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Outdoor and Indoor Car Covers Effectively Protect Your Car


These days, when most of us have cars. And many people have multiple cars too. All of us having cars need to go out in them and very often, we need to park them in the outdoors.

A durable and yet soft car cover is required to cover the vehicle up in the outdoors is essential when it has been parked.

There are many things to consider when buying an outdoor or indoor car cover, such as external threats, what kind of usage it would be subjected to, and the need for additional security.


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External influences

Natural threats and artificial hazards and the climate around your locality should be considered while selecting an outdoor cover for your vehicle. 


The best thing to do is choose one that will give you the best all-weather protection around the year.

So if you live in an area, which writhes under dangerous weather year-round, simply get either the Autobody or the Stormproof car cover.

Even if your cherished vehicle is exposed regularly to severe rains and snow, car covers made of a breathable material will keep the automobile dry.

Do you stay close to a place where there are too many industries, and the pollution is very high? Maybe there are times when you also have acid rains? 


Protect your vehicle by wrapping it with Autobody Armor, Stormproof, or Silverguard as they can be dangerous for the car.

It will give formidable protection from several harmful external factors like dirt and dust. 


In areas, which have desert-like conditions with dusty climatic conditions, Coverbond 4 Siverguard and Stormproof car covers can keep your car safe from possible damages.

Durable car covers are made with heat-reflective materials.

The covers have UV inhibitors that are a result of advanced Italian machines that use the latest technologies. 


Ultra Violet rays and photodegradation damage your car’s finish and degrade the interiors as well. But these outdoor car covers have been designed to give 100% protection from them.

Provide your precious Landrover with a Coverbond 4, Silverguard, a Stormproof, or an Autobody Armor if you want to beat damage from the sun.

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Are you tired of the acidic bird droppings which satins your shiny car surface, making it look miserable? Removing the droppings from the body of your vehicle is indeed painful.

Moreover, acidic droppings leave nasty marks that may look bad on the surface and damage the body itself because of the acid in these droppings.

Outdoor car covers keep your vehicle protected from these incidents and help it retain the showroom shine.

However, the list does not end here. Other natural elements, such as tree saps, can leave its mark by causing dints and tarnishing the look. These covers will offer protection here also.

Type of Usage

Several companies have launched outdoor car covers, and this is why you should always do your homework before making a final decision. You should also know the kind of usage you expect.

Often people have to keep their vehicles in driveways or in parking lots and are required to uncover quite often. 


The best covers for such situations should be lightweight, compact, and handy. The thin outdoor car covers are designed especially for such conditions.

Several suppliers also offer a wide range of outdoor car cover for those who have to park their vehicles in crowded lots or on streets with bustling traffic. For them, however, the heavyweight variety works best.

Added Security

Outdoor car covers can provide even more service. Such as protection from thieves. 

Hen you have your vehicle covered, you are making it almost impossible for thieves to rob it because they find it extremely difficult to steal items from cars or the car itself that is covered. 

Uncovering takes a lot of time, and time here is at a premium.

And so, outdoor car covers act as a significant hindrance to thefts.

Vehicles that are wrapped adequately conceals any expensive electronic items that are inside. And if you have a system of lock and cable, then it becomes even more difficult.

Indoor Car Cover

Indoor car covers are meant for those exquisite antique models, which are only taken out to the streets once in a while on special occasions. 

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Some also get the indoor car cover because they are in love with their automobile and want to protect it at all times. Owners of multiple vehicles even opt for such covers because they are not using them daily.


Looking for an indoor car cover? There are different types of usage, and your purchase should depend on this.

And you must also keep in mind the degree performance for the cover.

Type of Usage

If you use your vehicle frequently, it will be easier for you to handle lightweight covers and can be removed, packed, and stored with ease. 


Car cover usages depend on the periodicity of use and how frequently the indoor car cover is likely to be used in a garage set up.

For regular use, a Satinstretch car cover is just beautiful. 

But there are quite a few parking areas used by children, and there might be other automobiles in the garage. 

This is why protecting your vehicle becomes very important in the garage. If this is the case, then you can go for the Coverguard fabric.


Your cover must be well equipped to perform several duties.

To ensure that the cover is made with breathable materials so that the trapped moisture and heat beneath it can escape easily. 


A breathable fabric can expel the vapor and the humidity, and so they will not be trapped.  This is precisely what happens in car cover fabrics.

The indoor car cover should also block any dust from accumulating on the body of the car. Dust often settles on a vehicle, which results in scratches as the paint is only about 0.006” inches thick.
And when this happens, the dust causes abrasion on your precious car.

This is why you require a protective cover to prevent dust deposition.

The Satinstretch car covers have a velvety finish, which gives a feathery touch to your vehicle.

The covers are devoid of coarseness. This means that the water-based paint finish is pampered to a great extent, and your car remains well protected.

Indoor car covers are exceptional products, particularly when you are buying them from a reputed company.


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