensive BMW kidney bar with headlights. You will consider the latest version of the M-Sports kit on the six series and those of you who want a sporty look. Apart from an updated kidney grille, a more modern small bumper is the most significant improvement.
The smaller air intakes are streamlined and underline meaningful series-6 architecture. The design has become thinner than ever, and this car has aerodynamic air flows on the side of the bumper.
While the BMW says that the sides are more significant, the contrast isn’t very noticeable for the average eye. Mostly the same measurements, 5.09 meters in length. There’s also a windowless frame and rear bumper, which expands automatically while driving over 120 km / h.
In the rear, you will see some improvements. The rear bumper incorporates black accents and is positioned on the base of the LED taillights. However, this is just too huge for accents. So the feeling of flat on the rear seems to be reduced. Also, a trapezoidal tailpipe on both models is offered for the M-Sport kit.

BMW 6 Series 2020 Interior

With the leather-coated interior placed on all its variants, the interior appearance is more elegant. Comfort is provided by the Bowers & Wilkins surround audio systems, automated four-zone AC, and a panoramic sunroof. The latest interior trims, ambient light, and dynamic inside light are available.
There is no question that the atmosphere of luxury is the charm of the 6 Series, like many other BMW vehicles. A 12.3-inch touchscreen, including a standard 12.3-inch infotainment system, is supported on the 2-tone dashboard.  All is built into Android Auto & Apple CarPlay in combination through new BMW innovation.
In Series 6, the dashboard seems to have an architecture similar to Series-5. Which also gets updated at the same time. A standard BMW gears transmission and some traditional control buttons are displayed on the piano middle dark console. The central panel is stowed, and an excellent armrest balances the interior. The newest series, six-facelift, offers a leather triple crossbar and a multi-functional control wheel that is not different from the previous edition. This sporty steering wheel layout will make it easier for you to obtain functionalities in the vehicle. The steering is crafted with black highlights on the M-Sport kit even without silver, which leaves this masculine.
Luxurious leather seats will spoil you during your trip. Its large size gives the passenger side a feeling of freedom of movement and comfort. The front and back are equipped with several options for the electrically controlled backrest. The “Professional Entertainment Backseat” offered as an alternative also helps rear passengers to have fun.
Besides, BMW creates space to store goods behind it, even though the volume is the same as the previous version. A trunk volume of 600 liters is present. Of course, you can still fold the rear seat to increase storage space to 1,800 liters for those of you who want more capacity.

BMW 6 Series 2020 Features

So, this is good news because BMW Live Cockpit Professional as a standard is now present in all versions included in the current Gran Turismo 6 series. It has a responsive touch screen head unit and a large instrument panel, 12.3 inches each. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have been integrated, and their functions have been upgraded as entertainment units.


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Also, technological upgrades are used to improve and upgrade features in this car. BMW operating system 7 is available in the latest GT Series-6. Not only to enhance drive operation but also to facilitate BMW’s cloud-based navigation and over-the-air updates services. You get optimized driving assistance and active safety features. If the car goes backward beyond 50 meters, the parking assistance mechanism takes over the steering operation. A 40-second video of what’s happening around the vehicle can be recorded and saved with the new Drive Recorder feature.

Operation of the BMW 6 Series 2020

BMW provides different engine choices for the new six series depending on the demand. Two petrol engine options and three diesel engine options are available. The strongest is the 6-cylinder 3.0L turbo diesel inline engine, which generates power up to 344 PS with an impressive peak load torque of 700 Nm. Enable 0-100 with a maximum speed of up to 250 km/hour in 5.3 secs.

Across all models with paddle shifts on the steering wheel, Steptronic 8 speed automatic drive is standard. The latest version has been updated to lighten the transmission shift. The “Steptronic Sports” gearbox is a standard. Although the regular all-wheel-drive mechanisms or arrangements rely on the customer are available. The chassis also utilizes the rear axle’s air suspension as a standard component of “Automatic Level Control.” However, BMW offers a front axle air suspension alternative. The “Rear Wheel Steering” or “Intégral Active Steering” choices have braking with blue or red calipers.

48-volt mild-hybrid system

For each platform, BMW proceeds to electrify. BMW will use a standard 48-volt mild-hybrid configuration in all the new GT Series 6 models. This lightweight hybrid machine consists of an electric motor, which works to improve power output as a starter and generator and adds a power output of 11 HP. The use of a start-stop mechanism driven by an electric motor reflects BMW’s contribution to performance. Not only does the engine turn off as the engine stops, but it also turns off and disengages the gearbox at a speed of less than 15 km/hour. In specific driving modes, start-stop can be disabled.

BMW 6 Series 2020 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.091 x 1.902 x 1.538 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3.070 mm
  • Ground clearance: 138 mm
  • Engine: B57D30 3.0L 6-cylinder inline turbodiesel
  • Cylinder capacity: 2,933 cc
  • Power: Max 344 PS @ 4.000 rpm
  • Torque: Max 680 Nm @ 1.750-2.250 rpm
  • Speed: Max 250 km/h
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic Steptronic
  • Drive: All-wheel drive
  • Front/rear suspension: Adaptive air suspension
  • Brakes: Ventilated disc
  • Wheels: 20 inches W-spoke
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Price list for BMW 6 Series 2020

The GT Series 6 becomes the only siblings of the six series sold by BMW. The car will be assembled at the same manufacturer as BMW 7 series and eight series in Dingolfing, Bavaria. BMW Gran Tourismo 2020 Series 6 begins from €62,800 and is scheduled for launch in the European market in July 2020.


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