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BMW 5 Series Touring Has Many New Features, Wider Cabin, and Better Functionality


Compared with its sibling sedans, the 2020 BMW 5 Series Touring provides more space and convenience though the engine and specifications offered are not entirely different from the 5 Series sedan. 

However, the wagon model is not very popular in some places, but this car can become a reliable vehicle in the family car market.

In mid-2020, the new 5-series refresher variant was launched by BMW. The BMW 5 Series Touring is not only a sedan model but also a family-friendly car. 

After the first release in 1972, the mesmerizing design of the Series-5 has won various awards worldwide. 
The Series-5 can be considered as the best-selling BMW after Series-3. Over 600,000 units of the BMW 5-Series Sedan and Touring have been selling worldwide in its official report.
The Series 5 Touring version coincides with the launch of the Series 5 Sedan facelift. BMW shows that the aesthetic nature that captivates the heart has inspired both models with maximum appeal. 
With unique characteristics, typical BMW driving pleasure, beautiful semi-automatic driving innovations, and fantastic digitalization operation.

BMW 5 Series 2020 Exterior

In May 2020, BMW carried out refreshments as “Life Cycle Impulse” from this German manufacturer.
The BMW 5 Series Touring received outside refreshment and developed systems and technology in the cabin.
The architecture of the BMW 5 Series still focuses on the same design concept as the pre-facelift model. 
But on the front, it seems that there are modifications, including a beautiful new bumper that is more angled along with air intakes. 
Series 5 comes with a redesigned DRL where the scheme is L-shaped and more straightforward, so it is no longer in the form of a front facet like the pre-facelift edition.
In both models, LED headlights are standard. The kidney grid’s iconic configuration is expanded in the other BMW models, which displays the latest 5-series platform in a particular way. 
An M-sport variant also has a more extensive front-air entry and a U-shaped contour, leading to a series-3 headlight. The size of the wheelbase diameter, height, or length doesn’t entirely change.
Yet, BMW offers the Touring a further 21 mm length. The range still stands at 4.983 mm, equivalent to a variant of the sedan. 
The 20-inch alloy wheels and different paint choices are more recent developments. They are:
  • Phytonic Blue
  • Tanzanite Blue
  • Bernina Gray
  • Aventurine Red
Moreover, the red brake caliper option exists in M Sport models.
A sweet silhouette can be seen from the side as the Series-5 has a low drag coefficient. Makeover continues the style this time. 
When the Series-5 G50 sedan holds a Cd of 0.23, the 5 Touring Series has a minimal number of 0.26. The same can be seen through the radiator’s silhouette structure and air cover control scheme.
The taillights at the backside have the same L-shaped pattern as the headlamps and a 3D and C-shaped visual look. 
A basic configuration for all models is the two-pipe exhaust system and trapezoidal regulation. Although related to the exhaust gas system, the M Sport configuration has a more prominent contour.

Interior of the BMW 5 Series 2020

Inside, there’s always the classy feel on the previous version. The attributes and equipment used remain the same as in the model sedan. 
It’s all unique? What’s really different? Obviously, the efficiency of the cabin. The larger and better storage space in the back is combined by a higher rear exterior.
More specifically, the BMW 5-Series Touring touch screen interface features a fresh new touch screen infotainment system, including “over-the-air” gesture improvements and real-time traffic notifications on the BMW iDrive 7.0 feature. 
There are even standard features with the 12.3-inch “BMW Live Cockpit professional” system and 10.25-inch infotainment screens.
The elegant architecture of the dashboard comes with a content of high quality and luxurious dual tones. 
With the black piano finishing, the center control gives a gorgeous appearance. 
The perfect gear lever, the electronic parking brake, the ideal dial switch to adjust the head panel mechanism, and the driving assistance button are available.
You will be accompanied in this car with a sweet leather-coated steering wheel. 
The three-spoke style has the same model as the sedan variant, a typical silver BMW accent. Not to mention the function keys on it to control various features and modifications in the vehicle more easily.
Luxury and comfort in the car come with different seating features, such as:
  • Electric Seat Adjustment
  • Lumbar Support
  • Memory Seat
The cabin is definitely more prominent in the back than the sedan version. 
The car’s enjoyment is better because of the Sensatec materials, which offer optimum comfort while you are sitting in the car with 4-Zone AC configurations.
There is no doubt that the wagon variant’s practicality is higher than the sedan because this vehicle provides more extra storage space with an ergonomic arrangement. 
It’s perfect for people who like to travel with their families. If the back seat is reclining at 40:20:40, then the storage area with a room of 570 liters can still be expanded.

BMW 5 Series 2020 Features

The new Series 5 upgrades its feature and technologies, as has previously been described. 
There is also a personal assistant system, compatible with Apple CarPlay and an enhanced Android Auto in addition to the current BMW iDrive 7.0. 
Don’t ignore the cloud-based BMW maps with real-time traffic notifications and search feature upgrades.
Series-5 will have the same parking support system as in Series-3. The facelift includes a reversing assistant that enables the car to go back to its original spot. 
Parking Assistant Professional also introduces a unique drive recorder feature designed to capture quality videos for up to Forty secs through different cameras.
The 5-Series provides effective control mechanisms and functional safety characteristics to help you get behind the wheel like all other BMW vehicles. Additional driving features include:

  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • DTC/Dynamic Traction Control 
  • ABS
  • EBD/Electronic Brake-Force Distribution
  • CBC/Cornering Brake Control 
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BMW 5 Series 2020 Operation

Series 5 basically offers a variety of motor options. These include the 3.0L 60-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine with full power up to 337 hp and the highest torque up to 450 Nm. 
The xDrive platform is fitted with an all-wheel-drive, clean shifting, and 8-speed Steptronic transmission as well.
Hybrid engine! BMW did not miss to introduce it in all the basic models during this update. The 48-volt electric motor adds 11 hp to the output. 
With direct injection technology, power consumption is far more effective for fuel savings. The acceleration is fast, even with limited speeds of up to 250 km/h. 
You need 4.9 seconds for the transition from 0-100.

BMW 5 Series 2020 Specifications

  • Dimension: 4.963 x 1.868 x 1.479 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.975 mm
  • Ground clearance: 158 mm
  • Engine: TwinPower Turbo, double-VANOS
  • Engine capacity: 3.0L 6-cylinder
  • Power: Max 337 PS @ 5,500 to 6,250 Rpm
  • Torque: Max 450 Nm @ 1,600 to 4,800 Rpm
  • 0-100: 4.9 secs
  • Speed: Max 250 km/h
  • Transmission: 8-speed Steptronic
  • Drive: AWD
  • Front suspension: Double Wishbone Axle
  • Rear Suspension: Five-link Axle
  • Brakes: Ventilated disc
  • Tires: 225/55 R17

Price list for BMW 5 Series 2020

Outside the UK, the BMW 5-Series Touring facelift is priced at £ 41,155.

Pros and Cons of the BMW 5-Series Touring

The benefits include a spacious and elegant interior, fitted with multiple brand-new BMW features, a larger cabin, and better functionality than a sedan variant. 
While the downside is that the touring model is just not very popular in certain countries, a complimentary package requires extra expenditure, and there is only a 5-seater setup offered.


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