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New 2020 Ford Puma Electric Boost


Ford wants to compete in the small SUV car segment with the fresh Puma. The Crossover model is not the successor of the famous EcoSport. The new 2020 Ford Puma electric boost is better to be a sporty alternative than a rural brand. Therefore, Puma will compete with other strong competitors such as the VW T-Cross and Renault Captur. In the late nineties, the small “Sportcoupé” finally adopted the name Puma.

2020 ford puma blue
2020 ford puma blue

Currently, the demand for small two-door vehicles is deficient. It makes sense if the company turns a stray cat into a four-door SUV.  The similarity of the two Puma generations is that the technical basis is the Ford Fiesta. At 4.19 meters, it is 14.5 cm longer and 6 cm wider than its technological brothers. Although the dimensions are increasing rapidly, Puma’s weight has not increased significantly. With 1.2 tons, the SUV version built-in Romania is about 60 kilos heavier.

2020 ford puma blue taillight and exhaust
2020 ford puma blue taillight and exhaust


Ford is very proud of the new lightweight hybrid and Puma practical suitcase concept. A new model is available for you to order, and the dealer has launched it in early 2020. At the market introduction, the price starts at 23,150 euros. You get a 125 hp three-cylinder gasoline engine combined with a six-speed manual gearbox and extensive titanium equipment, and this is usually mid-level for Ford models. But no cheaper variant is planned for Puma to keep the price gap to Ecosport.

The Coupé Roof Line and Muscular Design of 2020 Ford Puma

Visually, Puma is a sporty car. It has a familiar brand face design of Kuga with a large radiator grille on the front side. Based on the equipment variant, the front is more trimmed for “sportiness” or off-Road optics. With high and somewhat spherical lights in Fender, LED technology features, and glowing graphics that will remind you of the Ford GT.

2020 ford puma wheels side exterior
2020 ford puma wheels side exterior

The wheel’s arch looks a lot more muscular than the Fiesta. The Puma rear looks very sloping with a curved roofline, making it look like a small SUV Coupe. Also, the designers have provided the design gimmick everywhere from the window line up. Meanwhile, the bottom edge runs very straight, at least to the back door. The basic has 16 inches rims, and the highest version, “ST-Line,” gets 19-inch rims.

blue ford puma 2020
blue ford puma 2020 rear view

The latter is the only variant of equipment that gets board Fender in the color of the car. Upon request, the roof can be arranged in color. Even in the back, there is little reminiscent of the Fiesta. At the rear, the two-part LED taillights stick out. Under the brand logo is the Puma letter. The rear apron is dominated by two large reflectors and a typical number plate indentation.

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2020 Ford Puma Interior

In the interior, Puma can not deny kinship with Fiesta. In principle, about 80 percent of the cockpit comes from technology dispensers. The SUV variant’s most important unique selling point is the digital cockpit, configured with a 12.3-inch screen. Digital screens are available on Titanium equipment for an additional fee and the ST-Line series.

2020 ford puma interior
2020 ford puma interior

For the luxury version, the “Sync3” infotainment system, which is already well known from other Ford models, including voice control, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto, is on board. At the front of the center console, there is an inductive charging compartment for smartphones. While red decorative stichs and decorative elements in carbon optics should make a sporty impression on the tested ST-Line, but Ford prefers comfort when it comes to titanium equipment, and this is why fixture carriers get a large decoration area in wooden appearance. Besides, seat covers can be removed in a short time with the help of a zipper. This facilitates cleaning, but Ford also wants to offer fabric covers in various designs to be replaced as accessories.

The front seatback can also be equipped with a massage function with a sitting position that increases six centimeters compared to the Fiesta, very good. Space behind doesn’t leave anything, the legroom in the second row is excellent, and the headroom is in the standard version. If Puma is equipped with an optional panoramic roof, then big people tend to get their problems. The glass roof has provided a roomy atmosphere for this. People are thrilled with the sophisticated trunk concept.

The loading space not only holds a maximum of 456 liters but also has several levels. At the bottom, an underwater compartment is 80 liters water-resistant and has a water channel. So it can be easily washed with a garden hose after use. Puma is also suitable for transporting dirty sports equipment or more massive factories. If you remove the load compartment floor, two golf bags can stand upright in the lower floor compartment. The trunk compartment cover is attached to the inside of the body and controlled by an optional sensor. So, it doesn’t block the road when loading.

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Full Modern Assistance Systems

Ford provides a small crossover with various modern assistance systems and can be ordered bundled into the Co-Pilot360 package. For example, there is an adaptive cruise control available for the Puma, linked to traffic sign recognition. In combination with the dual-clutch transmission, the system ensures that the vehicle automatically follows, brakes, and remains in traffic in the middle of the lane. Also, the Puma has a cloud-based warning system indicating local hazards, such as an accident or roadside vehicles, which occur at an early stage on the route.

At an additional cost, the small SUV automatically parks in and out. The equipment list also includes an emergency brake assistant, cross-traffic assistant, a 180-degree reversing camera, and a blind spot warning. Smartphones can be linked to the infotainment system via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Voice control is also part of the SYNC3 kit, which is already known to other Fords.

The 3-Cylinder Engine With Electric Boost

Ford is using its new mild-hybrid technology for the first time on the Puma. With this, they electrify the popular 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine. The three-cylinder is supported by a belt-driven starter generator, especially at low engine speeds. The latter replaces the conventional alternator and converts the energy obtained by recuperation, which is not typically used in traditional combustion engines, into electricity, stored in a 48-volt battery.

2020 ford puma engine
2020 ford puma engine

The gasoline engine is electrically supported, especially at low engine speeds, which reduces fuel consumption and increases power in the short term by up to 16 hp and 50 Nm. The Cologne-based company gave the engine a larger turbocharger, the turbo hole eliminated by the electrical boost. The datasheet of the hybrid version shows 155 hp. The Ecoboost three-cylinder is also available without the 48-volt electrical system. Then the unit delivers 125 hp, just like in the Fiesta. Moments later, the Puma is also offered as diesel. The diesel is the 1.5-liter EcoBlue engine, which also develops 125 hp. The three available engines all comply with the Euro 6d TEMP emission standard, have a cylinder shut-off, and are linked as standard to a six-speed manual gearbox. The 125-horsepower Ecoboost will later receive a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.


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