Android Auto Update: The Next Big Thing

Ultimately, Android Auto has been provided with a fresh coat of paint. Comparable to a mobile phone interface, Android now includes a tiled framework with applications. We demonstrate recent updates!

Google offers announced it, and today a significant update for Android Auto is finally available. 


In addition to a considerably more excellent overview, performance benefits. As is seen in the video, the Android Auto interface in the vehicle is currently visually comparable to a smartphone.


The beautiful tiles screen shows all of the applications obtainable in the automobile-related to Apple CarPlay. The house button will require you back to the beginning menu anytime.

Whoever has used Android Car so far will be able to use the new interface after the software is automatically updated. 


If not, you start to see the Android Car App’s smartphone in the configurations on the 1st menu item and activate: try the new Android car.

Furthermore, it pays to start to see the configurations in the smartphone application. Customization can be carried out here, including Google voice commands and Google Assistant. Such as WhatsApp. 


You can decide whether when getting a WhatsApp notification message can look on the automobile screen and if the message preview is typically displayed.

What’s Android Auto?

Android Auto is a great software that connects smartphones and entertainment systems. 


This offers a much more full range of functions than phone and music streaming features, which may also be achieved via Bluetooth or USB connection.

Android Car can play and display selected application content material and features in a car. 

With automobile control or with Google Auto voice instructions controlled, and that means you no longer have to bring a smartphone while traveling in hand. 

You won’t be too distracted and can reap the benefits of a more flexible operation.

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Regularly updated with Google.

Smartphones presently offer a wide variety of functions that you would like to use while traveling. 

Very useful represent a streaming application to listen to your preferred music or navigation through Google Maps. 
Thanks to an online connection, the existing traffic situation is roofed in the route assistance. 

These and other features often stick out from the factory set navigation system inside our automobiles. Also, this software is free and usually up to date.

How do I use Android Auto?

Android Car uses its smartphone as a foundation. From right here, the application form works. 

Smartphones will need to have at least the Google android 5.0 operating-system or more installed and should be feasible with modern smartphones. 

If these circumstances are fulfilled, you can install the Android Car application on your smartphone through Google Play.

Cars must become appropriate for Android Auto. To make use of smartphone integration that’s expanded, automobile infotainment systems should be capable of running Android Car. 


Many car manufacturers present this option on the first car radios at the factory – occasionally as optional extras, even as standard sometimes.

BMW and Porsche Just With the iPhone

In case you have a BMW like others, you move empty-handed. Manufacturers, nevertheless, deliver their solutions. 


The BMW Connected software can also be utilized to send navigation locations from a smartphone to the car nav system or use Spotify. Nevertheless, you don’t have to navigate with Google Maps.

From BMW aside, Porsche also refrained from providing Android users with improved smartphone integration with Android Auto. 

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However, just those who make use of Apple iPhones can connect their cellular devices via Apple CarPlay with automobiles.

Why do I take advantage of Android Auto, and what exactly are the benefits for me personally? If you need to learn more about the valuable services, you can travel to my weblog article about the features of Android Auto. 


Right here, I report which features I love and which added worth is offered for my day-by-day usage.

When you use an Android smartphone, you may also manage many applications in your vehicle. 


The integration of an advanced smartphone with the Android Auto application provides accessible features. I explain why you need to try a Google Android car and how my lifestyle on the highway and in the automobile.

Why Do You Need To Use Android Auto?

Like many of you, I carry half my entire life on smartphones. Everything revolves for this small inch display, which you will have in your hands. 


Place phone calls, manage appointments, pay attention to preferred music, navigate, etc. This smartphone is reasonably necessary. I love utilizing the functions provided by my smartphone and also Android Auto.

Comfy sat nav with Google Maps.

An example is a navigation through Google Maps. Because I consider proper care of my address publication and calendar, besides, it makes navigation easier on the run. My smartphone prompts me of that period to guarantee that I’m not past due.

Because I frequently enter my appointments’ positioning, navigation is quite a convenient starting correctly when I start Google android Auto. 

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I don’t want to first search for the address in the automobile and type. Of the program, the navigation function via Google Maps is usually another added worth that I appreciate.

Due to the many outings, I am appreciative of conserving time. 


An online reference to smart and dynamic path assistance responds swiftly and assists me complete traffic well. The estimated period is accurate. Therefore, I can expect my travel period reasonably.

Use Offline Maps For Quick Loading Time

To increase loading time rather than overuse my data quantity, I take advantage of offline maps about Google Maps, within an area where I often spend a period. 

On this spot, you can straight enter the application form from Google Maps ▸ Configurations ▸ Offline maps. There, you can choose and download any section of the plan. 

In case you are no furthermore in a WLAN, Google Maps reuses the info downloaded previously. Data from the cellular network is definitely no more necessary for map display.

Streaming services: Preferred music and podcasts while on the run

If I’ve had enough fun morning hours shows and I cannot hear lovely radio hosts, I’m pleased to discover the pleasantest music. 

For this, Spotify is used by my application. Besides music, I primarily use podcasts because it perfect for long journeys by car. With Android Auto, I can pay attention to my podcast very well.

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