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Personal Injury Protection (PIP Insurance Miami)

When you drive the roads of Florida, it can be a scenic experience, and at the same time stressful. If you decide that you want to stay in Florida, you have to register your vehicle and apply for a State license plate.

damage to the car due to a collision
damage to the car due to a collision
Once you have obtained this, the next thing to do is get cheap car insurance in Florida. While it is straightforward to look for cheap auto insurance within the State, obtaining the appropriate policy for your insurance needs actually involves carefully knowing what you want to have in your coverage. You must be sure that your insurance covers all costs.

What is PIP, and who gets covered?

Likewise known as Florida No-Fault Insurance, Personal Injury Protection, or PIP for short, covers you without condition. This means that the insurance firm pays, regardless of whom is at fault. They pay up to the indicated limits of your insurance policy.

PIP Coverage

Your Personal Injury Protection covers your child, any member of your household, and specific passengers, particularly those who need PIP Insurance, provided do not have ownership of a car. People who are passengers of your vehicle and carry Personal Injury Protection will likewise be covered following their own PIP Insurance for any injury.

Specific drivers who drove your car with your permission are also covered. PIP Insurance provides coverage to your child if, for instance, he or she sustains an injury while on an institution bus. Other PIP coverage includes protection for you while riding in someone else’s car or as a pedestrian. You are covered if you are a cyclist, and you sustain an injury received from a crash involving a car.

The Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law of Florida requires all owners of a vehicle possessing say the least four wheels to obtain a minimal of PIP of $10,000, moreover property damage liability of $10,000. This is mandatory if you want to own and drive a vehicle in Florida. The State law likewise requires you to possess Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability insurance continuously, all throughout the registration and licensing period.

Personal Injury Protection Benefits

Your insurer will pay for PIP benefits if you find yourself in an accident.

PIP benefits will be paid by your own insurer, regardless of who is to be faulted for the accident. This is precisely what is meant when you say Florida is a no-fault insurance state.

Personal Injury Protection pays for as much as 60 percent of your lost income and 80 percent of hospital bills, up to $10,000. The rest of your expenses will have to be recovered from the other party that has caused the accident. A tip to remember is that you can use up all of the $10,000 for your hospital bills.

PIP coverage includes any injury or accident involving a car, even when you are riding a bicycle.
PIP likewise pays if you are a pedestrian on the street and figure in an accident with a vehicle.

Be Fully Protected

You, like most other people, will surely feel the economic crunch these days. Hence, you will tend to try and obtain the minimum insurance coverage required by the law of Florida. The problem with minimum insurance coverage is that you might not be fully protected – yourself also your assets – in case you are at fault in a motor accident. Hence, it is a must that you are more than minimally covered unless you are using an old model vehicle of no value and possesses no assets to protect.
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